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Most Women Are Dull and Stupid

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As much as I have always disapproved of people
Not keeping themselves to themselves outside
Of marriage (lowborn or high), and even though

I found it a right bother to have to figure out how
To keep the girl's pregnancy a secret, protect her,
Since if Herself found out, there'd be Hell to pay,

And for as much as John Booth, a lovely man,
But a bit, well, not what a young girl like her might
Normally look for, as much as he's stretched

My long half-forgotten French, still, she was
For a little while a mother, and now she is not.
I know that pain. She says, "I didn't want the baby

And now it's gone," as if those two facts had
Anything to do with each other. A life inside you,
That changes everything, that does. But right now

She's not ready for me to speak of my loss. Now,
She needs a spot of tea, to gather herself. And
We'll help ourselves to sugar for comfort.