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Glory, Gold and Gallantry

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“…and I beg you, I beg you to forgive me for my weakness! For I have tried, as long as I could, to keep my silence, but I can no longer resist my feelings! Dean, Victoria… I love you.”

At those words, Gallant, still kneeling on the ground, hung his head in shame, silently awaiting his friends judgment.

“That’s great!” said Victoria, and Gallant raised his head in surprise. “Because, you know, me and Dean talked about you, and we love you too!”

Gallant looked at Dean who, blushing shyly, nodded his agreement, and extended his hand toward him to help him get back up.

As soon as Gallant was back on his feet, Victoria took him and Dean in her arms, and they stayed embraced in the alley, ignoring the world around them.

And that’s it, folks! I might do a sequel later on, but for now, this fic is finished! I hope everyone had a fun time, and thanks to everyone who left a review!




Chris leans back in his chair, glaring indignantly at the screen of his phone.

That’s it? One hundred fifty-one chapters of mutual pining and they don’t even kiss?”

Dennis peeks at the screen over his shoulder, and bursts out laughing.

Glory, Gold and Gallantry? Really, Chris?”

Glory, Gold and Gallantry? I’ve never heard of it, what is it?”

Dennis easily fends off Chris desperate attempt to stop him from answering Dean.

“It’s a fanfiction in which you and your gorgeous girlfriend fall for Gallant’s chivalrous charm, and proceed to spend a frankly terrifying amount of words pining for each other.”

Dean looks confused.

“There’s a fanfiction of me being in love with m… Gallant ?”

“Oh, there are several. Glory, Gold and Gallantry is merely the longest and most popular.”

Horror is battling with confusion on Dean’s face when he turns toward Chris.

And you read it?

Chris averts his eyes.

“In my defense, the author got personalities so wrong it doesn’t feel like I’m reading about you?”

Dean looks like he’s ready to cry.