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First Impressions

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It had happened so fast and had clearly been planned months in advance. Laying there in the sand, vision blurry from pain and blood-loss, Sarith wondered just how the fuck she had missed all the tell-tale signs of an impending mutiny. All she had heard was some bitching about not getting to raid the bigger fishing villages. Complaints about the crap rations. Taking on too many new Sisters. None of that seemed like a reason to mutiny, but it happened anyway. And to pay for her obliviousness, she now lay on the beach dying. 

Not far from her hand was her Witchlock pistol and her captain’s mutilated body. Satyxis were often called beautiful but terrible but looking at the splayed form of her captain the beautiful part was gone. Deep gray colored skin was paled and bruised, scarless flesh ripped open to spew entrails across the blood-drenched sand. The worst part, in Sarith’s mind, was that her captains glorious horns were broken off at the skull, the curling points shattered and thrown around the mutiny site. 

Trying to sit up elicited a growl from Sarith as the gunshot in her side spewed forth more blood. Standing was going to be near impossible with her head pounding so bad it made her dizzy but staying on the beach was a bad idea. The nearby town would be waking up soon and find the remains of the raider’s victims. Staying on the beach would mean they would find her as well. Solo Satyxis don’t live very long on the mainland and even die even faster if found after a raid. 

Clumsily holstering her pistol and a ritual dagger that she pulled from a Sister’s body, no idea who it belonged to but whatever, Sarith half crawled toward the treeline. Her earlier scouting before the raid had found the remains of a house mostly consumed by the forest and it wasn’t far from where she was. If she could just make it there…

Face down in the sandy soil, she groaned when she realized she had blacked out. The forest was only a few yards ahead of her but it felt leagues away. Everything attached to her body ached and she could barely see through the blood covering her face from one of the battle wounds. A large rock was close enough that she used it to stand, leaning heavily on the support while she waited for the world to settle down again. Blood did weird things to how the world moved and her stomach wasn’t appreciating the new direction.

A glance behind her at her dead sisters that had fought in the mutiny Sarith realized that there were fewer dead then she had expected. There must have been more on the side of the mutiny then on the side of the captain. Leave it to me to pick the losing side… I really didn’t want to go out this way. Or this soon. Never thought I’d made it to be a Hag but I was really hoping for another few years exploring. Half sitting on the rock, the thoughts drifted through her cloudy mind. The hand holding the bullet wound was sticky, the skin hot with impending infection, and she worried she would bleed out. 

Die on the beach with my Sisters? Die in the woods alone… Either way I’m probably done for. Woods could give me time to heal maybe? Can my body heal through this?  

Somehow she heard voices over the pounding in her ears, the accent and timbre of a mainlander male deciding her direction for her. Die in the woods it is. I don’t want to get caught by some mainlander.

As much as it hurt, as hard as it was, she managed to stumble her way past the first few rows of trees toward where she remembered the dilapidated house had been. There was no door anymore just a web of vines that she pushed aside like a curtain. Inside was rotted furniture and long-forgotten housewares including a table still standing on its four legs with plates on top. Beyond that was a bed likely home to more mice and bugs then healthy but she lowered herself onto it all the same. Bugs didn’t like the blighted blood of Satyxis so she wasn’t too worried about being their next meal. Struggling to silence her groans, she used the last bit of her consciousness to rip the bandana off her head and press it to her side. Fuck this… I’m not dying in some shitty shack… Prove my damn sister’s wrong. Sarith doesn’t go down easy. As determined as she was, darkness took her as she blacked out again.