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I Was Just Passing

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Three Carriages Converge


Imagine if you will three carriages like the fates
Starting in three places to converge on one road,
On one life, which also itself had converged and was
Converging on a host of lives. Such roads are dappled
By sun coming through high clouds, low tree branches.

Imagine the past, a family of cause and effect, parents
And children, baggage and hopes. Imagine the future,
A singular fellow, rich and drunk with power, knowledge
Of what must come to pass. Imagine the present,
Like two dames, one old, one young, assuming that

What has happened will always come to pass. Then
Imagine them all converging at speed, the past seeing
What's coming and urging caution, a decrease
In speed; the future forging on recklessly, increasing
Speed; the present commenting on what is, what has

Always been. Sometimes all the present can do
Is hold on, hold tight, and just keep breathing,
If quickly. The future will shove itself through,
Willy-nilly, leaving the past to be pitched out
Over a wall: to break, bleed, suffer, unconsidered.

What others do, those who ride present and future,
Desperate to balance compassion and progress, or
Still reeling from the madness to come and reaching
Back for security: those choices will color all
The coming convergences, coming lives, and coming.