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Wondering Space

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“Don’t leave me hanging dammit!” Jotaro, the pilot of Star Platinum held the hand of his partner as he rushed next to the stretcher where he had been laid down. Kakyoin smiled in pain while looking at his partner’s face. He was unable to talk since the pain prevented him from doing so.
The mechanic also ride the Stand to battle, but he would ride in a head cockpit where he would control the impulses and minimizes all errors so the Pilot could use a Stand to its full power. In this case, Kakyoin was unlucky. The Arrow they were battling were straight for the head of Star Platinum and injured the Mechanic’s stomach almost impaling him. Jotaro could only fight in horror hearing the screams of his partner from the upper part of their Stand. He managed to win the fight against the aggressive Arrow, knowing he had to rush as fast as he could to give his Mechanic proper treatment.

“Don’t even try to talk.” he let out an angry and worried glare. Not that he was angry at his partner, he was angry at himself for not protecting him… He was allowed to enter the operating room where the medical staff of the Speedwagon facilities rushed to patch the big injury and save Noriaki’s life.


In another section of the spaceship, the trainees went under physical training. That basically meant to run without stopping for a hour, every 10 minutes the velocity of the mechanical mat they were running in would increase. It wasn’t easy, many failed. The ones that failed a test would have a strike, accumulating 3 strikes would made the trainee be removed from the program and sent back home.

“That is good for this test.” Joseph’s raspy voice ended the test.

Josuke almost fell on the floor panting. He looked up seeing Rohan taking notes on his test, he ended up asking: “Can you get me some water?” Rohan rolled his eyes ans he kept writing: “What if you get it yourself? I have a physics test next class.” Josuke pouted annoyed, being a Pilot meant more physical restrain on him, true that a mechanic had more of a mental restraint, but it was just a goddamn water bottle! He looked next to him where his classmate Giorno Giovanna was being pampered with a big water bottle and several towels from his Mechanic Mista.

“You are literally the only mechanic not helping his Pilot!” Josuke almost grawled. Rohan paused his note taking for a bit: “Well mister Higashikata, I am sorry for not being your maid! Now if you have the strength to complain, you can also get your little ass up and get yourself a water bottle!” he replied almost in a hiss. Josuke glared at him getting up, he didn’t pick a fight because that would be a strike… And he couldn’t afford random strikes. He got the water bottle and glared: “Here Mr. Kishibe, thanks for nothing.” he took a sip. Rohan rolled his eyes and went back to writing.

“You have a physics exam?” Giorno asked.

“Yeah. I studied quite a bit, I shall be okay.” Mista said and he took a bite on his number 3 pencil. He was carefree, way too carefree for Giorno’s liking, he never failed and never got a strike, but he only got average grades, it was as he didn’t care about doing his best, that worried Giorno, because he didn’t want the chance to get paired with a worst Mechanic if Mista ended up being scrapped from the program. “Study harder.” he cleaned his sweaty face against the towel.
Mista ended up grining and winking: “Are you worried partner?” he asked almost as teasing the blond pilot.
“Yes.” he bluntly answered. Mista felt his cheek lighten a bit in a pink color… That was actually a straight forward and cute answer.

“I will do my best!” He almost smashed his pencil from holding it tight. Giorno only nodded and went for the showers. Well… that was awkward but maybe it will help with motivation…


In the operation room the doctor finally put his needle down after patching up Kakyoin’s stomach. He looked at Jotaro and commented: “He will be okay, but he should refrain from doing efforts for the next days.”

Jotaro, gazing upon his Mechanic’s sleeping face, just nodded. He knew that would be a problem, he couldn’t pilot Star Platinum all alone… Kakyoin was his partner and a piece of the equation to successed in their mission to secure the human race. His fingers stroked Noriaki’s cheek, his skin was like silk… He didn’t even wanted to feel the skin on his stomach… It would be rough and hard to touch… Not to say that would for sure hurt his partner. He waited and went after his Mechanic as he was transferred to the resting wing of the facilities.

He sit next his bed, he held his hand strongly waiting for him to wake up. After a while the silence was broken by a loud voice with a pronounced french accent:

“Mon dieu! Kakyoin! Jotaro!” the frenchman bursted into the resting wing looking for his comrades, after him a silent wise man, his mechanic, followed.

“Keep your voice down Polnareff.” Jotaro said in a commanding tone. That made Polnareff rush to cover his mouth and bow several times as an excuse sign. His partner, the kind Avdol pet Polnareff’s back and replied in his name: “Forgive him, we were just worried after we heard what happened to Kakyoin.” The frenchman nodded agreeing. Jotaro understood, he knew that was the idea all along, he just wanted a quiet place for his partner to rest.

“A rough battle?” Avdol asked.

“Yeah… The Arrows are getting smarter… it’s like they knew were to aim to injure the crew of the Stand…” His finger stroked Noriaki’s hand tenderly, he was eager for him to wake up. “I can’t protect the outside milky way sector now.” He said in a more professional remark.

Polnareff ended up crossing his arms and grining: “Mon ami! We will take care of that. We already put on the papers to deal with that sector with our Silver Chariot.” Avdol ended up nodding at Jotaro approving of his Pilot’s words. Jotaro looked up at his two friends, he felt grateful that he could count on them, but deep down he wasn’t looking forward to send them outside the milky way, were the danger of the Arrows was always increasing. “It will be just until Noriaki gets better.” he said.

“Do not worry my friend, let Kakyoin take his time to recover.” Avdol said with a nod and a smile.

“Avdol, tu est fantastic!” Polnareff grinned hitting his back hardly. “Très reliable!” Avdol only rolled his eyes smiling: “And you need more english classes.” Those words only made the Silver Chariot’s Pilot roll his eyes, and Jotaro let out one single smile over the situation.


After lights had shut down, all trainees are supposed to be asleep, even if that rule wasn’t followed by everyone. Many of the trainees used some of the facilities to train during the night, it wasn’t recognized by the Speedwagon Foundation, it was more like a rule that was not supposed to be talked about. With a week of training, half of the trainees had already gave up or gotten enough strikes to be sent home.

Josuke was still hanging, he would do extra training in the gym during lights out. Rohan would do equations while he waited for Josuke to end up training. He would never admit that he was there to keep an eye on his Pilot to be sure he wouldn’t overdo himself. As the clock rang midnight, Rohan closed his book and annouced: “It’s enough Higashikata. It’s time to go rest.” and as usual, he got Josuke’s response: “Five more minutes Rohan!” Rohan ignored his plea as he usually did, he got up and walked to the door: “Let’s go Higashikata. Tomorrow we must get up at 7 am.” his reply was short and straight to the point.

Josuke, panting, hold on a towel and had as a suggestion: “What if instead of going straight to bed, we go explore a bit?” he ended up grinning enjoying a lot the suggestion he had just made. Rohan ended up raising an eyebrow, sure, it did sound interesting, but what could they go explore? The kitchen? The bathroom? Deep down there was nothing interesting enough that they could go around watching.

“Don’t make that uninterested face, we should try to go see… a Stand~?” now things had gotten more interesting in Rohan’s mind.

“And how will you find where the Stands are in this spaceship?” he asked to be sure that Josuke had a plan to his suggestion. Josuke ended up grinning, as he was eager that Rohan would finally ask him that: “Can you keep a secret Rohan?” he asked not even answering for the reply and answered himself right after: “I can hear the Stand’s voices calling for me.”

Rohan raised an eyebrow, he had never head such a ridiculous thing in his life. A Stand was a robot, a Stand did not have a voice, and even if a Stand somehow could have a way to call someone, why would it call someone like Josuke: “You are a liar.”

“I am not a liar!” Josuke said and he started walking outside the room. “And I will show you if you follow me!” He sticked his tongue to Rohan and made his way to the lower deck. True that the Mechanic didn’t believe this idiotic story, but it was not like he had nothing to lose. Or he would actually see a Stand or he would have a free pass to make fun of Josuke until the end of times.
They kept doing down to another lower deck until they got to a door protected by a code. Rohan ended up looking at him: “And now smartass? Tell you Stand to give you the code if you are actually telling the truth.” he ended up smirking still doubting the claims his partner had done.

Josuke glared a bit and ended up grinning: “Joke’s on you Kishibe, the Stand did told me the code.” he quickly placed the code in the panel that made the door unlock and the two males enter. Rohan had to admit that he was a bit impressed, but he would not declare defeat until he actually had seen a Stand with his own eyes.

Some levels below Rohan’s eyes widen seeing a Stand, he almost gagged and whispered gazing a big purple Stand that was infront of both boys: “S-Star Platinum… I-it’s the Stand Star Platinum!!” He could almost gag seeing such an amazing human made construction. Josuke glanced at it and kept walking: “No, it isn’t that one” The mechanic gagged a second time: “It’s fucking Star Platinum! What do you mean that it’s not the one?!” He glared and went after Josuke, he was crazy for all that he knew right now. They ended up passing another door with another code and entered a room called the ‘Waiting Room’, it was an enigmatic place. Several Stands waited, there was hundreds of them, even Rohan, that felt he had a broad knowledge about Stands, didn’t know some of them. After a few minutes Josuke finally stopped infront of a Stand, he grinned: “Here it is! Crazy Diamond!” he let his eyes feast upon the tall pink Stand that he had only seen in his childhood. “It called for me Rohan, it wanted to see me again!”

Rohan found that impossible, but what happened next proved to be even more unlikely, the cockpit on Crazy Diamond’s chest opened responding to Josuke’s presence.