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It's a Beard Thing

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*I can’t sit still*

A few minutes of agony passed before her phone chimed with a reply.



*That doesn’t help.*

*Had a dream about something last night. Been on my mind all morning*

*Anything I can do?*

Kurt had clearly caught on and decided to flirt back. It could only be one of a handful of things that got Diane antsy.


*Tell me*

*In a meeting. Can’t.*

*Want me to guess?*

Diane considered this response and wasn’t sure how to respond. On the one hand, she really did want to keep going but on the other, she was at work and obviously hadn’t thought this through before texting him.



She squirmed at the thought of him making that noise.

*Is it the holidays?*

Diane scoffed. *Very funny*

*I try*
*What we did after dinner?*


*My lips*

*GOD so close. Keep going*

*My lips on you?*

*Your beard. I had a dream about your beard and how good it feels between my thighs and when we kiss and oh god. You busy?*

Kurt sat looking at his phone, knowing not responding right away would just torture her.

*Not really. Why?*

Diane pushed back from the table, a few associates glancing over in her direction. “Restroom. Be right back,” she whispered to the young lady sitting next to her, who nodded in understanding.

Moments later, Diane had locked herself in her bathroom and dialed Kurt.

“Hey. What are you doing?”

“I think the better question is, what are you doing?”

“I’m in the bathroom. I’m wet.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes. Talk to me,” she hissed.

“About what?” He asked, still drawing out the torture of not immediately giving her what she craved.

“About your day. What do you think?”

“Well, this morning started off well. I went out to the lab first thing…”

“God dammit Kurt!”

He laughed. “Sorry baby. So you dreamt about my beard, huh?”

“Mmhmm.” Diane’s fingers began to worry her clit. She shivered under her touch.

“And how good my tongue feels between your lips?”

“Yes!” Her fingers moved faster, her wetness increasing.

“Thinking about how badly you want to ride my face?”

She almost dropped the phone. How in the hell had he known that?

“I know you, Diane,” he replied without being prompted. “I know you’re my kinky girl. Are you wet for me?”

“Oh god.”

“Perfect. Ride my face. Let my beard scratch your thighs. Feels good doesn’t it?”

She whimpered as she felt a climax nearing.

“My tongue deep in you, my teeth begging to tug on your lips. You reach down and pull my hair.”

“Oh shit,” she bucked forward, her hips slamming forward against her hand.

“I know you like that. I love it when you tug my hair when I make you cum. You’re close aren’t you.”

Diane whimpered again, this time with a sob.

“Do you have any idea how hard I am right now? I dig my fingers into your ass as you ride my face, hum against your clit.”

“K…” she started as her orgasm crashed into her.

“That’s right. Cum for me. God I love this! I wish I was on my knees in front of you, sucking you dry.”

She almost dropped the phone as her thighs tensed and her fingers tightened against her phone.

“Kurt,” she panted. “I…”

He chuckled. “You what?”

“I just masturbated… in my office.”

“Did you at least close the door first?”

She smiled. “Smart ass. I can’t belie… believe I just did that.”

“Me too. What time will you be home?”

“I’m not sure. Why?”

“I have this idea.”

“Yeah?” Diane turned to look at herself in the mirror to begin straightening herself.

“Yeah. Come home and ride my face.”

Her eyes widened. The words were caught in her throat.

“Unless you don’t want to,” he replied as he started to become somewhat uneasy in her silence.

“No! I mean, yes, I want to! Oh my god.”

“Good. Go back to work. Let me know when to expect you.”


He laughed. “That was fast.”

“Work will still be here tomorrow.”

“Sounds good.”

“Thank you.”

“No, thank you.”

She smiled. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”