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There is a gathering at the park where this all began.
Steven and Kevin had moved in together after graduation. Steven is working for the local paper. Kevin has his own is now in his last year of law school. Kyle is a computer analyst. A few months after John had moved to Oxford Kyle ran away from home to escape the abuse of his father. He moved in with John. A friendship developed then a romance. Which brings us to today.
"Dearly beloved we gather in this place to join these two couples together in a lifelong journey of love." the Vicar said. "John you may begin."
"I, John Dixon, promise Kyle Grainger to love you, to honour you and forever be by your side down the road of life." John placed a ring on Kyle's finger.
"I, Kyle Grainger, promise John Dixon to love you, to honour you, and to be by your side for the rest of our lives." Kyle placed the ring on John's finger
"I, Steven Carter, promise Kevin Grainger to love you for the rest of my life. You are my sun in my life even on rainy days. I will walk by your side forever as your life mate." Steven placed a ring on Kevin's finger
" Kevin."
"I, Kevin Grainger, promise Steven Carter to always love you when times are good and bad. I will always be by your side for as long as I live to forever be your life mate." Kevin placed a ring on Steven's finger. John had a jeweler design four identical bands with " The Basingstoke Four" engraved on the inside.
"I hereby declare you life mates. You may kiss your mate. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you Misters John and Kyle Dixon-Granger and Misters Kevin and Steven Carter-Grainger."
The crowd erupted into applause and hugged Kevin and gave him a kiss " I love you big brother. Congratulations."
"I love you too. We did it I'm so happy."Kevin replied.
John hugged Kevin." I love you Kev. I knew you'd make him happy. Thank you for bringing Kyle into my life."
"Thanks Boss for giving me Steven. I love you so much."
Kyle hugged and kissed Steven. "Look at those two. We got two great husbands." Kyle whispered.
"Yeah we do. Love you. John will make you very happy. I know." Steven whispered back.
Then Steven turned to John. John and Steven looked into each others eyes. They started to cry. John grabbed Steven and kissed him."You know I never stopped loving you." Steven said.
"Nor I you. Does Kevin make you truly happy?"
"Yes Johnny he does. Thank you. I love you." They kissed again.
Linda, Mark, Wendy, Dave, Jess, Steven's parents and John's parents who were all in attendance, came up to congratulate them.
John and Steven had secretly purchased a duplex in town so the Basingstoke Four could always be together. It was a real surprise to Kyle and Kevin. It had gotten as real as it could get.