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Washington Post

International Showdown: President Clinton and Senator Rodham's visit in India causes controversy! 

Senator Hillary Rodham (R-NY) is invited in India to speak at the Women's International Conference (WIC). Senator Rodham's speech about the economic inequality and human rights issue for Women made some of the attendees' cheer for her, however, not everyone is happy. This made the Indian Government uncomfortable considering the issues are still prevalent in the country. Senator Rodham openly dared the Government to address the issue. Meanwhile, President Clinton arrived in India a day after Senator Rodham's arrival for a State Visit. President Clinton did not flinch nor retracted his comment about India's participation in the Nuclear Weapon Testing. Both visits are remarkable sparking controversy if we will see Senator Rodham emerge as one of the Republican frontrunners in the next Presidential election. She has a few years to prove herself and she has tremendously achieved a lot. We are sure that we will see more of her in the coming years. 

Bill’s day started early. He met with President Sharma and Prime Minister Rao for a round table meeting. They discussed a wide array of topics but the most pressing issue they discussed was the Nuclear issue which India and Pakistan engaged for weapon tests.

The tension was palpable between Rao and Bill because of his comment that South Asia was the most dangerous place in the world today. The comment that he did was specifically because of the spat between the two countries. 

During the dinner, Rao made a straight comment on Bill's statement by saying, "It has been suggested that the Indian subcontinent is the most dangerous place in the world today and Kashmir is a nuclear flashpoint. These alarmist descriptions will only encourage those who want to break the peace and indulge in terrorism and violence. The danger is not from us who have declared solemnly that we will not be the first to use nuclear weapons, but rather those who refuse to make any such comment."

Bill didn't flinch and kept a straight face. He wouldn't retract his words but he acknowledged the message by nodding at them.

The rest went easy, but Bill still wanted India to make sure that they would "walk the talk" hence when he passed a message to Secretary Albright thru Paul to make sure that they push the paperwork for them to sign on the Nuclear Deal Agreement.

During the dinner when everyone started to mingle with others, President Sharma shared his feedback to Bill casually.

"Your team is determined to make sure we sign the deal," President Sharma commented, his voice devoid of any criticism. He sipped his whiskey while Bill stood next to him.

"I am determined to make sure everyone participates in signing the deal," Bill responded. 

"I look forward to seeing Pakistan making the same commitment," President Sharma said.

"Everyone, including Pakistan," Bill stressed.

President Sharma turned to him, "Senator Rodham also made a very historic visit. She's pushing the envelope too far fighting for equality." 

"President Sharma, we value democracy. I don't know the business that Senator Rodham has. She is not our delegate. She had her agenda when she attended the conference."

"It was quite a ruckus and it did not put us in a good light. Have you seen her conference?"

Bill turned to him, "I've seen her conference…" 


"She spoke what Americans stood up for. Regardless of our political difference, what she did there is admirable. I expected no less."

"You expected no less?"

"Senator Rodham has always been a champion for women in America even overseas. She dreamed of a world where women will be seen as equal to men—" 

"Rodham's message will cause an uproar, disturbing the traditions of our women. You should remind where the Senator belongs," Rao interjected, sternly.

"Rao!" President Sharma chided. 

Bill’s ears heated with the insult. Rao was one of the strong critics of Americans and he made that apparent. Bill could tolerate Rao insulting him but not insulting Hillary. Unconsciously, his fist clenched.

"President Clinton," Paul called, stepping in between Prime Minister Rao and Bill. Paul did that when he heard their conversation and he saw Bill's face flushed with anger. Agent Harold inserted himself between the men sensing the tension.

Bill looked at Paul, calming himself. He watched as some of President Sharma's delegates took the Prime Minister away.

"President Clinton, I deeply apologize for Prime Minister Rao's words," President Sharma said.

"President Sharma, you may want to have a word with your Prime Minister how to conduct himself in proper decorum. Additionally, I do not appreciate him insulting Senator Rodham. I will let him go insulting me but I want him to issue an apology for insulting Senator Rodham."

When the dinner ended and he was heading toward his limousine he turned to Paul. "Paul…" He started. 

"Yes sir?" 

"I have a meeting with Senator Rodham tonight."

Paul blinked as if his eyes caught some dust. "I-I beg your pardon?" 

"We didn't finish what we left off yesterday," Bill said plainly. True. He wasn't finished with her yet.

"Do you want me to go or have someone go with you?" 

Bill turned to him and gave him a friendly pat on the shoulder, his service car arrived. "No, I'll take care of it. I have Agent Harold with me."

"Paul," Bill added before he stepped inside his car, "Tell Secretary Albright that I am expecting Prime Minister Rao to send Senator Rodham an apology letter for insulting her in my presence."

Paul was left standing in the driveway trying to remember all the things that happened in the dinner so he could tell George in case the news reached the mainstream media. 


Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai, Night-Time

"I don't understand why the President is persistent for this meeting to happen now when you can have this in Washington," Jen commented as she sat on the couch that Hillary and Bill occupied last night making out.

"Jen, the President was too tired to be even coherent in his proposal last night," Hillary said. She said the words without even blinking. 

"It just puzzles me that we are making this arrangement. It's so peculiar," Jen observed. She looked at Hillary whose arms were crossed against her chest.

Hillary had to stifle the urge of wincing at her lie. Jen sighed. "Anyway, tell me if you need anything else. We have to move early tomorrow for our six AM flight." 

"Alright, Jen. I will take care of this."

Jen left her room without any further thought. Hillary was still dressed formally for a business meeting that she didn't bother to change because she was excited to be seeing Bill again. It would be their last night before she returned to Washington. God knows when they could see each other again. 

It took Bill forty-five minutes after Jen left before he arrived. When she heard a knock, she opened the door and found Bill still wearing the tux that he wore in the dinner that he had earlier with President Sharma. He was holding a folder. 

"Hello," Bill greeted, when he came in. He looked dashing that took her breath away. 

"Hello yourself," Hillary greeted closing the door. She chuckled at the folder that he was holding. 

"Props?" She teased. 

"I have to come prepared," Bill said as he followed Hillary inside leading him towards the dining table. He was full and he was not in the mood to even eat. He was there to just spend time with her. Hillary was wearing a green pantsuit dress. It didn't reveal any of her skin but for some reason, he found it very enticing. He was itching to remove them piece by piece like how he would open a gift. He was craving to see the skin behind all those layers. 

His eyes lingered at the smooth skin of her nape. He very much wanted to press his mouth there. 

The thought brought a pleasurable ache in his groin. 

"I am not sure if you want to eat, since you came from dinner, so I had charcuterie, instead," She said, turning to him. 

"Do you want to eat?" She asked. She noticed Bill's heavy-lidded gaze. She looked at his lips and unconsciously licked her own. 

A smile appeared on his lips noticing her movement, "I have a very different appetite tonight," he teased, reaching out for her waist gently pulling her closer. 

Hillary grinned, her arms creeping up on his chest until she encircled them around his neck, "What do you have in mind?" She whispered as Bill rubbed his nose against hers, smiling against her lips.

"You tell me," Bill urged. "I am not sure if she's ready for the feast."

Goosebumps appeared on her arms sending sensations all over her body. She wanted this, and she wanted him. However, something was nagging at the back of her head. She was afraid of the implications of sleeping with Bill.

He rubbed his open lips with hers warming her - seducing her of what was to happen next. He was giving her an option and before her conscience told her 'no' she crushed her mouth with his.


Bill wrapped his arms around her, locking his mouth with hers. He sucked in his breath as Hillary latched her mouth with his. He brushed his fingers in her hair sending prickling sensations on her scalp. 

He felt Hillary's hand on the back of his head while out of nowhere he felt her other hand cupping him through his slacks making him groan against her mouth.

She chuckled. 

Bill felt his body heated. He moved his hands to unbutton her suit, taking them off her. While Hillary's hands pulled off his tucked shirt then she started to unbutton his shirt clumsily. She unlatched her mouth from his, frustrated by the tightness of the buttons. 

Bill chuckled, "Take it easy, Darling. It's expensive."

Hillary giggled, muffling them on the skin of his throat. "Take them off will you?" She asked while working on his pants. 

Bill heard the clang of his buckles feeling the tingling sensation lick his spine. Hillary unbuttoned his pants and unzipped them. He held her gaze and released a sigh as Hillary started fondling him. He was midway finishing unbuttoning his shirt but his hands slackened. He had to hold on to the surface of the dining table as Hillary continued to caress him. She leaned and kissed the skin below his Adam's apple.

"Hold on to the table, Honey," She said before she went down and kneeled before him. Bill sucked in his breath as Hillary pulled his pants down and released his hardened shaft. She looked up at him with a smile on her face before she took him in her mouth.

"Fuck," Bill sighed, watching Hillary's head bob taking him in her mouth. He looked at her blonde hair as she worked on him. He touched the back of her head assisting her. 

Hillary loved the sounds that escaped Bill's lips while she took him in her mouth. Enjoyed the way he felt - velvety smooth and hard. The head of his cock turning purplish, the veins stood out. She watched as Bill gripped the table trying to hold himself. Hillary embraced the power she has over him. He, one of the most powerful men in the world, currently in her mercy. What a sight to behold. 

"Darling," He rasped, gently pulling himself out from her mouth, "Enough or else the night will end too soon."

He helped Hillary up then kissing him, partially tasting himself in her lips. Bill was trying to restrain himself for fear that he might shock her. As if she heard his thoughts, she unlatched her lips from his then whispered in his ears — "Don't hesitate, take."

Bill pulled back and he helped her out of her clothes kissing every inch of her skin that he revealed.

Hillary helped him out - doing the same, kissing every piece of his skin that he revealed to her and when they were both naked, he carried her to her bed. Hillary sat on the edge with her legs dangling. Bill stepped in the space between her legs, just marveling that he was there with her naked as they were born and they would actually do the deed.

She smiled up to him and Bill felt that tug in his chest at her smile - so trusting and genuinely happy to be with him. He leaned and kissed her forehead, "Lay down Darling."

She did as instructed - laid down on the bed with her legs dangling. Bill pulled her by her legs, then positioned her them and planted her feet on the edge of the bed. She felt exposed, her face and chest heated. She could feel her heart beating wildly against her chest that she could hear the beating inside her ears. She felt exposed and the urge for her to cover herself was so strong. But there was no going back. She wanted this and she was already wet with wanting. 

She felt Bill's head hovered on her core. Damn, he could see everything now.

“Bill…” She breathed, but before she could protest, a moan escaped her mouth as she felt his tongue run on her slit. 

“Oh, God,” She said, pressing her head against the bed and tipping her chin up. Bill pried her open with his fingers stretching her folds so he could lick every crevice. She felt hot - melting on the spot. She started to sweat and squirmed with what Bill was doing with her. 

Bill continued running his tongue then making a smacking sound as he sucked her hardened bud. He focused on that bundle of nerves that had hardened and had swollen. Her body curved in a perfect bow as he inserted a finger curling them inside her, running them in and out of her. 

She reached for his head as the sensations flooded her. He inserted two fingers, while his tongue circled her nub.

She thrashed her head as sensations overwhelmed her. She felt torn wanting him to stop but also wanting him to continue. She bit the back of her hand as her moans were becoming louder hoping that her staff who was sleeping next room wouldn’t hear her cries. 

"Look at me, Hillary," She heard him say. She looked at him in between her legs who smiled devilishly at her. 

Oh, God, she would come…

But then Bill pulled out his fingers from her and stopped licking her. “No,” she protested, she would come for the first time with someone after for so long. Tim never made her come and she could only do so when she touched herself. Now she had the opportunity to experience it again with Bill, but he seemed to have other things in mind. Her body was shaking from her unspent desire. 

“Please, don’t stop,” She said, she thought she would end up crying. She was clenching. She wanted to come but what the fuck was Bill planning? She thought in frustration. She propped up. She watched him as he went to retrieve something in the inner pocket of his suit and took something out of his wallet - a foil. 

Oh, of course.

He kept his eyes on her as he stood next to the bed and gently bit the side of the foil and tore it open. The way he gazed at her held a promise of what was to come. Hillary had to swallow. He took out the condom, pinched the tip, then rolled them on his shaft. He turned at her and winked. 

“Shh,” Bill cooed, holding her then aligning their bodies together. “I’ll make you come in a while,” He whispered in her ear.

She held him, “No, I… I need it now,” She said, her legs wrapping around his waist. Bill moved them until they were in the center of the bed. “We’re going there, but not yet, Darling.”

"Open your mouth," He instructed, and she partially parted her lips. Bill traced her lips with his digits and Hillary tasted herself - sweet, salty, and slick. 

Hillary's head was heady with desire. He inserted his index and middle finger in her mouth, her tongue running on his finger tasting more of herself. 

Bill watched as his finger went in and out of her mouth. "Sexy," He muttered before he took his hand away and covered her lips with his.

Hillary moaned at the back of her throat as she spiraled in sensations that Bill weaved her in. He unlatched his mouth from hers then trailed his lips and nibbled the curve of her ear, making her moan. Hillary couldn't stop her body from shaking, her hips moving to their own accord. Bill held her hips to stop herself from rubbing them against his. 

Bill dragged his lips from her ears to her jaw, then locking his lips with hers while he soothed his hand on her lower abdomen easing her tense muscle there. He moved down, down towards her neck to the valley of her breast then closing his warm and wet mouth on her nipples. 

Hillary couldn't do anything but succumb to the pleasure. She held the back of Bill's head with her eyes closed, savoring the feel of his tongue against her sensitive nipple while his other hand teased the other peak.

She started clenching again. She needed to come she thought that if Bill touched her core — she would explode. She wouldn't be able to hold it but Bill was manipulating her nerves, telling her to breathe and he was soothing her muscle. She wanted to cry out of frustration. 

"Turn to your side," Bill instructed. Hillary laid on her side, while he went behind her. He held her legs and draped it on his leg, opening her to him. His arm crossed around her chest cupping her one breast while his other hand held his shaft positioning them then brushing the head on her entrance. 

"Bill," Hillary rasped. 

He looked at her, "Please, I need you," She said.

He entered her, Hillary let out a moan so loud that Bill had to put his hand over her mouth. 

It was so good that Hillary felt herself melting in his arms. She jutted her back as he moved his hips slowly in and out of her. 

"Yes! Yes!" She shouted, but her voice muffled against his hand as an orgasm hit her after a few thrusts. She wasn't finished yet but Bill pulled out then flipped her. He rolled them over and was now above her. He reached for her legs and positioned them on his shoulders in an unobtrusive angle. He entered her and went deeply that she felt him rubbing in her cervix. Bill plowed into her unobtrusively. He did it hard and fast and it was enough to make her reach her orgasm again. Hillary's nails bit into Bill's back, scratching his skin - making him hiss. He muffled her moans with his mouth. He continued to thrust deeply in and out, not letting go of her until he felt his sack tightened and soon he came as well.

He rolled and gathered her to him waiting for his heart to beat back to normal. He held Hillary close - protecting her in his embrace.

The silence engulfed them was comforting. When Hillary regained her strength she peeked at him and found him watching her. His eyes looked heavy as if he was sleepy.

"What are you thinking?" She asked.

Bill leaned and kissed her forehead, "You are wonderful and beautiful."

Hillary smiled and touched his lips. He felt himself starting to harden again. Bill felt slightly embarrassed as if he was just having his first taste of a woman but Hillary was different. She was so different that he didn't want the night to end.

Hillary continued to rub his mouth with her fingertips realizing that it was the first time in her life that she experienced such passion. The whispers were right, Bill could set the mattress in flame. Her cheeks pinked when the thought of wanting him again crossed her mind. 

"What are you thinking?" Bill asked. Hillary scooted closer until her lips started to rub against his lips. 

"I want you again," She responded smiling.

They made love again until Bill used the three foils he packed in his suit. He felt depleted that all he wanted to do was to sleep but he needed to leave before twelve and before his team became suspicious. 

He laid on his back cradling Hillary on his side, his hand brushing her skin. It was already eleven o'clock, he needed to go soon. Hillary sighed, her eyes closed as she was fast asleep. He turned his head and pressed his lips on her forehead. He didn't want to go. He could lay here with her for the rest of his life. He could give himself another fifteen minutes then he would take a shower and leave.

Hillary stirred when Bill started to move. "Where are you going?" She asked, her voice hoarse.

"I have to go, Darling. It's eleven-fifteen. I'll go for a shower."

"Can I join you?" She asked with her one eye closed. 

Bill chuckled. Hillary looked like someone who was just thoroughly fucked and enjoyed every minute of it. She looked fresh with her pink cheeks, slightly swollen lips, and messy hair. He couldn't resist her, he reached out his hand and pulled her up to join him.

Bill turned the knob of the shower then checked the temperature first before stepping under the showerhead. Hillary followed, taking the soap and started lathering some on his chest.

"Why do you look sad?" Bill asked, looking at her face. She didn't want him to go and that was the truth. She wanted to sleep in his arms and to wake up with his kisses but she couldn't enjoy that.

"No, not sad, I am just sleepy," She lied. She didn't want him to think that she was being too needy. 

Bill chuckled, "I thought you are sad because I am about to leave." 

She looked up at him, taking his jibe as encouragement, "Well, I am… a little sad about that."

He gently pulled her to him embracing her, "We will see each other again."

After they finished the shower, she watched him dress up. 

She already missed him. 

Bill looked at her after he finished, "What's in your mind?"

She went to him and gave him a kiss that took his breath away, "Last kiss before you leave."

Bill touched her face, "I'll see you in Washington." 

Hillary smiled but it didn't quite reach her eyes. "Good night, Honey." 

He touched her cheek - grazed them with his fingertips. "Please, smile for me." 

Hillary smiled. 

"Good night, Darling," He said, smiling down at her, holding his folder, before he left her room.