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A not so secret love story

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I woke up stretching out. I was instinctively searching Sam reaching my right arm on his side of the bed, he wasn’t there and when I opened the eyes I noticed that he wasn't either around the room. A delicious scent of pancakes that was coming from the kitchen (freshly cooked) drew my attention. I had on a pair of comfy shorts, a long sleeves shirt and warm socks. I walked in the kitchen following the inviting smells. Sam was busy at the cookers, the bowl with a ladle beside him, the countertop was full of ingredients and kitchen tools, he was thoroughly pouring the dough in the pan previously buttered, I could see his defined muscles under his cotton shirt, broad shoulders and strong arms which were moving gracefully from the bowl to the pan, the locks of hair on his nap that was forming a little tail, a V. I could also see the perfection of his round ass under the blue cotton of the boxers he was wearing.
I came closer and I insinuated my right hand under his shirt rubbing his belly with my fingertips, slowly, up and down.

"What are you doing?" my mouth softly on his neck, then pressed above his artery feeling the beat of his heart under my lips.

"I’m trying to make the breakfast as you can see"

I love playing with his curly hair, drawing little waves on his body, his skin was reacting with a little goosebump in every place visited by my fingertips, even my mouth was doing its part sliding sensually on his hot neck. My hand glided defiantly to the lower abdomen, under his boxers, the way traced by his hair down to his little erection, I grasped it gently stroking a little bit to see how much he would have controlled himself, I was lost in my game that I wasn't even seeing what he was doing. I nibbled the soft spot behind his ear, he tried to take my hand away but it was too late.

"Fuck I’ve burned it!" he exclaimed.

"Whoops" I giggled.

"You distract me too much" raised his eyebrows.

"You distract me too much" he raised his eyebrows.

He wrapped his fingers around mine holding them gently but firmly and took the phone.

"Now I have to take a pic of this mess"

"Ok" I was confused, why he needed to take a pic?

"So I can think of a revenge later…" he said in a provocative tone, replying to my silent question.

"Later?" I grumbled, I wanted his revenge now.

Sam put the phone on the countertop and turned off the cooker then turned to me, grabbed my hips and threw me on his shoulder easily.

I grabbed his shirt trying to find a balance. His finger touched my thigh lightly moving the pants away, I could feel the shivers running to my most sensitive part, he wanted to provoke me as I've done with him, he squeezed my butt with satisfaction.

"SAM!" I was trying to slap his with very little success.

"Let me go!" we were both laughing even if for me it was more difficult in that position.
After few steps he put me down on the countertop on the opposite side of the kitchen.

"What you want to do now?" I asked enquiring.

He was looking deeply in my eyes, his hand reached the bowl and took something. He touched gently my lips with a blueberry, slowly sliding it around like put a lipstick, I opened my mouth but he drew it away, then his lips took the place of the blueberry caressing more times, so close and so far at the same time, he was getting his revenge. He bringed again the blueberry on my opened mouth and I closed my lips around it licking his fingers with a gently bite on his fingertips. A deep groan came from his mouth.

"Mmmh delicious" a flavour slightly sourish mixed with the sweetness of the brown sugar. We were both playing hard.

"Let me taste" he asked eagerly.

His mouth came close to mine, a soft kiss then another, and another, urgently, his tongue traced my lower lip and crept into my mouth looking for mine, a sensual dance started joined by the syrup. I held his head in my hands while the kiss was becoming overwhelming, his left hand was caressing my neck and the other one was running on my back and my breast stroking my body with devotion. He's not that kind of man who has a favourite part of woman's body, he can easily cup my breast with his hands and squeeze my butt with equal satisfaction.

"Sam your shirt" I mumbled panting.

My fingers ran down his chest trying to find the edge of the shirt. I’ve pulled it off and turned on the bowl, stepping off the counter, I put a hand on his chest asking to wait, Sam was looking at me curious and patient now. I took a blueberry and rubbed it slowly on his lower lip, jaw, neck, collarbone, chest, down to his navel. He was holding his breath, I put it on the cove of his belly. I kneeled in front of him and grabbed his waist with decision, I was going around the blueberry with my tongue, tasting his skin, when he started to move not controlling his body anymore I took the blueberry with my teeth and kissed that soft spot. I gradually stood up following the traces of the syrup with my mouth, licking, nibbling and kissing, his hot strong muscles under my damp lips, the rhythm of his own breathing was changing. Once at his neck he held my hair and lifted up my face to his. His eyes were deep and blue like the Ibiza sea, he took me closer, took off the shirt and in few seconds his hands were all around my body while he was hungrily taking possession of my mouth, every inch of my skin prey of his attacks was burning and asking for more.
Sam insinuated two fingers inside my pants.

"You seem wet for me" he whispered in my ear rubbing my sensitive spot, I moaned as confirmation.

"I think we should remove these, they could become really dirty"

"Oh really? how?" I replied lustful licking and sucking his jawline.

"You will see it soon" he continued with a deep voice.

He left my pants fall on the floor and put me again on the counter, now it was soft, there was a tablecloth folded under my arse. He took another blueberry and chewed it slowly, his tongue dancing between the teeth, I wanted to taste him again but he took a step back, he kneeled and put my legs on his shoulders making me keep my hands behind to not fall. He spreaded them and blew on my sensitive skin, I grumbled impatiently but he continued, in the meantime his thumbs were caressing the spot close to the anus, I wanted to rub my legs against each other but I couldn't.

"Saaaam" I moaned.

His tongue was darting up and down driving me crazy, he was pushing me so close and then at the right moment he was stopping, repeatedly, his firm grip on my thighs couldn’t let me move.


He closed his lips on my clit, the tip of his tongue was tapping rhythmically, I was panting overwhelmed by the sensations, my legs and feet contracted and strung tight like a violin string, when he sucked it delicately I reached the climax, I tilted the head back. I was shaking from the ends of my hair to the tiptoes.
I felt the warmness of his chest against my cheek, his hands under my boobs, I looked at him and I saw traces of me on his beard around the mouth, he noticed my gaze and he licked them with satisfaction.

"Come here"

I locked my legs around his waist and wrapped my hands around his neck pulling him closer. He grabbed my bottom fondling it properly, I found his mouth while he entered inside me with a confident push. I moaned in his mouth and started to follow his moves, his hands were massaging my body, mine were around his beautiful face playing with his jaw, our eyes were locked, deep, lustful, complicit. His lips slightly open, swollen, red, moist, inviting. I took the control and bringed him were I was few minutes before.

"Cait" he groaned in my mouth losing the control, a warm rush inside me. I felt empty and satisfied when he broke our contact, a part of the weight of his body was on me, his head hidden in my hair, against my neck. I was cuddling him, my fingers on his curls and his back while we were trying to find our regular breaths.

Few minutes later he wrapped my body with his arms, I was reveling in that sensation, I felt loved, protected, at home.

"Have you put the tablecloth under my arse?" I asked playing with his chest hair, the smell of his skin after sex is inebriating, I could stay like this all day.

"Yes" he replied naturally. What I've done to deserve him? I'm so lucky.

"I love you" I placed a kiss on his heart between the little beads of sweat.

"I love you too" he replied kissing gently my forehead.

I took his face in my hands, the sweetness shining in his deep blue eyes, I gave him a little eskimo kiss giggling relaxed, a big shy smile appeared on his face making me melt.

"Can we have breakfast now?"