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I was in my room, when there was a knock on my door. I stood and opened the door. Remel was standing there with a grin on her face.
“Coruscant is in sight!” she exclaimed, and a smile formed on my face.
“Wonderful. I’ll meet you in the hanger, I’ll gather the trainees.”
I turned and grabbed my bag, then hurried to the Earthling’s barracks.
I opened the door to find them all packing. “Good. Jolene, Alex, Master Ramra wants to speak with you.”
The two nodded, grabbed their bags and left.
“What is it, Master Ramon?” Wes frowned.
I glanced at the door, then back to the teens. “There’s been a change of plans. Do you remember when I chose you?” They nodded. “My master told me to recruit the best of the group. Now, you have two choices. The first is to come with me and become more powerful than the Jedi, or go with Ramra be deemed weak.”
The four exchanged glances, then looked back at me.
“We’re coming with you.” Joss stated, lifting his chin.
I grinned. “Perfect. Follow me and speak to no one.”
I spun and strode down the hall. I could hear the four following me and forced down my excitement.
We entered the hanger and I gestured for Wes to walk beside me.
“Get into that ship.” I pointed, and gave him basic instructions on how to get out of the hanger. “Got it?”
He nodded, and the four jogged over to it.
“Benme? Where are they going?” Remel frowned from where she stood beside the other two Earthlings, Obi-Wan, Anakin, Rex and Cody.
“Change of plans.” I grinned, stopping a little ways away from the group. “Thanks for the ride to Coruscant, but we’ll be going now.”
As if on cue, the ship started up and I ran towards it. I could hear Remel ordering the two clones not to fire, as Obi-Wan and Anakin chased me. Once I got close to the ship, I slid to a stop and turned towards the two Jedi. I used the Force to push them off their feet, then jumped onto the boarding ramp on the ship.
“She’s onboard, go!” Celeste and Joss were right inside the ship.
The ship turned and flew out of the Cruiser. I quickly made my way to the cockpit, with Celeste and Joss following. Wes let out a sigh of relief when I entered and surrendered the pilots chair to me.
“You’re not out yet. Sit in the copilot seat.” I told him before he could take a few steps. He sat with a groan but didn’t make any more noise.
I put on the headset and moved us towards the planet surface. I rolled my eyes when a beep alerted me to an incoming communication. I answered and prepared myself for the upcoming conversation.
“Benme! What are you doing?!” Remel’s voice exclaimed.
“I told you, change of plans.” I pointed to switches and buttons that Wes had to push.
“What does that mean?” Obi-Wan interrupted.
“Oh, good, you’re all there. I feared I would have to say this multiple times.”
“Say what?” Remel sounded confused.
“Tell the Council I’m leaving the order. Let’s just say I got a better offer.” I pushed the engines, and glanced at the sensors telling me that there were Republic Fighters chasing us.
“What do you mean better offer!?” Remel almost sounded hysterical.
I chuckled. “Careful, Ramra. Jedi aren’t supposed to let their emotions control them.”
“Don’t divert the conversation, answer the question.” Obi-Wan ordered.
I huffed. “Lord Sideous has a better plan for my new apprentices. Oh, and tell Skywalker that he may be a good pilot but he won’t catch us.” I turned off the communication and glanced at the four teens. “Hold on, Earthlings, this is going to get bumpy.”
Celeste, Joss and Lissy sat and strapped themselves down. Once they did this, I pushed the ship into a steep dive. The ship rolled left then flew up and back. I shot down two fighters and dove closer to the surface.
There were still three ships chasing, with Skywalker in the middle one. I grit my teeth and weaved between the skyscrapers. I angled the ship to continue flying down until we were in the lower levels.
“Hit that.” I told Wes, pointing at a particular blue button.
He pushed it, and we dove straight down into a large tunnel. We were almost too big for it, but that didn’t stop me.
“Alright, unbuckle and get to the docking ramp. Once I land, run to the right, I’ll catch up.” I flipped a couple switches and kept my eyes forward as the four left the cockpit.
I landed the ship and ran out. I followed the Earthling’s Force signatures to them and herded them into an alley.
“Alright, it will take a moment for them to find us, which means we need to keep moving. Follow my lead, and don’t ask questions, got it?”
The four nodded, and there was an undertone of fear on their faces.
I glanced at the street, then led them out of the alley. Little did Skywalker know that I knew the perfect spot to get him and the clones off our tail.