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The Avatar & The Engineer

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After Asami and Mako returned from their reconnaissance mission the group gathered around along with General Iroh and his troops. The two primary targets was the arena, where a large gathering was taking place to hear Amon’s speech. The second was the airfield where the Equalist planes were waiting for next wave of United Forces to arrive.

“I’ll lead the team at the airfield,” Korra said quickly. She hesitantly looked at Asami and two shared a silent understanding. What Korra really meant was that she would take down Hiroshi. Korra didn’t want Asami to have to face him again. She didn’t want her to go after Amon either but there was no way she was to going to dissuade her on that one.

“Good,” said Asami firmly, “You take Bolin and Iroh’s men while Mako and I will go to the arena.”

“Just the two of you,” asked Iroh.

“Security will be tight. It’ll be easier for two of us to get in opposed to a task force,” reasoned Asami.

Iroh nodded in agreement. “We’ll capture the airfield and get assistance to you as fast as we can.” He looked at his men. “Any questions? Good. Let’s hustle people.”

As the soldiers got ready, Team Avatar exchanged well wishes. Naga circled around them, tailing wagging.

“Watch yourself Bo,” said Mako giving Bolin a hug.

“You too. By the end of today I want to be having a meal with you guys and we’ll be laughing about all this.”

Mako laughed. Though it got on his nerves sometimes he did admire Bolin keeping an optimistic attitude in the face of a challenge, even when that challenge was something a little more complicated then a lost match or lack of money for rent or food. “I hope so.”

Korra looked at her glove. Reading the battery gauge there wasn’t much of a charge left so she would have to use it sparingly. “Good luck Asami. Please be caref-,” she started to look up when she was surprised when Asami pulled her into a hug. “-ful.”

“You too,” said Asami. She pulled back and two stared at each other. There were many things they wanted to say to each other but there was hesitation and a little bit of fear.

Korra was the first to break the moment of awkward silence. “See you on the flip side Sami.” She gave one of her lopsided smiles.

Asami wanted to wrap her arms around her again but she knew she had to get going. “Good luck Korra.”

With that the group parted ways. Mako and Asami walked towards the drainpipe. Asami let out a breath she hadn’t realized she had been holding in andwiped away tears before donning her mask.

“You ready,” asked Mako.

Asami took one final glance back, watching Korra bend down to pet Naga. “Let’s finish this.”


Up on the street Korra and Bolin searched for a vehicle to transport the squad to the airfield.

“Will this work,” asked Bolin pointed to a delivery truck parked in an alley.

“Yep.” Korra made her way to the driver side.

“We should probably leave a note or something.”

Korra tried the door. It was locked. She took her elbow and smashed the window. “You have a kind heart Bo but we need to focus on the task at hand.”

Bolin was a little shocked at Korra’s method of unlocking the truck. “Right.” He hopped into the passenger seat. “What is the plan?”

Korra worked on hot-wiring the ignition. “Storm the airfield and stop those planes from taking off.”

“And what about Mr. Sato?”

The engine started. “I’ll handle him.” Korra shifted the truck into gear and pulled out of the alley, stopping a few yards down by a manhole. The cover popped open and Iroh stuck his head out. He hopped out and helped his men out. “Okay. Load up.”

Getting out of the city was surprisingly easy but Korra didn’t take any chances, sticking to back roads and avoiding any major highways or expressways.

“Parked us a mile away and we’ll go there on foot,” said Iroh from the back.

“How do you plan to get in,” asked Korra. “The fence is barbed wired and electrified.”

There was a pause as Iroh talked with his men. “Power source?”

“On airfield grounds.”

“Well we don’t have the equipment so we’ll have to use the element of surprise.”

“I was thinking the same thing.” Korra gunned the engine. There was a clamor in the back as the soldiers tried to stay on their feet.

“Korra,” asked Iroh

“Just hang on. We’ll be there in one minute.” There was a dog bark from the back. “Wait. Is Naga back there?”

“Well we couldn’t just leave her in the sewer,” said Bolin. “Besides she’s good for morale.”

Korra shook her head and sighed. She really didn’t want to put Naga in any more danger then she had for the past couple of days. “Hold on Naga!”

They rounded the bend and there was the airfield. With a sharp turn on the wheel the truck turned into the entrance and was headed for the chain link gate. There was a guardhouse and as soon as the truck came into view two Equalists sprang from it in a feeble attempt to halt the truck. They immediately dove out of the way.

“DOWN!,” yelled Korra as she and Bolin ducked as the truck smashed through the fence. They broke through but the truck struggled to keep speed and came to a lurching halt. The remains of the fence and the barbed wire tangled itself around the truck’s undercarriage.

The truck had barely come to a halt when Iroh barked an order from the back. “Everybody out!”

Korra and Bolin jumped out as did the soldiers in the back. Naga came running around the side. “Stay close to me girl.” She quickly glanced around and for a moment all was quiet apart from the wheezing of the truck’s engine.

It didn’t take long for the airfield’s general alarm to start blaring. One of the large hangar doors a couple yards away opened and two planes rolled out of it and taxied towards the runway. A group of Equalists ran to the runway to several parked planes while another group moved to intercept the intruders.

“Take em out! Don’t let them take off,” General Iroh ordered.

The battle began with two sides exchanging fire. Korra and Naga broke off from the group and headed for the hangars. The soldiers managed to destroy two planes before they could be occupied but two planes were already in the air. They made quick work of the suppressing group and redirected their attention to keeping the other planes grounded.

Korra and Naga approached the first hangar, creeping along the wall, the Eqaulists too busy being pinned by the United Forces to notice them. Korra peaked inside to see stacks upon stacks of large crates. In the center was a large table and standing behind it was Hiroshi flanked by two Equalists guards.

Korra turned to Naga. “Stay.”

Naga sat.

“You better go out there and help them,” ordered Hiroshi. The two soldiers nodded and ran out of the hangar to join the fight. When they were gone Hiroshi began to quickly gather various papers and other items on the table and stuff them into a suitcase.

“Going somewhere boss?” He looked up to see Korra approaching. “Your little revolution is not working out so you’re calling it quits?”

Hiroshi adjusted his glasses. “Nonsense. My planes did fine work against the United Forces’ best fleet. Amon’s new world order is secured.”

“You’re so delusion,” said Korra shaking her head, “No matter what, the United Forces will not let you or Amon hold Republic City.”

“We’re liberating it—“

“Oh cut the bullshit,” snapped Korra, “I’m tired of hearing that crap. I thought you were smarter than this. You become so blinded by grief and rage you’ve turned your back on Asami, the only family you have left.”

“Shut your mouth,” seethed Hiroshi, his spectacles slipping down his nose, “you don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“I’m not going to be the one rotting in a prison cell for the rest of my life.” Korra marched towards him. “Now are you going to come quietly or—-“

Hiroshi kicked over the table and ran deeper into the warehouse, disappearing amongst the stacks of crates.

Korra let a scoff. “Oh. Gee. A flipped table what should I ever do?” She angrily kicked aside the table and it’s contents, chasing after her former employer.


The battle outside was winding down. The United Forces managed to pin down the remaining Equalists giving them time to secure the remaining planes.

“What about the planse that got away,” Bolin asked to Iroh.

“Well we’re going to have to go after them.” Iroh gave orders to one of his officers before running towards one of the unoccupied planes. He jumped in and started the engine. He was surprised when Bolin jumped in the back seat. “What are you doing?”

“I want to help. Besides I’ve never been in a plane before.”

Iroh shrugged. “Alright.” He pushed the throttle forward and the plane started down the runway.

“I didn’t know you were pilot too General. You and Korra should get together and talk about—“

“I’m not a pilot.”

Bolin’s eyes went wide. “Excuse me General but did you say—“ His words were drowned out as Iroh pushed down on the throttle and the plane sped down the runway before pulling up into a steep takeoff.


Korra cursed to herself as she rounded a corner to find another dead end and no Hiroshi. She figured he must’ve sneaked out a side door and was probably making his escape. She turned back to the main hangar door before she heard an engine roar to life. At first she thought maybe it was another plane but that was quickly disproving as she heard it approach fast and all of the sudden the large stack of crates came crashing down upon her. A quick dash and roll saved her from getting buried.

Korra tried to regain her footing but tripped in the process. She looked up to see a mecha tank crushing the pile of boxes and baring down on her. Springing to her feet she took off and immediately found herself in another dead end with crates stocked high around her. After a brief hesitation and realization that turning back would mean death Korra ran forward and threw herself against the wall of crates and began to scramble upwards. She nearly reached the top when she heard a loud mechanical whirring and a rush of air before she found herself flying through the air as the arm of the mecha tank came crashing down.

The crate Korra had been holding onto suddenly disappeared as it turned in chunks of wood and the contents inside scattered.

Working on pure adrenaline Korra scrambled up the wall of crates and was nearly at the top when there was a loud whirring sound behind her and a rush of air. The mechanical arm of the Mecha came down on the stack of crates next to her, missing her by mere feet. The crates were smashed to piece along with their contents and the impact sent the rest of the wall crashing to the floor.

Korra hit the ground hard and rolled just in time to avoid a crate flattening her. The mecha rank shifted gears and started forward. Korra looked up to see it’s metal tracks bearing down on her. She got to her feet and ran out of the way, dashing underneath the tank.

By the time the tank turned around Korra was nowhere in sight.


Korra scrambles up a wall of crates so she was level with a maintenance box on the back of the tank, which was convenient for doing repairs on a commercial power loader but not a military vehicle. Gripping the crowbar in her hand she managed to get a short running start and managed to catch onto a large cable leading out of the box.

Korra used her other hand to swing the crowbar up and onto the top of the latch. She let out a grunt as she pulled hard before finally the lid was pulled open. She wasted no time and began to rip apart the tank electrical innards with the crowbar.

Hiroshi must’ve sensed something was wrong or rather the instrument displays inside the tank were going haywire. The tank began to swerve around in an attempt to knock Korra off. The crowbar flew from her hand and she used both hands to hold on. The tank suddenly stopped and turning and began to back up, fast. Korra looked behind her and saw the hangar wall quickly approaching with her about to be smashed into it.

Korra rammed her hand with the glove on it into the hole and frantically began pulling wires, wincing as sparks flew out. She was running out of time.

She switched on the glove and managed to turn it up to the highest setting. Electricity shot out of the glove and immediately fried the wires while bolts of electricity ran rampant in the mechanical belly of the machine, overloading circuits and sparking fires.

Korra pulled her hand out and ducked down just as a ball of flame erupted and smoke sprewed out. The tank’s roared died a moaning, creaking death and its tracks came to an abrupt stop. Korra looked behind her and saw the hangar about ten feet away.

Korra looked at her glove and saw that it was out of juice, some of its gauges had melted. She heard the cockpit door open. She climbed down and saw Hiroshi doing the same. He turned, spotted her, raised a pistol and fired off a quick series of shots, all missing. Hiroshi immediately turned and tried to make a run for it but Korra was faster.

Hiroshi heard footsteps closing in behind him. He whirled around, pistol at the ready but his hand was swiftly grabbed and Hiroshi was face to face with a pair of angry blue eyes. Korra reeled her hand back and punched him full in the face. As he fell backward Korra wretched the gun out of his hand.

Hiroshi hit the ground, blood trickling out of his nose and mouth. Outside on the airfield the Equalists had given up and surrendered to the United Forces. He turned his head and saw Korra pointing his pistol at him. She flicked it up, silently ordering him to his feet.

Hiroshi got to his feet. Naga approached. Once happy to see him, the canine now growled.

Hiroshi took off his spectacles. One lens was cracked. “This means nothing. Amon’s revolution will live on.”

“Yeah but without your toys it might be difficult. Besides Asami is going after him now.” Korra flicked the pistol ordering him to move.

Hiroshi grunted as he started to walk towards the airfield. “Don’t mention that name to me.” He felt a hard push on the back.

“You truly are a piece of shit, boss.” She pushes him towards the awaiting group of soldiers. This probably was going to be the last time her former employer was going to enjoy fresh air as he would probably spend the rest of his life in a cell. Money and influence wouldn’t get him out of this one. “One day you realize how much you screwed up and I doubt Asami would be willing to forgive.”

Korra looked towards the city and hoped that Asami and Mako were alright.


Meanwhile just outside the city a farmer was surprised to see a plane crashed into his barn with its two pilots looking a bit haggard.

“Mind if we use your phone,” asked the taller man dressed in a military uniform.

The other, younger man surveyed the damaged barn. “This isn’t too bad. A couple of boards and some fresh paint and she’ll be good as new.”


Asami sat in silence and digested what has just been told by Tarrlok whom she and Mako discovered imprisoned in a small cell in a storage room in the upper floors of the arena. The link between Tarrlok and Amon, revealed to be his estranged brother Noatak, was a surprising one to say the least. The memories that Aang showed her of Yakone and his victims now were more relevant now. Yakone’s sons were competing for control of Republic City with Tarrlok unaware that the villain that he used to gain more and more power was actually his brother and that he had fallen neatly into his trap.

Asami knew now Amon’s real identity and it could destroy him, if people were willing to listen to her. Mako was looking at her from across the room while Tarrlok just stared at the floor of his cell.

Asami got to her feet. “Let’s go.”

“What about him,” asked Mako.

Asami regarded the former councilman briefly. “He’s not going anywhere,” she said as she turned away.

As they got to the door Tarrlok spoke. “Good luck.”

Asami briefly paused and then continued on without looking back.


“Guess those loudmouths in the park were more persuasive then we thought,” Mako observed as he and Asami surveyed the arena from the broadcast booth.

The main floor of the arena had been rolled out, covering the pool below, to accompany a massive crowd of Equalist supporters. This was more than what the pair had seen when they infiltrated a meeting a few weeks back.

A stage was set up at one end of the arena. A giant flag was used as a backdrop. Soldiers were positioned on stage, weapons at the ready in cause of any trouble.

It didn’t take long for the main event to start. The crowd erupted in cheers as Amon, flanked by two soldiers, rose from under the stage on a lift accompanied by smoke and lights.

“Quite the showman,” muttered Mako.


The flag was raised and there tied to three pedestals with rope and gags over their mouths were Tenzin, Ikki, Meelo and Jinora.

“No,” Asami said, horrified and furious as she watched the children glance wildly around in fear, trying in vain to break free of their restraints. Tenzin was looking worse for wear and seemed to be barely conscious. “Mako—“

“I know. But we need to be cautious.” He glanced over at the radio equipment. “I’ve got an idea.”


“A new era of equality and justice has begun and it is thanks to you. Today you will bear witness to the end of airbending forever, the first giant step towards a greater future.”

No one noticed two Equalist soldiers slip into the crowd and split up.

“You will have to get through me Amon,” said a new voice over the PA system with a hiss of feedback. The arena went dead quiet. “I will give it to you that you know how to put on a presentation. Smoke was a little too much. But the crowd seemed to enjoy it. I’m quite disappointed that the people gathered here would be sadistic enough to watch as you put your dirty mitts on kidnapped children.”

A hushed silence fell over the arena, followed by mumblings from the crowd quickly followed by loud protests. Amon didn’t even flinch while his soldiers looked around wildly, trying to pinpoint the Avatar’s location. He knew this fight was going to happen.

“It appears Avatar Sato has joined us. And to think I held off destroying you because your father naively thought he could some talk some sense into you.” He turned towards Tenzin and his children. “As for the Airbenders, well I must admit I don’t take any pleasure in using my powers against children but they won’t be harmed. Their loss of bending will be the consequence of their father’s lack of action.” He stared at Tenzin. “For all the talk about the Air Nomads respect for life, he sat for years on the council and never once did anything about the injustice inflicted upon us by benders. I will do to him what I did to the rest of the council, to the fascist police chief and Councilman Tarrlok, who revealed his true colors.”

“Yes he did,” said Asami, her voice echoing through the arena. “And he revealed a little bit more. He has quite the back-story. But you should know that...Noatak.” The rumblings of the crowd ceased. Asami had gotten their attention. “That is your real name. Noatak. Brother of Tarrlok and son of former mob boss and fugitive Yakone, who fled Republic City years ago to the Northern Water Tribe. His bending had been taken away by Avatar Aang but he saw potential in his two Waterbender sons. He taught them the forbidden bending, which he used to murder multiple people: bloodbending. He would use his sons to enact his revenge. But because of his cruelty his sons turned against him. One of them fled. The other stayed and years later wormed his way into Republic City politics while his lost brother choose a different path. That of a fake revolutionary.”

There was another pause as the crowd was starting to get worked up again. Some were calling for the Avatar’s head for spreading lies while others were confused and not sure what to believe.

“You’ve done pretty well. You’ve managed to recruit your own militarized cult and used my father’s grief to get him to supply you with weapons.” Emotion was creeping into Asami’s voice. “And just for that, for taking away the only family I have left, I will expose you for the fucking fraud you are!”

The crowd was really divided now. Some of the more fanatic members trying to rally everyone together, with very vocal member crying, “Don’t believe the Avatar’s lies!”

Amon turned to his Lieutenant. “The broadcast booth.” Amon noted that there appeared to be some hesitation from his right-hand man before the latter relayed the order. Amon turned to face the crowd. “Such a tale Avatar. Such imagination. Too bad there’s one thing that disproves your accusations.”

Amon reached behind him and untied the mask. The crowd collectively gasped as he lowered his mask revealing a burn scar running across his face. His pale blue eyes scanned the crowd.

“Look and see the pain that benders inflict upon us! This was the result of a run-in with firebender.” He turned his gaze to the rafters above the arena. “And you should know the pain a firebender can inflict Avatar. While you hid yourself away, your father saw the results firsthand. I believe Yasuko Sato was buried without a public viewing as there wasn’t much left. Hiroshi tried to reason with you Asami and you turned your back on him just as did to the all nonbenders not only in this city but across the world. Where was the Avatar to correct the injustices that we suffered?”

The crowd was whipped up into frenzy by this point. A group of Equalists had reached the broadcast booth and found no one inside but saw evidence that the equipment had been tampered with.

Amon looked around the arena, focused on the empty stands. “Avatar? Are you there?”

“Your father failed.” The crowd quieted down at the sound of Asami’s voice, which was cold and harsh. “Your bother failed. This is where it ends for you.”

Amon was so focus on the rafters above that he didn’t see two Equalist soldiers make their way through the crowd and arrive at the front of the stage. One of them had their hands raised to the sides. There was loud whoosh sound as the water from the pool below shot into the air on either side of the platform. The wall of water arched into the air and joined together, hung there for a second before it came crashing down on the ranks of soldiers that separated the crowd from the stage. As Amon watched his men get knocked to their feet he noticed two soldiers who remained standing. One of them pulled off their mask.

For a fleeting moment Amon stared into the furious emerald eyes of Avatar Sato before a blast of water hit him square in the face, knocking him back.

“What do you think? Fair shot,” Asami asked the soldier standing next to her while unhooking a device from her belt. They had managed to find a portable microphone in the broadcast booth. Mako remembered Shiro Shinobi, the game commentator, would sometimes come to the locker room for a pre-game interview and would stick the device in Bolin and his faces.

Mako pulled off his mask. “A bit rough but I’ll allow it.”

Amon wiped at his face and with gritted teeth he began to raise his hands when heard the crowd erupt. He stared dumbfounded at the crowd who in turn stared back at him, equally confused. Gradually the voices turned from confusion to anger as the realization dawned that they all had been duped.

With Amon distracted, Mako dropped into a stance and fired off a bolt of lightning towards the stage. The bolt hit Amon and sent him flying. With the aid of firebending Asami and Mako quickly dispatched two more soldiers who didn’t put up much of a fight. Amon dashed off the stage, giving a quick order to his lieutenant as he did.

“Untie them,” Asami said to Mako before she turned to the Lieutenant. “You really want to go another round?”

The Lieutenant didn’t move, his expression unreadable behind the mask and goggles. After a moment he turned and walked away, heading off in the direction that Amon fled to.

“Okay then,” Asami said to herself. As Mako untied Meelo and Ikki, Asami focused on freeing Jinora and Tenzin. By his haggard appearance and bruises on his face Asami could tell her teacher had taken a beating trying to defend his family. “Where’s Pema and the baby?”

Tenzin shook his head. “I don’t know. When we got here they separated us.”

“They must around here somewhere,” Mako said, freeing Ikki who stuck close to Jinora as did Meelo.

“Mako look after them. I’m going after Amon.”

“Wait we—“

“No time!” The Equalist soldiers had regained their footing and were about to assault the stage. With a flick of her wrist Asami set the front of the stage on fire. “Get them out!” She was off in running while Mako used her distraction and got Tenzin and his family out of the arena.


Amon dashed down the hallway trying desperately to find an exit. In his panicked state he didn’t notice the clearly marked signs. Internally he was going over and over again how in the manner of seconds his whole revolution had been undone. He couldn’t lie his way out after making such a grand display in front of the crowd. His only hope was his followers that were spread throughout the city and therefore didn’t witness the Avatar completely destroying his alter ego.


Amon turned around to see a figure stalking towards him. It was his lieutenant.

“If that really is your name.”

“Of course it is my brother. Are you going to believe the Avatar’s lies,” Amon said in his usual deep voice, keeping emotion out of his tone. “I admit the firebender story was made up but I needed to convince people to join our cause. We need their sympathy as well as their trust.”

The Lieutenant didn’t flinch or speak. Slowly he reached up and pulled off his mask. He had short black hair and light blue eyes that regarded Amon with unwavering suspicion.

“If that’s the case, why are you running away?” The Lieutenant’s eyes narrowed as a look of panic formed on Amon’s face, the latter forgetting the fact that he didn’t have his mask on. “I trusted you! I…We did things that—“ He grit his teeth in anger and sparked his electric baton. “After all that, you’re just another bender taking advantage of us!”

The Lieutenant took a step forward but that was as far as he got.

Amon raised his hand and the Lieutenant felt every muscle in his body lock up. “Pathetic,” spat Amon, raising his other hand. “You would have never have stood up for yourselves if it wasn’t my leadership. Take away my guidance and Hiroshi’s toys and you’re nothing.”

The Lieutenant gasped for breath as he felt tightness in his chest. “Wha—.”

“Too bad things couldn’t have worked out better. You were one of my best men. If I had ruled this city, you would have been my right hand man.” Amon cut off the blood supply to the Lieutenant’s heart. “Thank you for your service.”


After a frantic search Mako was able to locate Pema and Rohan, who had been locked inside a supply closet. Smoke was starting to fill the halls of the arena after Asami set the stage on fire.

“Mako we’ll be fine. Go help Asami,” Tenzin urged.

Mako hesitated for a moment before dashing in the direction Amon and Asami went.

As the Lieutenant’s body crumpled to the floor Amon took a moment to reflect over what could have been. Having his most loyal soldier turn on him made him realize that this dream was dead and it was time to disappear.

Amon was suddenly blasted by a fireball that knocked him against the wall. Before he could get to his feet the floor beneath him heaved upward, shooting him into the ceiling and then a gust of wind blew him down the corridor. As soon as he hit the floor he raised his hands blindly and the attacks ceased. He pulled his assailant closer.

Emerging from the smoke was Asami, levitating off the ground and her face filled with pain. Amon smirked and with a flick of his hand he slammed her into the wall and then the opposite. Asami tried desperately to break free but to no avail. She was slammed down hard on the marble floor. She felt her nose dislocate.

“Rest easy Avatar. I’m not going to kill you. I’m only going to take what you hold dear. The only thing you have left.” As Amon spoke those words he pulled Asami to her feet and bent her body backwards, almost to the breaking point.

Asami opened her mouth to scream but nothing came out as Amon stood over her. His face was silhouetted by the sunlight coming in through the window behind him. He pressed his thumb against her forehead.

Asami let out a strangled scream as she felt every vein, muscle and nerve flare up and then suddenly it was over. She collapsed onto the floor. Her vision was hazy and her limbs felt sluggish. With some effort she held her hand up and tried to produce a flame. She felt her body grow cold as her efforts produced nothing.

A sinister chuckle filled her ears before a black boot stomped down on her hand. Asami screamed in pain and a hand roughly grabbed her chin. She was now face-to-face with not Amon as that persona died the moment the mask came off and his disguise washed away. Instead she stared into the vengeful eyes of Noatak.

“You may have won but one day I will be some where in the world and I will overhear a story being told in some dive bar. The legend of Asami Sato: the Avatar who lost everything. Her mother, her father, and her bending. What good is an Avatar without their bending?” He leaned closer. “You may have fucked up my scheme but at the very least I took you down. You will spend the rest of your days being mocked for the failure that you are!”

Asami could taste blood in her mouth. “Your…eyes. I’ve seen them before. You truly are your father’s son.”

Noatak’s expression change from smug to what seemed like horror or offense at the implications of her words. Asami didn’t care to find out as she head butted him. His head snapped back and that moment was all she needed. She launched off her feet and wrapped her hands around his throat. He raised his hands to stop her but it was too late.

Asami screamed in fury as they crashed through the window. There was a voice behind her shouting something but she couldn’t hear it. Her sight was blinded by the glare of sunlight. When her vision adjusted she saw Noatak looking at her as they plummeted. The look on his face was one of fear. A smile tugged at the corners of Asami’s mouth a second before they hit the water.