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The Vagueness of Salvation

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          It was highly out of character for the normally in control Madame F to be snippy and short in her commands to Ormond, “It has to be perfect, this is no ordinary dinner, you have to understand that!” she snapped again. Ormond was taking it in stride, he was aware of who was coming to dinner and why, smiling and bowing to his Dominant and doing whatever she wished. “Madame, everything will be perfect, I promise you.” Ormond bent down and placed a very chase kiss on his Lady’s cheek.

          Madame F groaned, “I’m sorry my love, I’m just a little out of sorts with this. Nakamura Taizo is…well you know. He has been away for twenty-five years and I want his return to this community to be flawless.” The woman had been on the phone for two days, arranging for the food, for the flowers and calling her associates, “You must be here, this is not a request Acchan, it’s an order. I’ve said the same to Isshi and Davina, whether or not you bring Uta is up to you.”

          Mistress Davina had started to laugh as soon as she hung up the phone, Kato coming into the room, “Mistress?” he was puzzled. “Do you know Nakamura Taizo?” Kato’s face paled slightly, “Yes, Mistress Astrid and he were good friends, why do you ask?” Davina patted the couch she was seated on, “Come here,” Kato sat beside her, “Taizo has returned to Japan, and we are to attend a dinner in his honor at Madame F’s, and the woman is unhinged with worry about the details, it’s rather amusing, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her like this before.”

          Kato smiled, “Will he be bringing Constance with him? She’s always been a very nice woman, I’ve always gotten on well with her.”  Davina frowned, “There was no mention of his submissive.” Now it was Kato’s turn to furrow his brow, “Really? I would think that she would be attending him.”

          Isshi was also flustered at the invitation to dinner, “Shall I have both boys attend me?” he asked Madame F. “That is entirely up to you, if it’s the impression you want to present. If both boys are what you believe are warranted, then bring them both.” Madame F was talking in circles, which amused Isshi as well. “Then I will have both boys with me, and thank you for the invitation, my dear Madame.”


          He watched as she flitted around the room, a pile of discarded clothing choices lay on the bed, shoes littered the floors. “This one?” she asked as she turned this way and that in front of the full-length mirror. “It’s beautiful Madame, as were all the others before it.” Madame F sighed, why was this so difficult? Sensing his Lady was at her wits end, Ormond walked up behind her, sliding his arms around her slender waist. “Madame, it does not matter what you’re wearing tonight, it’s who you are that counts. I prefer the red dress as it has always been one of my favorites.” Ormond nuzzled her neck then kissed her cheek. “I have some other things to do before your guests arrive.” He stepped away from her and bowed, then exited the room.  Ormond did not hear his Mistress whisper, “I love you.”

          The preparations for the dinner party were complete and the chef that had been hired was timing the readiness of the meals for the arrival of the guests. Ormond was dressed formally in a black on black suit, which complimented his Lady’s red leather dress. The first guest to arrive was Sakurai Atsushi and Uta, quickly followed by Mistress Davina and Kato. “Konbanwa Davina, Kato.” Sakurai kissed Davina on the cheek, whispering in her ear, “That dress has killer written all over it.” A comment that had Davina giggling like a school girl.

          Uta was dressed conservatively, which surprised them all, “Why would I wear club clothes to a formal event? Really Mistress, you raised me better than that.” Uta hugged his Mistress tightly. “Yes, I suppose I did, and you look very handsome, so do you Acchan.” Drinks were served and the submissives took their places along the wall. The last to arrive was Isshi, with Karyu and Ruimaru in tow. “I’m sorry we’re late, I had a difficult time deciding what my boys should wear.” Isshi explained as Ruimaru greeted Davina and Karyu greeting Sakurai.  Madame F left the room to greet Nakamura Taizo who had arrived just behind Isshi.  

          Everyone bowed low, Madame F making the introductions, “Kato-kun, it pleases me to see you with a new Mistress, and one so beautiful to equal Astrid, you look happy boy.” Taizo kissed Davina’s hand.  Bowing and shaking Sakurai’s hand, “Your reputation precedes you sir and your submissive as well, though I am aware of your special situation.” He winked at Uta, who naturally blushed.

          “The infamous Isshi-san, it is a great pleasure to meet you, sir.” Now Isshi was the one to blush, “You truly do have two of the most beautiful boys I’ve seen in quite some time. You’re a lucky man.” Taizo appraised both Ruimaru and Karyu, again winking at the two young men.

          There was a short period of small talk until the dinner was served, Ormond escorting the guests into the dining room, as the wait staff served the meal. “Have you found a place to live yet, Taizo-san?” Sakurai was interested in what type of home the man had chosen. “Yes, actually I have just bought a small little place that is quite comfortable, it’s on the 26th floor of City Tower Takanawa, in Minatou-ku.”

          “Come now, you’re among friends Taizo, there is no such thing as a little place in that building.” Madame F laughed. Taizo nodded his head, “It is quite comfortable, all 4600 sq. ft of it.” He chuckled. “I will be hosting a party in the coming weeks for the community, and some old friends that I have not seen since I moved to America.”

          The conversation turned to the reasons he had moved back to Japan, and it was Taizo that brought up the topic of Constance. “I can not fault her for wanting to void the contract as we had no plans on moving back to Japan. It was a difficult decision, but I left her well cared for in every way.” With a pre-arranged cue, Ormond excused himself and brought the other submissives with him to the kitchen, in the ruse of allowing them to eat.

          “My dear Taizo, take this not as an insult or any other such thing,” Madame F looked at the others, “are you intending on taking on another submissive?” The group collectively held their breath. “It is a possibility, yes. Why? Do you have someone in mind for me?” Taizo had a cocky grin on his face.

          “Not that we would expect you to contract this boy unseen of course, but we do have someone that may fit your needs.” Madame F explained the situation with Byou. “Isshi-san, I had heard the rumors but I did not expect it to be you! You have confronted the boy already?” Taizo had heard the rumors of Byou’s escape and subsequent actions, but had not tied the name to Isshi.

          “We have spoken to him, he is still a rather rude and obnoxious boy. He has said he is looking for a new Dominant and does not wish ill on Isshi. Though we can not rest easy while the boy is uncollared.” Sakurai added. “He has approached Ruimaru twice, once when the boy was alone, and again when they were dancing with Uta. There was nothing said to alert Isshi’s boys to who Byou is. I’m going to say that Ruimaru may act negatively when he does find out.”

          The information piqued Taizo’s interest. “When shall I see this boy?” he asked. Madame F then invited Taizo to join them for the following evening to attend Vinyl Fetish, “It is our top club for the community at this time, it is however opened to the public but we have not experienced any issues..” Taizo accepted the invitation gladly, intrigued with what he had heard about Byou.

          “He’s very handsome, isn’t he?” Ruimaru giggled as he and the others ate their dinner in the kitchen. “He’s dreamy, he doesn’t look old enough though to be gone for twenty-five years, he looks younger than Acchan.” Uta knew that there would be a little fantasy scene later in the evening for Sakurai.

          “Kato-san, how well do you know Taizo-san?” Ormond asked. “Not terribly well, he and Mistress Astrid attended some of the same community functions and benefits, I knew Constance quite well and she was a lovely lady. It’s sad that she would not attend him here at home.” Checking the time, Ormond readied the others to return to their Dominants, who by now were enjoying after dinner drinks.

          The name of the HBG came into the conversation and that Sakurai and Uta had both had some incidents in relation to the popular bar. Taizo had not heard anything about Uta’s first attack, which Sakurai and Davina gently told the story. “That Natsu creature, he actually attempted to join one of the smaller communities in San Francisco, last year.” At the mention of Natsu’s name, Uta uttered a tiny whimper and closed in on himself.

          Looking at Sakurai first, Taizo held out his hand to Uta, “Uta, come here please.” Uta checking with Sakurai, then walked to stand near the other Dominant. “When I had heard what had happened to you, it took everything I had not to track that slimy bastard down and beat him senseless. When I heard that he was in San Francisco, I immediately contacted everyone I knew and had him chased out. How he got into the US, I don’t know, but he is still not welcomed in any community.” Uta nodded, “Thank you.” As he went to return to the wall, Sakurai opened his arms and Uta walked over and sat in his lap. “It’s okay baby, he’s not going to get near you.” Sakurai whispered in Uta’s ear.      

          Taizo looked at Davina, he smiled sadly. “Both Constance and I were besides ourselves when we heard about your dear Teddy. That is something I do not wish on anyone, let alone a Dominant and their submissive.” He then turned to Isshi, “And Isshi-san, I don’t think I need to explain my feelings for you and your two beautiful boys, it was a great loss for you.”

          Madame F changed the topic quickly, as not to end the small gathering on a somber note, asking for Taizo to join them at Vinyl Fetish the next night, which he happily accepted. With the night growing long, the small dinner party concluded and each of the guests made their way home.


          “Baby are you okay?” Sakurai noticed that Uta had been quiet after Natsu’s name had come up. “Yes, I’m sorry I’m still such a wimp.” He said in a soft voice. “Uta, you’re not a wimp by any means. What you experienced with Natsu was horrific and traumatizing, it’s only natural for you to react as you did, I’m sure Taizo-san only wanted to let you know that Natsu is still being watched.”

          “I understand, I just haven’t heard that name spoken aloud in a long time, it just sort of rattled me, that’s all.” Uta leaned over in the car, putting his head on Sakurai’s shoulder, “I love you.”


          Isshi was so quiet on the ride home, that Ruimaru and Karyu became concerned, nudging each other in the back seat. Walking in the front door Emi greeted them, crying that she was starving, “Come on Emi, I’ll feed you.” Karyu picked up the small cat and carried her to the kitchen. “Sir? Is everything okay? You seem unhappy.” Ruimaru touched Isshi on the arm, as the man sat on his couch.

          “Bring Karyu to me.”  Ruimaru didn’t need to be asked twice, running into the kitchen, “Sir wants to see you, I don’t know what’s wrong!”  Karyu put Emi’s food bowl down and took Ruimaru by the hand and they returned to stand in front of their Dominant.

          “Sit with me, please.” Isshi instructed them, each taking a spot next to Isshi. “I wanted to tell you this before we go to Vinyl Fetish tomorrow night. I’ve been fighting with myself since I learned of this, but I can’t keep it from you both any longer.” Now the two young men were scared, they were not used to seeing Isshi like this, except when Leda died.

          “You know a little about my history with my former submissive, the one that treated me so badly.” Both boys nodded. Isshi turned to Ruimaru, “That night when you were rude to Madame F, I spoke harshly and left you standing on the wall. There was a young man with blonde hair that approached you.”

          “Yes Sir, he asked me if I was being punished.” Isshi smiled, “And he danced with you boys at the club that night, with Uta. Did he say anything to you?”

          “He just said hello, and sort of started to dance with us.” Ruimaru was starting to connect the dots. “That boy’s name is Byou, and he is my former submissive.” Isshi said bluntly. Neither Ruimaru nor Karyu made a sound, they just stared at Isshi. “Madame F has contacted him and asked him what his intentions are. He says he’s looking for a Dominant and will not approach me or either one of you again. I don’t know how much of that is true. He has said he has changed, and his appearance has at least. I do not trust him.”

          “Sir? Will he be at the club tomorrow night?” Karyu broke the silence first. “Possibly, he seems to have taken a liking to it.” Isshi looked at Ruimaru, “You my Angel, will not approach nor speak to Byou, is that clear?” Ruimaru nodded. “I don’t want you attacking him, chastising him or speaking to him. You will not acknowledge him at all, if you do then I will have to reconsider our contract.”

          Karyu squirmed a little in his spot, “Sir? Will Taizo-san be Byou’s new Dominant?” he looked at the floor, not wanting to be scolded. “That is yet to be seen. Tomorrow night we will go to the club, and what will happen is unpredictable. I want you both on your best behavior, there will be no outbursts. Now I want you both to go to bed, I have a slight headache and I am going to bed as well. Good night, I love you both.” With a kiss to each of the boys, Isshi got up and left the room.



          Uta was careful in selecting his outfit for that night at Vinyl Fetish, he didn’t’ want to go the outrageous way he had in the past, something about Nakamura Taizo made him want to be invisible. “Is that what you’re going to wear tonight?” Sakurai was leaning in the doorway of their bedroom. “Yep, just not in the mood for, I don’t know…fuck me clothes tonight.” Sakurai chuckled, “Anything you wear are fuck me clothes, I don’t need you to dress like that, to make me want to fuck you.”

          Uta turned away from Sakurai, “Oh, okay. I’ll be ready in a few minutes.”  Sakurai didn’t see the tears wanting to push past Uta’s long lashes. “I’m ready when you are, I’ll be in the kitchen.” Sakurai left the room, leaving Uta to take a deep relaxing breath, and finish putting on his makeup, wondering why he felt so vulnerable.

          Sakurai noticed the change in Uta since the night before, but did not want to make an issue of it, unless Uta asked. Watching Uta walk down the hall towards him, he could see the tiniest bit of slump to his shoulders and he was looking down. “Okay, I’m ready.” Sakurai embraced his young lover, “You look amazing, subtle looks good on you.” Kissing Uta, he then took him by the hand and led him out of the house.

          Madame F had alerted Niihara of the arrival ahead of time; she had reserved the largest of the private rooms, and made sure that every detail was in place. She also asked if the tall American girl Velvet would be able to attend Taizo for the evening, something in which Niihara was thrilled to provide.

          “You may gain a new patron tonight Niihara-san, one that would add to the elite status of your club.” Madame F added. “I would be thrilled if Nakamura-san chose my club to frequent, thank you Madame.”

          The Dominant woman asked about Byou, “Yes, he has been here frequently, though I do wish I knew where he was getting his money, I’m hoping it’s under legitimate means. He should be here tonight, as he is still searching for a Dominant.” Niihara had his suspicions about Nakamura Taizo, but he kept that to himself.


          Madame F was the first to arrive, she wanted to be there to greet Taizo, and introduce him to Niihara. Davina and Sakurai arrived together, Davina taking notice of Uta’s subdued demeanor and looking at Sakurai. “What’s wrong with him, Acchan?” she hissed. “I’m not sure but think it has to do with Taizo mentioning Natsu’s name.”

          Isshi and his boys were the last to arrive, the Dominant scanning the club for Byou. “He’s not here at the moment, Isshi-san, but if he arrives, I will have Velvet notify you.” Niihara bowed to Isshi, “Thank you Niihara-san,” Taking his boys by the hand, he led them to the private room, and out of what he thought may be danger.

          Madame F with Ormond by her side, mingled with some of the other Dominant’s at the club, Ormond watching the door to alert her when Taizo arrived and he was also watching for Byou.


          The evening proceeded much as Madame F and Niihara had planned; Velvet was attentive and excited to be able to speak English with Taizo. Ruimaru and Karyu stayed close to Isshi, though Ruimaru had asked his Dominant about Uta, “Sir?” he whispered. “Is Uta sick? He doesn’t look well, he seems so sad.” Isshi glanced over at the boy, who was sitting in Sakurai’s lap, kind of listless and uninterested in what was going on at the club. “I don’t know my Angel but I will agree, Uta-kun looks ill.”

          Davina was more than concerned, asking Sakurai to let her take Uta to a secluded area to speak to him, “My love, what is wrong with you tonight?” She reached out and felt Uta’s forehead, “You’re not ill, are you? Uta, speak to me please, you’re frightening me.”

          “I don’t feel great, Mistress. Maybe I’ve been working too much. I’ll be fine Davina, really.” Uta gave Davina a kiss, then walked back to the room alone. “This is not you being sick, my love. This is something else entirely.”

          Madame F had Ormond standing out in the club, Karyu attending her in the private room. Ormond was watching for Byou and was to speak to Niihara the moment he saw the young man. It took but an hour for Byou to arrive, Ormond going to find Niihara, “The boy is here, Niihara-san, I will return to my Lady.”

          Ormond entered the room and stood behind Madame F, placing a hand on her shoulder. “Let’s take a stroll around the club, I’d like to show Taizo how well appointed it is.” Madame F announced.

          Taizo followed along with Madame F, while Davina and Isshi spoke to another Dominant. Sakurai had not left the room, as Uta had asked to stay. “Baby what’s wrong? Please you’re scaring me your so quiet.” Uta just buried his head in Sakurai’s neck, “I’m sorry Acchan, I want to go home please.” Without thinking or asking anymore questions, Sakurai scooped Uta into his arms, and walked out the door. As he approached the entrance to the club, he stopped Niihara, “Could you please make my apologies to the others, Uta isn’t feeling well and we’re going home. Thank you.” Niihara bowed and quickly made his way to Mistress Davina, giving her the message.

          “Mistress, is there something wrong with Uta?” Kato still held a lot of feelings for the young man. “I’m really not sure, he seems out of sorts, though he tells me he’s just been working too much.”  Kato didn’t buy that excuse, there was something else…something darker standing behind the young man that he had become so attached to.

          As he surveyed the room, nodding and greeting various Dominants and their submissives, a flash of blonde hair caught his eye on the other side of the dance floor. Leaning in to Madame F, “Is that perhaps the boy?” He nodded his head in Byou’s direction. “Yes, that is Byou, would you like me to have him brought over?”

          “No, I will do this on my own, thank you Madame.” Taizo stood on the edge of the dance floor, his eyes trained on Byou. The young man was watching the dancers, not paying attention. Taizo started his walk towards him, the boy was attractive, the blonde hair was striking enough but did not detract from his beauty. As he got closer, Byou turned and looked straight at him. Taizo walked up, stood in front of Byou, who instantly dropped his gaze to the floor.

          “Follow me.” Taizo ordered. Without looking back to see if the young man was following him, Taizo made his way back to the private room, seating himself on the low settee. It was but a few seconds longer, when the young submissive appeared at the door. “Come in Byou, I’d like to speak with you.” The Dominant nodded for Byou to take a seat across from him. “Yes Sir.”

          Nakamura Taizo studied Byou, looking at what the makeup and clothing was hiding. He was of average build, not overly delicate by any means. This was a young man, not a boy as some of the young submissives appeared. “Do you know who I am?” Taizo asked. “No Sir.” He was shaking, he had never seen this Dominant before, why did he want to speak to him? “My name is Nakamura Taizo, I’ve recently returned to Japan after living in America for some time. Your name was brought to my attention by your former Dominant, Isshi-san.” He waited for a reaction, wondering if the claims of his redemption were true.

          “Yes, Sir.” Was all Byou would say. “I was told you’re looking for a Dominant, is this true?”

          “Yes, Sir.”

          “Look at me, Byou.”

          The young man lifted his eyes, gazing at the Dominant. Taizo was handsome, movie star handsome. They stared at each other for a few moments, Byou dropping his gaze again just to get away from the intense look on Taizo’s face.

          Taizo saw the young man as promising, a warmth pooling in his abdomen, “Would you be interested in getting to know me better, Byou?”

          Was he? Byou thought about his living conditions at the moment, the capsule hotel ended up burning through a lot of his money, and now the griminess of the internet café was starting to wear him down.

          “Yes, Sir. I’d like that.” If he could find someone to take care of him, that he could devote himself to, redeem himself in the eyes of the community…in Isshi’s eyes and ask for forgiveness, he was going to have to take a chance.

          “Come here.” Taizo crooked his finger. “Sit with me.” Rising from the chair, Byou moved to the settee and sat next to the handsome Dominant. Taizo reached over and ran the back of his hand across Byou’s cheek, trailing it down his neck, sliding it softly into the front of the young man’s shirt, drawing a quiet moan.

          “You’re very pretty, Byou.” Taizo leaned in and ran his tongue from the boy’s collarbone to his ear, nipping at the lobe, causing Byou to shiver. Reaching up, Taizo ran a finger tip across the boy’s lower lip, Byou taking a chance and slipping his tongue out.

          “Mmm, I think we need to get better acquainted, and this is not the right atmosphere to do so.” Taizo reached over and tipped Byou’s chin, brushing his lips with a kiss. “Would you like to go home with me, Byou?” The boy’s mind was so jumbled, all he could do is nod. A little more of a teasing kiss, and Taizo stood, “Come, I must make my excuses to my associates, then we can go home.”

          Taking Byou by the hand, Taizo made his way to the main room, finding Madame F quickly. “I will be making my good nights, I have some pressing business to attend to, please extend my apologies to the others. You will be hearing from me soon.” He bowed to Madame F and without another word, left Vinyl Fetish.

          Isshi had seen the interaction, his chest tightened. He had loved Byou deeply, but his mistake wiped that love out in a heartbeat. “He seems to have taken a liking to the boy, ne?” Davina stood next to Isshi, “Mmm, I hope it works. I hope Byou has really changed, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.”




          “Gentlemen, I believe we have one more week of recording and then it will be all post production. The end is in sight.” Ken announced at the end of a rather long session. Pon sighed and sat back in his chair, rubbing his eyes, “I’ll be soo glad when this is over, I need a seventy-two-hour nap.” Ken laughed, “You mean seventy-two hours in bed with Die,” Pon snorted, “Like that’s not what you plan on doing with Yuki? Please, spare me old man.”

          The joking was a needed relief at the end of a rather long day. The weariness of keeping Aoi away from Uruha was starting to wear thin, the overall dismal feeling of the studio when they were there together was starting to bother everyone. “I’m going home, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Aoi got up and left the room, and not surprising everyone heaved a huge sigh. “Please let post production go quickly!” Pon whined.

          “You’re not the only one that hopes that, Pon-chan.” Uruha snipped. “I don’t want to spend anymore time than I have to here.” Gathering up their gear and getting ready to head out, a knock at the door, “Excuse me, Ken? Can I have a minute?” At the door was a man with very long hair, a little beardy mustache thing going on and deep-set dark eyes. “Sure, Hal, come on in.”  Ken put his bag down, “This is Hal, he’s the bassist for Umbrella, DCR’s really pushing them, um, this is my assistant Pon…err Hiroto.” Pon rolled his eyes, “Just call me Pon, it’s nice to meet you.”

          “Hi, you’re Yukke's nephew, right? You’re dating Die? Oh, we’ve already heard a lot about you, but all good!”  Pon laughed as well, “Yah, gossip travels fast, I’m sorry but I’ve got a hungry boyfriend waiting, it was nice meeting you Hal.”

          Ken nodded over to Uruha, “Have you guys met before?” Hal shook his head, “Not formally,” he went over and held out his hand to Uruha, “Hi, Uruha right? You guys are flipping amazing live, I have a kid sister that flips shit and begs me to take her anytime you play. I have a great appreciation for your style, Reita’s not bad either…but don’t tell him I said that.” Hal said with a cheeky grin.

          Uruha mumbled something and shook Hal’s hand, “Um, thanks, it’s nice to meet you too, I don’t know Umbrella’s music that well,” Pon was standing at the door watching, he glanced over at Ken and winked. “You should come and watch a practice or something, or maybe we could talk about it after you guys record. I have some demo stuff on my phone, do you have time now?”

          Hal turned to Ken, “I’m guessing by the look on your face, you have a date or something, right? I’m sorry…I won’t take up anymore of your time, I just wanted to run some demo stuff by you.”

          Ken laughed, “If you can come by later tomorrow maybe? I can listen then, or maybe Uruha can listen, and then give me his opinion.”

          Hal looked at Uruha, “I don’t want to take up your time, I’m sure you have someone waiting for you too, I can…”

          Uruha reached out and touched Hal’s arm, “No, it’s okay, I have time right now, I don’t have anyone waiting for me.”  

          “Great,” Hal sat down on the couch, Uruha dropped his bag and got out his glasses, “Sorry, I don’t have my contacts in, I know I look geeky.” Uruha mumbled. “Please, if you want to see geeky, I’ve got plenty of old pictures to show you.”

          Pon and Ken slowly backed out of the room, closing the door quietly, “Um…what was that?” Pon asked Ken, “I don’t know, but it’s going to be interesting if all of a sudden Hal and the boys from Umbrella start hanging around more.”


Image result for sorimachi takashi This is Sorimachi Takashi, an actor. 

                                                  But he is my Nakamura Taizo


Image result for Visual Kei band Umbrella Hal, bassist for Umbrella.