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The Chemistry In Darkness

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The Chemistry In Darkness 

Chapter One 

Monday 9th December 2019 

“Stupid, stupid, stupid,” Elly muttered to herself as she walked from the Waterhole back home to Ramsay Street where she lived with her Aunt and Uncle.  

Or waddled may have been the correct term for what Elly was doing.  

Elly was eight and a half months pregnant with her first child. Yet had spent the night at her best friend’s hen’s party in preparation for Chloe to marry Pierce the following day. Chloe hadn’t wanted Elly to go home for the night and insisted that she call Elly a taxi but Elly had insisted the fresh air and walk would do her well. 

Elly had left the hen's party earlier than she thought she would, leaving her sister, Bea, with Dipi, Sheila and Chloe, claiming she was feeling tired but the truth was she was tired about how mixed up her feelings were. Despite seeing how happy Chloe was with the strippers Elly had organized for her to liven up the hen's party, Chloe had spent time at the party gushing over Pierce, the man she was set to marry the following afternoon. 

Everything between Chloe and Pierce had happened far too quickly, Elly had barely had time to adjust to the fact her best friend was getting married the following day. 

Chloe was more than Elly's best friend and the mixed-up feelings Elly had about that were becoming harder to deal with as she had to accept Chloe had well and truly moved on from her. 

A year ago, Chloe had fallen in love with Elly. Elly was in a relationship with Chloe's eldest brother, Mark, reacted to the news of Chloe's feelings by proposing to Mark. In typical Elly fashion, her life de-railed in the space of 3 months. Elly had always been with men, the idea of falling for another woman wasn't something that had ever crossed her mind even after the bisexual Chloe had planted a kiss on her and then confessed, she was in love with her. 

But with her unexplained jealousy when Chloe got back together with her ex-girlfriend, Mel, and lack of support from Mark to their relationship and upcoming wedding, Elly had ended up sleeping with Chloe two nights before she married Mark when he'd told her the wedding was off. 

The wedding was called back on, though Elly's marriage to Mark didn't end there five minutes after they married and Elly confessed to sleeping with Chloe. With Mark not showing signs of forgiving his wife, Elly strayed again and had a one-night stand with a man who turned out to be the younger brother of Elly's tormentor, Finn Kelly. Finn's brother, Shaun, turned out to be the father of her unborn child Elly fell pregnant with. Mark and Elly's marriage had dissolved at the truth she was carrying another man's baby. Shaun was no longer in their lives, having being killed in Switzerland in an avalanche accident. 

The accident killing the father of her unborn child had happened after Elly had reconnected with Chloe, where she had finally confessed that she was attracted to Chloe and wanted to see where their feelings for one another could lead. However, after an amazing date it was like they couldn't make it work. They had very little support from friends and family, upset that the pair wanted to explore their feelings for each other when Chloe was the instigator in Elly's marriage to Mark failing and that Elly wasn't quite as open and comfortable with her feelings for Chloe as she would've been if Chloe was a guy. Elly needed more time to accept her feelings, Chloe wasn't sure if Elly would be able to do so when Elly needed to focus on her upcoming life as a mum. 

Chloe was not quite as prepared to be that parental figure in Elly's child's life then she wanted to be despite her love for Elly. It's not that Chloe didn't want to. Chloe was more scared of leaving the child and Elly one day in the future. Chloe had been diagnosed with Huntington's disease, whilst it wouldn't affect her until her 40's or 50's, her life as she knew it would become difficult quickly.  

Instead of watching a child grow up into adulthood and become a successful person in the world, Chloe knew that child, along with her partner, would spend their years caring for her. Chloe wasn't sure if that's the future she wanted for herself, Elly and Elly's child. 

So, Chloe had ended things with Elly before they had barely begun. And now, barely three months later, she was getting married to Pierce. 

A businessman and billionaire, Pierce Greyson, had swooped in for Chloe almost the moment Elly couldn't convince Chloe to give them another chance.  

Pierce had convinced Chloe that he could be the one to care for her when she needed it. Chloe's surprise at Pierce having a teenage son and daughter that he had failed to mention, despite knowing one another for nearly a year, had made her relax more that she could be an influence on their lives as opposed to a child's entire life. Or as it seemed to be, an influence on Pierce's teenage son, Hendrix, who had come to live with his Dad. Pierce's daughter, Alana, was seemingly not a big part of Pierce's life. Chloe hadn’t even met her yet. 

A rushed engagement had followed, then a promise to walk down the aisle not 3 months into dating one another, Chloe didn't seem to see any issues in committing to Pierce. 

And that bothered Elly to say the least. 

Elly still hadn't wrapped her head around what her feelings were for her best friend. She knew it was more than friendship, that it always had been. But when she was so unsure if she could love Chloe as much as Chloe loved her, what else was Elly to do? 

Except support Chloe's decision to rush into marriage to a guy she barely knew. Even though the thought of sitting there at the wedding the next day almost made Elly want to throw up. Listening to Chloe gushing over Pierce and how supportive he was to her, made Elly question if she should skip out on the wedding. 

Claudia, Shaun's mother, and her baby's grandmother had arrived in town just that day. Could Elly use her as an excuse not to attend and watch the woman she did have feelings for marry someone else? 

Even though Chloe herself had found a way to sit through watching Elly marry Mark. 

Or could Elly be brave enough to tell Chloe she didn't want to attend as she did still have feelings for her? 

Elly shook her head at the mere thought of being the reason her best friend didn't get married the next day and the only thing she could do was to attend the wedding and celebrate with Chloe and Pierce. 

And if the marriage didn't work out, Elly would be okay with that too. 

Elly smiled at the thought of Chloe's marriage not lasting with Pierce, shyly blushing at the thought of being able to kiss the stunning blonde one day. A thought like that not having crossed Elly's mind in weeks. It still confused Elly greatly.  

Did Elly want to be with Chloe again or did she simply want her best friend to realize rushing into marriage to a guy who said he was prepared to care for her through her Huntington's couldn't possibly last? 

Elly smirked at the idea that Chloe possibly loved her too much to want to see Elly and Elly's child suffer through losing her to her illness in several decades time yet was comfortable enough for Pierce to lose her. Did that mean Chloe was not as in love with Pierce as what she should be to agree to spend her life with him? 

Elly's rambling thoughts and berating herself over being unable to work out just what her feelings for Chloe were, suddenly got interrupted when she felt the sensation that she was being followed. 

The feeling came out of nowhere and completely unnerved the soon-to-be mum as Elly regretted not taking Chloe's advice to take a taxi home. Walking as quickly as her body allowed her too, Elly turned backwards at the sound of a growl behind her. 

Seeing nothing there, Elly turned back, hoping to walk home as quickly as possible. 

Elly let out a quick yelp when a man stood before her and he grabbed hold of her.  

Elly yelled out in shock at him, wanting to point out that she was pregnant and not to hurt her or her baby, but she couldn't get the words out of her mouth. Only a few seconds ago she was worried about her love life and now she was terrified about her own life and that of her unborn child. 

The guy grabbed hold of Elly, knocking her to the ground, Elly landing on her back, fearful for any damage to her baby, but thankful she hadn't fallen down on her pregnant belly. The guy was nondescript to Elly in the darkness, she could barely make out any features other than he seemed to be of normal build. 

"Please don't hurt me," Elly pleaded as he stood over her, then screamed in pain as he struck out his hand at her, striking her arm as she raised it to block him, but his fingernails clawed into her arm, drawing blood. 

Elly grabbed hold of her arm, trying to stem the bleeding, panicking over what else her attacker could do to her. 

But as Elly began feeling feint at the loss of blood, her arm throbbing in pain, Elly heard another noise behind her. 

Though she didn't know what the noise was, Elly saw her attacker flee away from her. Elly sighed in relief that he had been scared off but as she looked down at her arm and the deep gash, Elly's eyes flickered before she fell unconscious.