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When Bill arrived at the party, he immediately looked for Hillary, he was hopeful that she was going to came to the party. However, he was going to respect her decision, that she didn’t want to anything to do with him. Actually, that was the reason why he brought Patricia with him, he was hopeful that she would help him to distract himself. He knew it wasn’t fair to do such thing to Patricia, but he needed her now.  They said hi to Pamela and some other people until he saw her, he stopped for a minute, when he looked at her in that dress, he knew that it was going to be harder to pretend that she didn’t exist, because she looked stunning.

Patricia was still talking with some of the girls that she didn’t notice when Bill left the group and went to say hi to Edward and Hillary. Bill decided to be distant with Hillary, that way he would let her know that he was going to respect her. When he got close enough to her, he was able to admire her for a few minutes and when he saw that she was wearing make-up he thought that she was looking more beautiful than ever, that pink lipstick made her lips looked tempting. But he wasn’t going to try anything, she made it clear that she didn’t want anything.

The moment Patricia came he reintroduce her to Hillary, he wasn’t sure why Hillary changed her attitude the moment she saw Hillary, but he was sure that Hillary understood that Patricia was his date for the party. For a moment he regretted it, because if he hadn’t brought Patricia to the party, he was going to be able to talk with Hillary, but he wasn’t. Actually, when Hillary and Patricia came back from the bathroom, he excused themselves and left Edward and Hillary.

He tried to pretend that Hillary didn’t exist, but she was so beautiful that he didn’t have enough, he wasn’t able to take his eyes from her, even though Patricia was trying to get his attention, he was still focused in Hillary. He wanted to go there, to be with her to talked to her and tell her how beautiful she was and how gorgeous she looked with that dress on it.

When Patricia saw that he wasn’t paying enough attention to her, she decided to  do a bold movement, she started to whisper dirty things to his ear, she even told him that they needed to go now, so they could be together. For a moment Bill was taken aback with that, but then he understood what she was saying and although he wanted to stay to still looking at Hillary, he knew that he was only going to torture himself if he stayed, so he whispered her back something that made Patricia laugh hard and winked at him.


He told her that he was going to get his car and he was on his way to the exit when he saw her silhouette, he knew it was Hillary’s back. He was walking towards her without thinking what he was going to do or say to her, but he wanted to get closer to her. The moment he was behind her he decided just to tell her how beautiful she looked, because that was the truth and she deserved it to know.  

“You look stunning” His head was so close to the back of her head that he was able to smell the scent of her shampoo

“I thought you were avoiding me” She turned around and looked at him, his hands were at the same place, he only took a step away from her so he could see her properly. had her that close made him realized how beautiful she looked that night and he was about to lost it, she looked more gorgeous than he remembered, having her this close let him admire her more, the way the makeup intensified her beautiful eyes and lips made him wanted to kiss her, he really wanted to kiss her and if he stayed like this for a little longer he was afraid that he might lose it and he was going to try to kiss her, but when she said that it helped him to wake up from his trance

“I am, but I couldn’t help myself, I needed to tell you how beautiful you look” He grabbed her chin and caressed her bottom lip with his thumb. She opened her mouth, she wanted to say something, but he was afraid about what she might say or what he might do, so, he didn’t give her a chance to say something, he was already walking away from her

“William” He stopped his way when he heard her, he was nervous about what she might say, but he wanted to know. He was turning around when he felt some hands on his face that made him turned around to a different direction, it was Patricia, she kissed with no hesitation. He was taken aback for several seconds, but when he realized what was happening and who was looking at them, he tried to push her away, but her grip got stronger to him and he wasn’t able to move her without making a scene. He was getting anxious about it. He managed to turn around and with his eyes he looked for Hillary but the only thing he saw was Hillary’s car leaving. He pushed Patricia a little harder this time, he pushed her harder than he intended because she almost fell down.

“What’s your problem Liam?” She was mad at him, but he quickly apologized to her and she calmed down

“Patricia, I’m not feeling great, I think we should call it off the night” He wasn’t looking at her, he was still looking at the street

“What? Why?”

“I’m not feeling good, maybe the next time. Let me take you to your hotel room”

“Well, I didn’t book a room, I thought I was going to stay with you”

“Oh okay, well then let’s go. You could stay in the guest rooms” He was too distracted, trying to see where Hillary was going, to complete understood what he was saying to her. The only thing he wanted right now was to leave, he wanted to leave so he could talk to Hillary

His house was very close to where the party was, so when they arrived at his house he helped her with her luggage, he told her that his mother wasn’t there so that she could feel free to go around the house, he told her that he was going to sleep because he didn’t feel good. When he was in his room, he grabbed a jacket and then went outside, he was going to go to her house, he wanted to talk to her and explained her what she saw.


He was on his way when he saw a bunch of patrols heading to the same directions as he, he wasn’t sure what was happening, but he didn’t give them so much attention until he saw an ambulance heading to the same direction. He speed up a little and then he saw a bunch of patrol men  trying to cordon off the zone, he parked his car and he asked the policeman what was going on

“Well, apparently a couple of men were trying to rape some girls, we got a call from a man who saw them”

“Where are the girls, I need to…” His word were cut off when he saw Hillary’s car, his heart fell to his feet. He lost it, he needed to find her and protected her, so after a couple of minutes he pushed the officer and he went inside the zone, looking for her. The policeman tried to grab him, but Bill was faster than him, so he managed to got free. He was desperate looking for her and when he saw her, he ran towards her, he was running when the policeman tackled him.

“Don’t move” The officer yelled at him

“Sorry, sorry man. I was just trying to look for my girl. She was there, please let me be with her, she must be afraid. I need to see if she is okay, please” He was begging him so much that the officer gave up and helped him to stood up. When he stood up, he saw Hillary and she saw him, he was walking towards her and so did she, he opened her arms to her, and he quickly accepted his hug offer. The moment he embraced her with his arms she felt her body shaking and he heard a sob, she was crying.

“Shh, it’s okay. I’m here baby. Don’t worry, I’m here now” He was trying to calm her down, caressing her back with her hand and whispering things to her ear. When he looked at her, he realized she had a couple of bruises in her arm and in her back, her hair was messy and her dress was ripped at the bottom of it, he didn’t want to imagine what she had been through. He was mad at the guys that did this to her, he was so angry that if he saw them, he was sure he was going to try to kill them.

“Bill please take me home, I don’t want to be here” She said to him and he nodded at her, they were walking towards his car when an officer came closer to them. He was doing his best at hiding his anger at those guys

“Miss, I’m afraid that you need to come with us, you need to testify, so we can lock them up for the charges they are charged with. I know it might be hard for you, but we need your testimony.” Hillary grabbed Bill’s arm, she was tired, but she knew that she needed to do it.

“Would you come with me?”

“Of course, we are going in my car okay?” She nodded at him and they started to walk towards his car. They arrived at the police station and Hillary came into a room with the cops, he decided to wait for her outside the room. When Hillary finished her declaration Bill saw the guys that did this to her, he didn’t think it twice and he started to walk towards them, the moment he reached them, he started to punched them down, first he punched one of them in the face and then the other, both of them fell down and he used that as an advantage, he was punching them, he first punched one on his face and then the other. He only got the chance to hit them three times before the cops separated them. He was furious and they needed three cops to control him, because he had so much adrenaline in his body that made him stronger.

“You are going to calm yourself down, otherwise you are going to be under arrest, and you are going to be here for the rest of the night!” One of the cops yelled at him and when Bill realized that everyone were looking at him, he started to calm down. Thankfully Hillary came out of the room after this, he was glad that Hillary didn’t look what happened before but when she got closer to him, she saw that his hands were swollen and were bleeding a little

“What happened? Are you okay?” Hillary was worried about him, and the fact that even though what happened to her she was still worrying about him melted his heart.

“Yeah, don’t worry about it. Let me take you home please” He tried to change the subject of the conversation and he put his arm around her, and they walked outside the building


They arrived at her house and he didn’t want to leave her alone, he wanted to know what happened but he wasn’t sure how to ask her and he didn’t know if she wanted to tell him what happened, he was afraid that what the cops told him earlier was true and that those guys tried to rape her. The only thing he wanted now was protect her and be there for her. He was planning what to tell her so he could stay with her, but she spoke first

“Please don’t go” Hillary looked at him

“Of course, if you don’t mind, I mean it’s not…”

“Stop, I want to be here for you.” He grabbed her cheek with his hand and the moment he did he felt pain in his hand, he couldn’t hide the pain in his face and Hillary saw it.

“Let me help you with this”

“I think you should change first, I’m okay.” He gave her a little kiss in her forehead, and she went upstairs to take a shower