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The Deviant Among Us

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January 31st 2038 - Day 246 since the launch of RK100-51-07 [Starship: Amanda]

Crew Status: 8 crew members alive onboard, no major injuries reported, no major illness reported, no major behavioral anomalies reported.


Work Allocation Report (Colour coded processes available at workstations):
Hank Anderson - Navigation - Orange
Connor Stern - Administration - White
Dr Niles "Nines" Stern - Medbay - Black
Gavin Reed - Reactor Management - Brown
Daniel Phillips - Canteen- Yellow
Rupert Travis - Engine Rooms - Purple
Fletcher Allen - Repairs and Maintanence - Pink
Tina Chen - Atmosphere Regulation -Red


Staff Log: Entry Submitted by Connor Stern
* We're on course to reach Space Station Jericho on October 3rd, as per schedule. No delays anticipated, navigational course still optimal.

* Food stores are within expected parameters and water purification systems are all online. No anticipated shortages or issues with distribution.

* All tasks being completed to an excellent standard.

* Allen has repaired the breach in the hull following the flash meteor strike last week. He reported a hole measuring 5ft~ in diameter. This has now been patched, sealed and atmosphere/pressure has been restored to acceptable levels. Storage Room 4 is now open for use and an inventory 'stock take' has confirmed minimal loss of supplies.

* Suspected damage to monitoring systems, as there have been a number of movement reports triggered in the vents, but no additional signs of life reported aboard the ship. Body count still stands at 8 and there have been no changes to food consumption or unusual damage to equipment. Allen has advised that it's likely to be dust/debris from the meteor strike clogging up one of the pieces of monitoring equipment or registering as movement when it's pushed along by the circulation systems. Will continue to monitor and have scheduled a vent clean-out for next Tuesday, Allen will also clean the monitoring equipment to iron out any anomalies.

* Due to potential contaminants in the circulation system, all staff have been instructed to wear their space suits while working, except in 'clean room' sections that have their own controlled air supply (such as the medbay, cafeteria and private rooms)

- Time 9:43am - Admin: Connor Stern