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We've got a good thing going (we've got some promises to keep)

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It’s Isaac who breaks first, and Allison might have been surprised by that, but she’s learning that Isaac is often recklessly brave with both his body and his heart.

They’re standing in a loose triangle around the kitchen island, eating a halfhearted breakfast and not talking about death, or magic, or the threads shifting around them in ways that seem far less terrifying than they might have before all this.

“So, are you two back together then?”

Isaac’s voice is light, firm, but his eyes are trained on the piece of toast he’s been picking at for the last fifteen minutes. It’s burnt. Allison feels something clench in her every time she smells it.

She lets her spoon clink against her empty bowl of cereal, lightly pushing past Isaac to get to the sink to rinse it out, letting Scott take the lead.

But when she looks back over her shoulder to catch Scott’s expression, he’s gaping at Isaac like he thinks he’s somehow forgotten the events of last night- or misjudged the way they held each other together in the aftermath, chalked it up to the comfort of the moment.

He hasn’t, Allison knows, remembering their whispered conversation that morning.

Like her, he’s just tugging at their threads. Waiting to see where their points of connection will land.

Scott’s eyes land on hers before his face settles, brow furrowing in thought. Allison is momentarily glad Isaac hasn’t looked at them yet. She knows the way they communicate can be alienating. Stiles used to complain all the time about how she and Scott would sink into their own private world (though, really, Allison doesn’t think Stiles has room to talk, with how often it seems he and Scott share a single brain), and the last thing they need right now is for Isaac to feel more like the loose thread than she’s sure he already does.

“That depends,” Scott finally answers.

Isaac still hasn’t looked up. “On what?”

“On you.”

Isaac’s head shoots up at that. Allison remembers the way he’d looked when Deaton suggested he hold her under the water.

“Oh.” He glances over his shoulder at Allison before flickering his eyes back to Scott. They seem comfortable there. “I don’t want to be the one getting between you. I’ll leave it be, I-”

“No, that’s not-” Scott starts, visibly bewildered. Allison decides to step in.

Moving closer to Isaac’s side, she rests a hand on his ribs. He’s strong, here. Warm. Muscles lengthened by his whip-like body and turned steel by the Bite.

When he softens, just slightly, his head tilting toward her scent, Allison feels it like the adrenaline rush of hitting a target with her bow.

“Do you want me?” She asks.

Isaac turns, and she wonders if he’s turning towards her, or away from Scott so he can say it.

“Yes,” he breathes. Brave.

Allison’s heart stutters, and she can’t even feel embarrassed knowing that they both hear it. She hadn’t expected the confirmation to pull at her like this- low in her belly and hot. She pushes her desire to the side, for now, and takes Isaac’s face between her palms.

“And do you want him?”

Isaac goes red. “I- he…” he stutters over the pronoun in a way that makes Allison realise there’s another layer to this, and she could honestly kick herself for not considering it before, knowing all she does about Isaac’s family. She focuses on keeping her eyes soft.

“He’s my anchor,” Isaac finally gets out, and Allison sees Scott go still over Isaac’s shoulder, looking overwhelmed.

Allison tries not to let a jab of jealousy take hold. Their relationship is still stitching itself together, she knows, and besides- she doesn’t think if she’ll ever really be able to match Scott’s unrelenting kindness, as much as she’d like to. She slides her hands down to his shoulders, steadying, and hopes it helps anyway. Considers what's changed between now and last night.

“You care about him,” she says.

“Of course.”

“And you kissed him,” she tries.

Isaac looks like he doesn’t know how to respond to that, but this time it’s Scott who saves him from doing so. He comes up behind Isaac, still carefully staying in his eyeline, and says, “It’s okay, Isaac. It’s allowed. You can- you can want things.”

Isaac inhales, sharp, but he doesn’t look like he believes it- and isn’t that the root of all this, in the end?

Allison changes track.

She pulls herself closer to Isaac’s by her hands on his shoulders, gratified when his eyes drop to her mouth and he curls into her, shoulders drawing in and long neck dipping until they’re almost of a height.

“It’s doesn’t have to be complicated,” she breathes. “I’m sick of complicated. Let’s be selfish, for once. Let us all have this, Isaac. We want you.”

Isaac groans, dropping even further until his forehead meets her shoulder and she can see Scott’s face over his head. His eyes have gone a little wild.

When Isaac nods shakily into her neck, lips dragging dry over her skin, Scott’s the first to move.

He pulls Isaac around by his waist, looking desperate in a way he only ever used to when Allison would get him flushed and overwhelmed and not let either of them come for hours, going so slow they both felt every excruciating drag of pleasure. God. They’ve all been tugging at the edges of this for so long.

“Please,” he says, looking up at Isaac- another new thing Allison finds mind numbing about this situation, “please, let me-”

Isaac gets there first, and he’s still nodding when he pulls Scott’s mouth to him messily, winding a long, strong arm around his shoulders.

They’re clumsy with it at first- stumbling a little into the kitchen counter when Scott fails to adjust for Isaac’s weight, used to Allison’s smaller frame and steady balance- but Scott gentles after a moment, soothing a hand up Isaac’s back when he trembles against him.

“Come on,” Allison says when they break apart. “Let’s go back upstairs.”


Allison would have liked to spend a moment figuring out their boundaries, pinning the loose ends of their triangle down firm until the shape is strong on all sides, but today there’s too much-sheer relief and desperate urgency to get each other broken open, see each other hot and alive- to really slow down long enough to have the rest of that talk right now.

Allison decides to just focus on getting Isaac to touch her. On showing him touch not meant to hurt.

She pulls him by the hand towards Scott’s bed, letting him press her down into it with hot, urgent kisses, just as burning as the first time. She melts under his strength just long enough that she hopes he can feel the weight of her trust, before pushing fast enough to get him flat on his back, her thighs tucked around his slim hips.

Isaac shudders when he looks up at her, his hands coming down to rest on her quads, digging into the muscle there like he’s remembering that she’s strong, too. He looks like he likes it.

When she leans back down, he opens to her immediately, pushing his tongue hungrily into her mouth to get at her taste again. It’s so different to the way Scott opens up under her. Scott is so giving in bed, doesn’t ever tire of making her groan, shudder, or come, but Isaac-

Isaac doesn’t seem to know what to do with his pleasure. He gives soft, choked off whines and moves to clutch at her sides until she sinks down to press them together chest to stomach, twitching like he’s both embarrassed by and entirely caught up in his own vulnerability. Allison can’t wait to see him broken all the way open. She wants him to trust her to put him back together.

She pulls away when she feels Scott climb up beside them, smooth and unhurried like he never used to be when they were first together and he was clumsy in his new body. She’s still sitting astride Isaac when Scott uses one hand to guide her head back far enough to mouth at her neck, so she feels him twitch when he notices Scott’s hand sneaking up her shirt. When Scott pulls it off altogether and attaches his lips to her nipple, Isaac’s hands tighten on her hips.

Scott’s holding back a smirk when he pulls back far enough to turn his head toward Isaac, his cheek still pressed to her sternum. Allison follows his gaze, sees Isaac slack jawed and flushed prettily across his sharp cheekbones. Then Scott reaches to guide one of his hands from her hip up to her breast, curling Isaac’s long fingers around the weight of her, and she has to close her eyes.

Scott huffs out an amused breath against her chest.

“How are you doing over there?”

“Fine,” Isaac squeaks.

Allison opens her eyes and swats at the back of Scott’s head lightly in admonition, holding back a laugh.

Scott kisses the topmost swell of her breast in apology, then leans back, settling in so his knees touch Isaac’s side and her thigh. Points of connection.

“How do we- you know?” he asks.

Allison turns to hide a smile in her shoulder and thinks for a moment. It would seem intuitive to centre Scott here, but she thinks that’s not what they need, this time around. He can’t keep being the strongest part of her and Isaac’s thread.

She turns to Isaac.

“Can I ride you?” She asks.

Isaac chokes, his hands dropping again to her thighs. “Uh, yeah.”

She smiles. Turns to Scott. “Ok with you?”

Scott’s gone slack jawed again, all his previous smooth energy lost to his eager nodding. “Literally nothing would make me happier,” he enthuses.

Allison climbs off Isaac and nudges him toward the headboard, where he sits looking nervous but clearly trying to hide it, stretching his long, long legs out suggestively.

(It might be too much for today, but Allison can’t help thinking about the way Scott always wraps himself up in her limbs when he fucks her- how Isaac’s lithe thighs might look wrapped around either one of them. She has to busy herself with kissing Scott for a moment and ridding him of his shirt to get herself back on track.)

When she moves back to pull off her own clothes and kick them off the bed, she returns to find Scott pulling Isaac’s pants and underwear from his ankles, himself already down to his boxer briefs. She always did like his initiative.

She crawls back over Isaac’s legs, taking a moment to take in his half-hard cock, long and thin and flushed prettily over the head in the same way that Isaac’s pale cheeks and chest get flushed. He reaches out when she draws close enough, thumbing slowly through the thatch of dark hair at the top of her thighs in something like reverence.

“Go on,” she whispers, and he does- thumbing lower and gasping quietly when he nudges against the warmth of her lips.

“Is she wet yet?” Scott asks breathily from behind her, sliding an arm around to thumb at her breast and using the other to gently guide Isaac’s hand.

“Yeah,” he groans, using his first two fingers to spread her and rub through her heat at Scott’s careful direction.

“Good. Bring it up, like this,” Scott says, and shows Isaac how to drag some of the wetness up to her clit, pressing his fingers there lightly.

“Scott,” Allison grumbles, tipping her head back against him as she feels her hips twitch. She’s not used to him having the upper hand in bed.

Scott kisses her shoulder and takes his hand away from her cunt, sliding it up her side to her other breast and leaving Isaac to explore.

When Isaac carefully slides a finger into her, Allison rolls forward again to kiss him in retaliation, dragging his bottom lip into her mouth until he groans.

Feeling a little more centred, Allison finally reaches out to touch Isaac. He’s already leaking, so Allison sweeps up the precome at the head to wet her strokes as she drags him to full hardness.

“Oh,” Isaac says at that, looking surprised and overwhelmed by his own pleasure. Allison wants to spend years in this bed just showing him a thousand ways to feel good.

She kisses him again. She feels like she can’t do anything else.

“Is that okay, baby?” She asks against his mouth, the endearment tumbling out of her lips before she can process it properly. She feels Scott exhale into the back of her neck.

Isaac shudders and nods messily, still trying to kiss her.

“Okay. Can you- oh,” she stops to huff out a sharp breath against his mouth when one of Scott’s hand leaves her breast to slide between her thighs next to Isaac’s, teasing just above her clit. “Can you use another finger?”

Isaac does. He’s longer, more calloused fingers than either Scott or herself, and he's thrusting them in and out of her smoothly even for all his inexperience. When Scott starts to rub tight circles into her clit, she has to let go of Isaac’s cock altogether, overwhelmed by sensations from all sides.

They’re good at this together, moving with and around each other the same way that they fight- all instinct and connection. Isaac keeps crooking his fingers experimentally, looking surprised and smug when he hits a spot that makes her grind down and gasp out "yeah- there, Isaac." After just a minute, there’s an insistent tugging low in her belly and Allison can’t help rolling her hips into it, letting Scott’s solid weight behind her hold her up.

She knows she won’t be able to concentrate on fucking Isaac properly later when she’s this turned on, so she lets them bring her to a first, shuddering orgasm, letting out a long moan and sinking further into Isaac’s lap until all her weight rests on his thighs, trapping his hand as she rides out the aftershocks.

“God,” Isaac says when he manages to extricate himself, looking at the mess on his hand.

Scott’s already moving to retrieve a condom from his bedside, but he lets out a giggle at Isaac’s awed tone. “I know, dude. Just wait till it’s the second time.”

Allison rolls her eyes and resists pointing out that Scott’s still calling Isaac ‘dude’ in bed, like he’s holding himself back, just a bit. Maybe keeping himself from spilling too much onto Isaac before he’s ready.

She understands the impulse, but she wants them all broken down and honest right here, if she can get it. If this town has taught her anything, it’s not to hold herself back from things it will hurt not to have had, later.

Scott returns with the condom, passing it to Allison with a quick wink before getting back into Isaac’s space and taking his fingers into his mouth, humming at the taste of her there. Isaac looks shocked for a moment, watching Scott’s cheeks hollow dazedly, before pulling his hand away and scoffing.

“Show off,” he smirks, and Scott grins wider, leaning in to press their lips together. Allison wonders if she and Isaac will ever get to that point of easy flirtation, or if what they have will always be a little darker and wilder.

She uses their distraction to roll the condom down Isaac’s shaft, hearing him hiss and pull away from Scott. His eyes have gone wide again, so Allison rushes to smooth down his jagged edges, crawling close and leaning in to suck a mark near his heart even though she knows it won’t last.

Then she presses him back against the headboard again and then swings her leg around, settling in his lap with her back against his chest.

“Oh my god,” she hears Scott say under his breath, and Isaac’s hands immediately come up to her waist, already digging in and hungry again.

“Comfy?” she asks, shooting him a smirk over her shoulder, and Isaac matches it.

“Oh yeah. You?”

By way of answer, Allison lifts herself and begins to sink down, letting herself feel the pleasant stretch and ache. Isaac lets out a low moan, burying his face in the junction between her neck and shoulder, mouthing at her there. Allison trembles at the light scratch of human teeth, thinks again about knives and trust.

When she’s fully seated, she gives them both a moment to adjust, reaching out for Scott and pulling him in close in front of them. He kisses her, and she basks in the familiarity of it, the way she knows his mouth intimately and still wants it with the same reckless abandon that got them into so much trouble at the start.

She settles her hands on Scott’s shoulders for balance and starts to move. Slowly at first, finding a rhythm that she likes, but then Isaac’s hands tighten on her waist and he starts to match her, rolling up into her movements, and she finds herself grinding against him in earnest. She gasps and breaks away from Scott, forcing herself to concentrate on keeping their pace in check.

“Feels good, baby,” she groans over her shoulder, feeling Isaac shudder again at the nickname, “keep going slow, okay?”

He whines, high and tight in his throat, but nods into her neck.

“You two look so good,” says Scott, and he sounds so overwhelmed, and Allison loves him fiercely, “I can’t believe...”

Allison wraps a hand around him and he trails off with a moan, eyes gone half-lidded like he’s struggling to keep them open, determined to watch the two people he loves fuck each other on his bed. Allison feels like she might be the one to shake apart from all this, caught up in both their arms.

Isaac’s thrusts are starting to get harder, moving inside of her in a way that keeps dragging on her G-spot, and she knows neither of them will last much longer. She has to let go of Scott's cock, unable to keep up her steady strokes.

When she slips her hand toward her clit, Scott intercepts it with a growl.

“Let me. Let me, please.”

Allison nods. Couldn’t even consider denying him right now. Can’t ever deny him anything, really.

She expects him to reach for her with his own hand, but instead he moves backward, spreading Isaac’s legs apart so he can lie between them. Allison groans in realisation.

He’s messy about it when he gets his mouth on her, licking and mouthing in broad stripes like he can’t quite get close enough. Then he moves lower to lick at the place where Isaac is moving into her, getting his mouth all over both of them, and she nearly blacks out at how hot that is, how determined Scott always is to taste her, realising it extends to Isaac too, now.

Isaac lets out a high, surprised whine, and says “Scott,” like he can’t believe any of this is happening. Allison feels Scott’s answering moan vibrate through her, and she has to fist a hand in his hair and drag him upwards.

“God, you-” she says, but doesn’t really know how to finish her thought. Scott seems to understand her anyway, like he always does. He wraps his lips around the bud of her clit and begins to suck in steady pulses. He’s rutting against the mattress now, and Allison feels Isaac groan deep in his chest at the sight, his chin hooked over her shoulder to watch Scott’s mouth on her. He's still wearing his briefs, Allsion realises, overwhelmed.

It’s Isaac who comes first, pushing into her in deep, jerky thrusts and letting out a long breath- almost silent at the end, even as his hands move restlessly all over her skin. Next time, Allison thinks, she’s going to get him to let go properly.

She’s still twitching on top of him as he tries to come down, Scott still not letting up, so she pulls him away to lift herself up and let Isaac slip out of her. She drops back down into his chest with a whine, so close she’s aching, and Scott immediately gets his mouth on her again, sucking hard until she tumbles over the edge, a cry falling out of her throat and her chest heaving with the force of her release.

When she comes back to herself, Isaac is soothing his hands up and down her sides, still breathing hard, and Scott is still licking at her in soothing, gentle swipes. He’s whining, a bit needy by now, and his hips still haven’t stopped their restless movements.

“Scott,” Allison hears. “Come here.”

Isaac gently nudges her off his lap to reach out for Scott, bringing him close to get a shaky hand on him through his underwear, feeling him out a bit hesitantly. Allison feels like she’s holding her breath as much as Scott is when Isaac pulls them down low enough to wrap those long singers around his cock.

“Are you- I mean. Is this-” Scott tries, clearly too overwhelmed to push out a full sentence, mouth hanging open around heaving breaths. Allison desperately wants to crowd close and lick her own taste off his full lips, but she also wants to give them this moment to feel each other out.

“Yeah, it’s okay. Can I?” Isaac says, and Scott whines.

Yeah, please,he nods jerkily.

Scott’s so turned on that it only takes a handful of strokes to have him spilling over Isaac’s hand. Isaac looks dually surprised and triumphant at that, wiping his hand messily on the sheets and using the other to pull Scott in to bite at his mouth as he comes down from it, somehow knowing instinctively that Scott needs to be close right after he comes. Allison thinks about herself on Scott’s tongue and shivers.

The way they look at each other when they part is so beautifully open and awed that Allison almost feels like an intruder, like back when she first noticed the way they anchored around each other and realised Scott didn’t need her anymore.

But then Isaac reaches for her.

He pulls her arm around his own waist so that she slides up behind him, settling his forehead on Scott’s chest while he breathes.

Allison realises Isaac is showing her his back, literally. Pulling her in like he needs her touch just as much as Scott’s right now, while he’s naked, vulnerable, and putting himself back together. He's trusting her now- even though she's taken advantage of his open back before.

Allison swallows past the lump in her throat and kisses his spine, awed and grateful, and rests her cheek on his shoulder blade where he’s warm and smells of sweat. Scott’s watching her over Isaac’s head, and she feels it like a touch on her naked skin.

They're all quiet for a long moment. Processing, Allison things. Tying the loose ends of their threads.

“Isaac..” Scott starts, putting a hand on the back of his head. “Did you hear our conversation, yesterday? Allison’s and mine, I mean.”

Isaac is silent for a moment, but he doesn’t tense.


“Okay.” Scott nods. “So, then you know I love you.”

It’s not a question.

This time, Allison feels Isaac’s sharp inhale, ribs expanding under his skin like he needs all the air in the room, suddenly. She slips the hand around his waist up to his heart, where it thunders beneath her palm.

He lets out his breath.

“Yes,” he says, so quiet Allison only just hears it.

Scott doesn’t look surprised. He doesn’t ask Isaac to say it back. His eyes have taken on that steady darkness that makes him look older than his years, deep brown like the Nemeton. Alpha, Allison thinks.

“Then you know neither of us are letting you go,” Scott says.

He reaches out with his free hand, thumbing over one of Allison’s dimples when she smiles at him gently. She’s still holding Isaac above his heart.

“I’m not letting either of you go,” he repeats, lile the stength of his will can make it so./p>

Allison loves him. She’s not sure whether she loves Isaac too, yet. But she knows she’d die for him. She knows he’d do the same for her.

They’re going to be okay.