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These Small Hours

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You weren't sure how well thought through this plan was. 

After setting out the summoning ritual you found yourself hesitating at the last step. Sam and Dean had told you this was important, but they had also told you that the angel you were to summon was an asshole and had even traded in human souls for a bit. This Balthazar sounded like a dangerous angel to be messing with and even if he was friends with Cas... it wasn't like he was in the right mind at the moment. He wouldn't save you if this went wrong.

But Sam and Dean were relying on you to do this, and you couldn't let them down. Not again.

You took a deep breath and finished off the spell.

Nothing... Did you do it wrong?

Looking around you couldn't see any signs of an annoyed angel appearing to smite you. Perhaps you had got it wrong then, or he was simply ignoring you. Could an angel ignore a summons?

Seconds turned to minutes and you decided it wasn't going to work. Balthazar clearly wasn't interested in talking to-

"How many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me..." The angel turned to look at you, cocking his head to the side in a very Cas-like manner. "Well hello there, you aren't one of the usual monkeys."

And he wasn't one of the usual angels.

You were used to seeing angels in all kinds of formal wear. They dressed like lawyers and usually acted as such- even Cas had been a bit of a... well, Dean had called him a holy tax accountant. This angel though...It was almost a suit, black trousers and jacket tailored to a tight fit. But instead of a nice shirt, he was wearing a grey top with a very low collar and quite honestly it suited him so well. He was a very... attractive angel, and he knew how to show it.

"So do what do I owe this call?" asked the angel, his eyes roaming over you as he spoke. "Have I been a bad boy?"

You felt your cheeks heating up as he smirked at you, leaning against the wall with his intent written clear across his actions.

"Sam and Dean asked-"

Balthazar scoffed. "Of course it's the Winchesters. They can't seem to keep their noses out of my business." There was real annoyance in his tone.

You weren't sure how to go about this. It was supposed to be a simple-ish request to get the angel to help them out with the whole Cas thing. If he really was Cas' friend then surely he would want to help him.

"Balthazar," You began and his gaze immediately snapped to you.

"Yes?" He purred.

"We need you to-" You were stopped by a finger suddenly pressed to your lips, Balthazar now standing directly in front of you.

"How about we save the shop talk until we've gotten to know each other a little better."

You blushed at the heated gaze he sent your way.

If it meant he would help, maybe it was just easier to go along with him.