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Every step of the way

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The slap burned, not only from the pain in his cheek and the split lip but in his soul. Will wanted to cry, but held his tears and stared with all his anger at his father. He was drunk, as always.

Minutes later everything was blurry and his head and shoulder hurt a lot. They had argued. He had chased him from the kitchen to the living room with a knife. Will hadn't noticed it until he turned around because of his screams. Cold metal pierced his shoulder. 

Everything happened so fast that his mind only registered sounds and smells. The noise of his racing breathing was all he could hear. He was on the floor. His shoulder was bleeding profusely. His father lay a few meters away passed out from a blow to the head. Remains of a broken vase were around him. 

With shaking hands he dialed 911. 

- "Willa ..."

He spun around in fear and watched the man crawl toward him with the knife. In a second he was on him. The bloody blade pressed against his neck. He couldn't breathe because of his fear.

- "Dad ... please! .."

Will sat on his bed. He was sweating and his face was covered in tears. He had a panic attack. He could hardly breathe. Hazy images of that day flashed through his mind like flashes of pain. He tried to calm himself by doing  breathing exercises. His hands squeezing the sheets. After several minutes, when his breathing returned to normal, his hands released the sheets to wipe away the tears on his face. Hee turned off the alarm that kept ringing.

It was 5 am. An incoming call   on his phone. It was Jack.

The team of men worked the best they could.Tearing down the ancient wall piece by piece. The police had closed the traffic of the streets surrounding the area above their heads. Will had a special suit on and smart goggles that allowed him to be in contact with Hannibal by voice and a small camera in them showed him the scene. The doctor had insisted that Will should be the first to go in.

That way he could see the scene before the forensic team walked in and Will could use his gift on a fresh scene. When they finished demolishing the wall, they stepped aside and at Jack's command, Will entered cautiously. Armed agents were behind him, but stayed behind at  the open hole so as not to contaminate the scene.

Jack and Hannibal could see inside the place, the first from behind Will and the second from the screen of his laptop in his apartment. Very thick metal pipes were interspersed with each other.Small steam escapes in them made the underground environment stifling.

Will kept walking and saw a figure that appeared to be sitting on the ground. He hastened his steps to have a better view. He was looking around in case the killer was close. His right hand touched his  weapon, as he cautiously advanced.

The steam receded a little with each step he took.On the ground chained to a steam pipe was a woman in her thirties. She was breathing. Will crouched in front of her and touched her neck looking for a pulse. She was alive, but unconscious.

Steam was beginning to cloud his goggles.Hannibal's voice leaked through the headset of his visors.

- "Will ... I need you to look around  slowly and to the ground around the victim ... calm down ... I'll be with you every step of the way ..."