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Witness Protection And Social Media

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Heroic News@HeroWatch✔️
While the heroes are doing their introductory thing, @BatfamWatch, I gotta ask you a few somethings

My Ship Sunk@BatfamWatch✔️

Heroic News@HeroWatch✔️
1: Is Tim Robin? I feel like he's actually a hero despite everything going on in his life.

My Ship Sunk@BatfamWatch✔️
I should be with the rest of Gotham, and just post a 😏, but I won't be that rude. So instead, no, he isn't Robin.

the entirety of gotham know who all of our heroes are, it isn't hard to figure out😏 #OnlyInGotham

JLW now, Flash said@JusticeLeagueWatch✔️
No it isn't? There isn't any close enough sightings of Robin to know who he is? How does your entire city manage to keep a secret?

Heroic News@HeroWatch✔️
Back to my questions, because they're important. Is Tim Ok?

Tim Drake Deserves Better@TDDB
hahaha, no.

Heroic News@HeroWatch✔️
Reassuring. But shouldn't somebody that's been awake that long be dead?

Tim Drake Deserves Better@TDDB
nah, you die after a week of no sleep, hasn't been a week yet, only feels like it. and tim takes naps on occassion, is addicted to coffee, is an insomniac, and has some sort of vendetta against sleeping? most gothamites used to theorize if he was a meta or not, and didn't need as much sleep. #OnlyInGotham

yeah, worrying will do nothing for him, he's not going to stop. and believe us, batman's TRIED to get him to go to bed. it just doesn't work. they argue. tim wins. #OnlyInGotham

Heroic News@HeroWatch✔️
Ok, my last questions mix into eachother a little, so I'm blurting them all out here. Why was Tim flinching so much? Is he scared of Nightwing or something? Does Flash have a reason to be concerned?Why is DareDevil like That™️?

Heroic News@HeroWatch✔️
Because I run a blog for him. While I'm stoked he's in so much content recently, he doesn't do that. For the most part, he was himself, but I've never seen him so protective over somebody who he isn't actively protecting from a threat in front of them!

Heroic News@HeroWatch✔️
And yeah, he sometimes speaks more to little kids, to calm them down and stuff, but not anyone that old! And not in that tone! I didn't know his voice COULD go that gentle! What Is Up With That?

My Ship Sunk@BatfamWatch✔️
Meet me in the DMs man, I'll answer you there. And for the public: this is only speculation, so it's not going up on my main blog.

Heroic News@HeroWatch✔️
Well, I learnt what I needed. And I really hope it's not true for their sake? Yeah, let's just move on... so, uhh, hiding his coffee then lying about it is a Mood™️

Big Boy Blue@TheREALSuperman✔️
Okay, anyone care to explain why @Superman was already taken? That being said, I'm here to start of the introductory thread. Clark Kent, Kal-El, Superman. I was revealed.

clark kent editor first journalist second lover of@clarkkent1977
Since apparently I have to do this, this is my civillian twitter, but I'm @TheREALSuperman

Fastest Man Online@2fast2type ✔️

i'm @2fast2type, but i don't actually use this account outside of basic reblogging

Plastic Man, aka Patric O’Brian. I was outed, which makes my job VERY interesting now… (read: awkward)

Winged Warrior@Hawkwoman ✔️
Shayera Hol. I have wings. If  you couldn’t figure out my “civillian identity” by me walking down the street, earth is too dumb to save anymore

The children chose this name for me. Red Tornado, AKA John Smith.

Green Arrow@notrobinhood✔️
Oliver Queen, revealed too… Let’s hope this doesn’t affect STAR labs… Sorry PR department. :/

Oliver Queen@STARLabOfficial✔️
Civillian account to @notrobinhood. I have another personal account, but I got out of having to share it with the public due to... reasons.

League doctor, last name strange. The avengers already have a Doctor Strange, and I’m younger than him, hence DrStrangeJunior. I never really had a hero identity in the first place, but everyone insists that I’m a part of the group, and I live here now, so… yeah

Even though I don’t REALLY have a secret identity, I have to do this anyway for some reason? Arthur Curry.

raquel ervin. rocket. the only reason icon is around so bow down to me. tim chose my name.

Black Canary. Dinah Lance-Queen. Betcha Imma bout to lose my job.

take the shot@harperoy
Red Arrow, Will harper, Previously Speedy. I had this @ before… everything

Only one name, Zatanna. That’s both my civillian name and my superhero name, but my identity SOMEHOW is still a secret??? smh everyone’s blind…

Captain Marvel. The male one, since apparently I have 2 say that now?? My identity is still a secret tho!

Wonder Woman. Princess Diana. However, my Civillian name is Diana Prince

hey Guys@GreenLantern ✔️
ok so kilowogs off planet, and the others are refusing to use their accounts after the incident where i murdered them both, so im doing their introductions for them

hey Guys@GreenLantern✔️
@GreenLantern1 is john stewart, obviously. @OriginalGreenLantern is hal jordan, and yeah, he was the first human lantern. and me? the only Guy who had the bright idea of actually checking to see if @GreenLantern was available like a normal person?

hey Guys@GreenLantern✔️
i was off-world when everyone’s identities were revealed, and thus have my secrets!

hey Guys@GreenLanten✔️
well, i mean… i didn’t exactly hide it before, so some people might know, but im loving the fact that i kept my identity secret when batman didnt, so i decided to keep it to flaunt that fact to the others. peace out

The OG Roy Harper here. Arsenal. Previously speedy.

Kaldur’ahm @ Aqualad✔️
My user and @ says it all. I was revealed. Uselessly, but still revealed.

Bart Allen, AKA Impulse. My identity WAS revealed, but good luck finding out who I am. ;-)

Apollo’s Crockpot Sister@Artemis ✔️
Artemis, AKA Artemis Crock. Now y’all can finally stop asking me about my name.

From Fanboy To@LagoonBoy
L’gann here. Lagoon Boy. I’m green, you should be able to know what my civillian self looks like. It’s not like I can hide.

buzz off@bumblebee
I wasn’t revealed, but… being a superhero would be a suitable excuse for being late to classes… Karen Beecher-Duncan, Bumblebee! (Don’t worry, I discussed revealing myself with the entire league, and they said it was cool)

World’s best dodger and bullshitter@Guardian
Bumbles’ loving husband, Mal Duncan.

hello megan!@hellom’gann ✔️
M’gann M’orzz AKA Megan Morse AKA Miss Martian. Superboy doesn’t have an account yet, but also didn’t get his identity leaked (somehow) anyway! Beast Boy isn't joining the social media circus, but he was revealed as Garfield Logan

Wall-Man@It’sKIDFLASH ✔️
Wally West, Kid Flash. Nice to meet Y’all

Apollo’s Crockpot Sister@Artemis ✔️

Wall-Man@It’sKIDFLASH ✔️
Okay, you used it just two seconds ago so don’t @ me

Apollo’s Crockpot Sister@Artemis ✔️
I didn't 😉

Jaime@ScarabHost ✔️
Jaime Reyes here. Now, the previous blue beetle is in a coma, and has been for years, I’m the new one. I just never had a public enough persona to tell everyone that I’m not just him with a new suit before…

Cassie@WONDERgirl ✔️
Not revealed yet! Come to my room @ ScarabHost, I have marshmellos to cheer you up! Yes, you can come too, @ Impulsive  😋

Like you could keep me from food.  😜

Dr. Tony Stark@youknowwhoiam ✔️
I Am Iron Man

Clint Barton

All in the name.

Col. James Rhodes, AKA War Machine, previously(Thank goodness) Iron Patriot

The Black Panther@Kingofwakanda ✔️
T’Challa of Wakanda.

godofhammers@kingofasgard ✔️
I am Thor, son of Frigga

Captain American’t deal@Steven19 ✔️
Steve Rogers, Captain America.

My Name’s Not Scarlett@It’s Wanda ✔️
Scarlet Witch

On your above@FalconPINCH ✔️
Sam Wilson

James “Bucky” Barnes here. Previously Winter Soldier… Sorry.

Toaster@Eyesight ✔️
Vision Stark.

Dr. Tony Stark@youknowwhoiam ✔️
I’m crying.

Master Of The Mystic Arts@DrStephenStrangeMD ✔️
I didn’t change my @ when I got into this world

Fury@DirectorOfSHIELD ✔️
My name is already there.

Not That Maria@AssistantDirectorOfSHIELD ✔️
Maria Hill, Assistant Director Of SHIELD

I am Groot@Multilinguism
I am Groot.

PETER NO@GamoradaughterofABITCH

Peter Quill, Starlord!

Shield Maiden@LadySif
I am Sif.

T’Challa’s babysitter@GeneralOfWakanda ✔️
I am Okoye.

Logan@Wolverine ✔️
I would reveal my identity, but I don’t know what it is myself.

Laura@Wolverine2 ✔️
OMG DAD! You got your memories back, stop making amnesia jokes, they’re lame!

Logan@Wolverine ✔️
This isn’t Private Messages sweetie

Laura@Wolverine ✔️

Iron Fist here!

I’m blue, it’s not like I can hide?

Godda go feast@Quicksilver
Pietro Maximoff, Wanda’s twin brother.

Freshuricado@WakandaHeadOfScience ✔️
Princess Shuri. I don’t have a hero name, but I sometimes fight with gauntlets, so…?

Best Grandma@Gi-Ant-Man
Scott Lang here, also known as Ant-Man!

The Wasp@HopeVanDyne ✔️
Scott’s better half.

Quill chose my name@trashpanda
Rocket Raccoon. That’s my name, nothing else.

Iron Daughter@Blueberry
My name is Nebula Stark, Gamora’s sister.

Dr. Tony Stark@youknowwhoiam ✔️

So… My identity wasn’t revealed, but… most mutants at the school don’t really hide their identities, so everyone knows who I am here? But I didn’t wanna get left out of the train, so I’m Bobby Drake. AKA Iceman

I don’t have an alternate name?? Yet my identity was still secret somehow?? (Well, not anymore) I hate everyone’s blindness. No offence to someone though, you know who you are.

I am Drax!

Jessica Nones@AliasInvestigations ✔️
I never hid, but I guess I’m finally advertising.

Hello everyone! I am Mantis!

The Thing. Ben Grimm.

The Invisible Woman. Sue Storm.

The Human Torch. Johnny Storm

My name wasn’t chosen by me@butitboostsmyego
Mr. Fantastic. Reed Richards.


My name wasn’t chosen by me@butitboostsmyego

I’m Anathema Device, and I’ll be doing the technology side for Crowley, Aziraphale, the kids, and Newton Pulsifer. Crowley CAN do it, he's just lazy. The kids are just trying to figure out matching names for now

While I never saved the world myself, I saved the life of someone who did, and that should count for something.

Refined Pig@Waddles ✔️
((I know this is an account for my pet pig, but the creator of this account, me, has saved the world, and Waddles was there, along with my brother, @ConspiracyTheorist))

The government isn’t the only one hiding the truth@ConspiracyTheorist ✔️
You make me sound like a sidekick like I didn’t save your behind multiple times.

Danny Phantom’s cousin@CALLHIMINVISOBILL
Dani Phantom here! I save Amity Park, plus the world, and I’m cute to boot!

@CALLHIMINVISOBILL is my sidekick, ignore her.

Danny Phantom’s cousin@CALLHIMINVISOBILL

Can I join the club now? I learnt English! (Google Translate is my best friend right now)

I have a psychic scar@Potter
Others to be added, but for now, technology is... eh