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These Small Hours

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The clouds that had been gathering overhead for the past few hours released their torrent as Dean was forced to pull the car over, finally ready to admit he as just a bit more lost than he had been letting on. Thunder rumbled overhead with a deepness reminiscent of a great growling beast and you could swear you had even felt the car shudder from the volume.

Dean paid no mind to it as he searched through the glove compartment for a relevant map, no doubt happy Sam was not here to lecture him about getting GPS again. There had been a few arguments about things being attached to his baby.

“Why are we going to the middle of nowhere again?” he asked as you peered out the windscreen to spot any of the lightning sure to occur. You had a deep love of storms.

“Because there may or may not be a ghoul terrorising the middle of nowhere,” you answered, deciding to climb into the backseat. “And you may or may not have been annoying Sam with your constant pacing.”

Dean watched you clambering over the seats with an expression like that of a priest watching someone defecate in the holy water. He made no moves to stop you however and you were soon lying comfortably on the backseat, listening to the relaxing sounds of rain falling on the roof and ignoring the burning gaze of Dean.

“What did you do that for?” He asked, his mission for a map paused in the face of this indignity.

“I wanted to be in the backseat,” you answered, aware that there was no real danger in Dean’s grumpiness. A lesson you had learned after spending many months fearing for your life for even touching the car.

“Then why didn’t you get out of the car and walk around?” he asked, making a circular motion.

You in turn motioned to the torrential downpour outside. Aware that if you had indeed done that, you would not only have gotten soaking wet but also gotten the interior of the car wet and as such still the recipient of one of Deans lectures.

“Could’ve just stayed in the front,” he grumbled. He had resumed shuffling through the maps though, so you knew the danger had passed.

“No room to lay down,” you pointed out. Even if the maps were not being chucked onto the seat, you didn’t think Dean would appreciate you just laying on his lap. No matter how often he would wink or flirt, you knew it was just his way of making you laugh. A bit of a shame since he was the kind of guy you wouldn’t mind showing off. Plus, you were fairly sure he and Castiel had something going on between them.

The sounds of the storm overhead combined with those of numerous maps being moved about was very relaxing and you could feel yourself drifting off. It had been a long couple of weeks waiting for something to happen. After spending months fighting monster after monster without a break, having a sudden drop into peace was unsettling and everyone had been tense. Sam was using this time as a chance to brush up on some lore while Dean had been stalking about the base like a tiger in captivity.

“I’m beginning to think this place doesn’t exist,” Dean said after a few more minutes, chucking the maps back and running his hands through his hair. “Might just drive till we find a sign or some kind of diner.”

You weren’t too concerned about timeliness. The case was more of a reason to get Dean some fresh air than actually hunting something, and it was more than likely there was no ghoul. Never turn down a chance for a nice road trip though.

“No burgers.”

You could imagine the look on Deans face.

“Burgers are the best,” he protested, right on cue.

“Not when you’ve had nothing but burgers,” you pointed out. A bit of an exaggeration but you certainly had been indulging in a lot of burgers recently thanks to Deans constant pestering.

“How about pizza?”

You thought about it.

“Pizza sounds good.”