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Most Women Are Dull and Stupid

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Barely had I woken, and found her sitting in her odd men's
Underwear on my chair, looking... distraught? But that made
No sense. I, of course, felt it all bitterly: to lose her, this
Magnificent woman? For him? For such a one as him?

She said I must make a decision, she gave me only a few days,
Not the six months we'd agreed on. "He will be expecting
An answer, soon. I deserve the same." She was not wrong,
But how could one, how could I set aside my family's decades

For her brilliant brief moment? And also, that other thing,
The thing I dare not mention, or try to explain. If she ever
Loved me, if she loves me now, once she understands
What a fraud I am, that will disappear like morning dew.