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#1 Rule of Hollywood Tokyo

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Kakeru wasn’t too sure what exactly he just walked into this morning. Looks like Cat didn’t know what it just woke up to either.

There was a number one rule at Hollywood Tokyo that had recently come into play – never, by any means, let Amaki put on makeup by himself. There always needed to be a person to supervise the center of the idol group when he was practicing his cosmetic application skills. Unfortunately for Makki, it seemed that the one time he came in early enough to think no one would be around to watch, he was mid-stroke in applying green eyeliner to his ever-so vibrantly golden shaded eyelid.


“... K-Kakeru…”

Having stared at the makeup user for a moment longer, Kakeru rushed up to the other, snatching the brush out of his hand without any hesitation.

“Makki… Did you forget what Tesshi said about you and make up?”

Bewildered with the sight of the oddly painted Makki, the blue-haired teen sighed softly to himself as he brought the palm of his hand up to his temple. If only the other shifted his skills more towards the more idealistic side that the others had from him. But as Shun had mentioned before from the first time they witnessed Makki’s ‘genius’, “In a way, that took real talent,” which it was, he supposed.

“How about you wipe your face right now… You look ridiculous.” Tossing him a towel, Kakeru couldn’t help but smile humorously at the glimpse of what the other’s inner makeup artist talent was. “We’ll do it together. I’ll help you if it comes down to that.” And really – the older teen needed it. There was no way around it with the direction of his makeup skills.

Doing as he was told, the green-haired male smear off the mask on his face with a towel (that isn’t exactly how you take off all that, Makki!), which probably wasn’t gonna wash out after the first cycle. Kakeru sat down just beside him, setting his bag off to the other side of him as he took out the assortment of cosmetics from the kit present before him. As recommended by his sister, the set he pulled out had consisted of foundation, primer, and a pile of nude-coloured eye shadows and blush. Basic things for basic needs, right?

Holding up the foundation, he dabbed the cushion it came with into the container, smearing whatever contains onto his face. The result from just watching this as observed by Amaki – ‘He doesn’t know how to do this either, does he.’ Though, it appeared cleaner than what Makki plastered on his visage, it still left the question up in the air between the both of them – what do you do first when applying makeup?

Leaning on his arms on the makeup counter, he watched the rather graceful Kakeru paint on various tones and shades on his face of different cosmetic products that he pulled out from the kit rather than just what he already had on the table. Watching himself carefully in the mirror, he pulled out… eyeliner? Did they really need this for any future performances? ….Maybe if the song to be performed was leaning more towards the dark side? Eying the brush coated in black ink for a moment longer, he leaned even closer to his reflection, pulling back the corner of his eye to ensure that there would not be any area of skin that will be left a nude-colour. Next was eye shadow right? Oh wait. Shit! It’s changing the colour of his eyeliner! Smearing it! Oh god, who’s idea was this again?


Leaving the two alone in that room for another half an hour may have not been the best idea. Quite a few hoots Cat gave to them the entire time it watched. There was an upside though! …..It was probably a better job than anything the two could do without anyone else there.

Half way through the cosmetic application, who thought it would be a good idea to do each other’s makeup? Really now… By the end of this all, they watched the results of the other’s mess on their face as they turned to the mirror. Silence.



“My face…”


Turning back to each other, grins broke out on their faces after witnessing the horrors of each other’s ‘creative’ masterpieces present on their money makers faces.

“It looks like you took whatever was on the table and slapped it on my face,” the makeup artist commented.

“I think it looks like a piece of art, thank you,” Kakeru retorted.

Filled with smiles and the hilarious sight of one another, it seems that they’ve failed to notice one thing.



Shun stepped in through the door, Kira and Tommy following afterwards; each and every one of their faces were parallel to the others’ at the horrific sight that were the duo’s faces. Out of the three, the dirty blond’s face had been a mixture of horror and slight curiosity as he dared to step closer, observing Makki and Kakeru’s faces.

“…D-Do we even have makeup that can do this…?”

It was a wonder indeed. 90% of whatever stuck to their faces looked like it couldn’t have been done with whatever resided in their makeup kits at all. But it was, which was a shock in itself.

Kira, on the other hand, stormed up to them, just beside Tommy with a rather disgusted look on his face. Hand on his hip, the other stuck out two fingers to the startled figures that sat with a face of pure terror of the expert of the group.

“I don’t know whether you two were serious at all, or if you seriously were trying to get ready for a clown act!”

The brunet was completely dissatisfied with the shenanigans the duo had pulled off before the trio had arrived into the building. Of course, it was to be expected of the once child star grown up to be a teen idol.

The dark-haired pinket stood off to the side, taking his phone out and took various photos of the group that was oblivious to his material for possible blackmail. They didn’t need to know, for now at least.

And never too late for the party, here comes a Tesshi that’s in a fairly good mood – until he opens the door to find a group of teenage boys appearing to be screwing off instead of stretching on stage. Oh- there go the pile of papers he has onto the floor.


And a lesson has been learned that day: no one in Shounen Hollywood is allowed to do their makeup without the supervision of Tesshi while they’re present at Hollywood Tokyo.

That will always be a reminder as a photo hangs of the lot of them with the caption that says: “NEVER ALLOWED TO DO THIS WITHOUT TESSHI!!