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Remembering Her Comes In Flashbacks and Echoes

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Chapter Four


           Chloe exited her car and entered the swanky restaurant where she was meeting Aubrey. She threw a few smiles and waves to the fans that noticed her, but rushed inside before she could be bombarded for autographs. Once inside, she was shown to the table where her best friend sat waiting.

           "Hey." Chloe sat down across from Aubrey. "Sorry, I'm late."

           Aubrey waved the apology off. "It's fine. I ordered your usual." She pushed a glass of water towards the woman.

           Chloe smiled her thanks and set her purse down beside her. "How was your day?"

           "Forget my ordinary human life," Aubrey grinned. "How was your meeting with Beca?"

           Chloe laughed and sipped her water before responding. "I love hearing about your life. It keeps me grounded."

           "Don't worry. If you let fame get to your head, I'll be the first to knock some sense into you. Now how was it?"

           Chloe smiled. "She's so great, Bree. She had great ideas and she was really feeling the direction I wanted to take this new album. I'm so glad I decided to leave my old record label."

           Aubrey chuckled at how excited Chloe was getting. "I can't tell if you're really excited about your album or just at the thought of being able to spend months with your obsession."

           Chloe pouted. "Don't call it an obsession. It's... admiration. Seriously though, she's great. I'm hoping to be able to spend time with her outside of the studio." Chloe's phone rang and she saw that it was her mother. She let the phone go to voicemail and then cut it off. "Sorry, that was my mom."

           The topic of Chloe's parents was something Chloe kept out of the media but Aubrey knew she didn't have a strong relationship with them. They had recently started trying to mend things with the redhead but as forgiving as the woman was, trying to rebuild her relationship with her parents was proving to be difficult.

           Chloe's parents had not approved many years ago when Chloe had told them that she liked a girl. They had trashed everything having to do with the girl and taken away Chloe's computer and phone. To make matters worse, they had even put the girl into a private school amongst other things to "make" her straight. Chloe ended up falling into the life they wanted for her, feeling ashamed by the feelings she had had for her friend.

           Aubrey and Chloe had met as juniors at the private school and had become fast friends. Senior year when Chloe had broken down in front of Aubrey because her parents were questioning her relationship with her best friend, Aubrey learned of the Beales' past actions. Chloe couldn't tell her anything outside of her parents flipping out. She couldn't recall the girl at all and years later when she finally attended therapy, it was learned that she suffered from repressed memory syndrome. Therapy didn't help Chloe retrieve her memories so she had let it go and moved on with her life.

           "She'll leave a voicemail if it's important," Chloe stated.

           "Since we're on the topic," Aubrey began.

           Chloe frowned, not wanting to discuss her parents when she was supposed to be enjoying a night out with her best friend. "We're not on the topic."

           "Fine. Moving on," Aubrey sighed before launching into a different topic to appease her best friend.


            Three days of working together and Chloe still hadn't been able to get Beca to stray from the topic of music. She really wanted to get to know the music producer and wondered what it would take to get her to open up to her. Chloe placed down the pen she was using to write lyrics and looked at Beca who was tapping out a beat with her fingers on the table.

           Beca noticed Chloe watching her and she stilled her fingers. "Sorry, I was just thinking up a tempo."

           Chloe smiled. "It's fine. I was thinking we could take a break."

           "Oh... okay." Beca didn't like taking breaks. Breaks with Chloe meant the redhead would try to get her to share things she didn't want to share and tempt her to hangout outside of the studio.

           "What do you do for fun?" Chloe asked.

           Beca shrugged. "Music is my life."

           Chloe smiled at the passion the brunette had for music. It was seriously unmatched. "Well we should do something together. I'm not picky. We could watch a movie."

           "I don't like movies." Beca responded, hoping Chloe would drop the subject.

           Chloe's smile didn't falter. "Then we can listen to music and talk."

           "You're persistent." Beca wasn't sure why Chloe was into her. She was nothing special but the redhead had an obvious crush on her. If things had been different and they didn't share the past that Chloe had forgotten, then Beca would've been more open to the idea of spending time with her. Things weren't different, though and being around Chloe hurt.

           "I really want to get to know you better. Why won't you let me?" Chloe asked.

           "I just..." Beca let out a sigh. "Why do you even want to be my friend?"



           Chloe spotted Beca walking towards their bunk and stepped into the brunette's path. This action caused the brunette to scowl. "What are you doing?"

           "Let's hangout tonight," Chloe said quietly so no one else would hear. "I want to stargaze."

           "If we're going to sneak out past curfew, can't it be for something more exciting?"

           Chloe rolled her eyes. "Don't be like that. It'll be fun."

           Beca shook her head. "No thanks."

           Chloe folded her arms across her chest. "You said we'd be friends. You pinky swore."

           "That doesn't mean I have to do whatever you want," Beca pointed out.

           Chloe's face fell into a pout. "You're right. Sorry." Chloe began to walk away and Beca rolled her eyes at how easy it was for her to give in to Chloe.

           Beca ran a hand through her hair. "Okay, I guess I can stargaze or whatever."

           Chloe's pout remained on her face. "You don't have to feel pressured, Beca. Don't worry about it."

           "Wait." Beca stopped Chloe from walking away. "I'm sorry. I kind of suck with people if you haven't noticed that already. We can stargaze."

           Chloe smiled. "If you're sure."

           "I'm sure."

           "Awesome." Another one of Chloe's friends called for her and the redhead acknowledged them before looking back at Beca. "I'll see you at lunch."

           Beca watched Chloe walk off, wondering what it was about the redhead that made her want to make her happy.



           Chloe and Beca were lying on the grass staring up at the stars. They had been quiet for awhile until Chloe broke the silence.

           Chloe turned her head to look at Beca. "You can tell me if you're bored."

           Beca continued to look up at the sky. "I'm not bored."

           Chloe smiled, pleased. She thought the brunette would've made more of a fuss about being out here.



           "Why do you want to be my friend?" Beca didn't know why it mattered but it was something she couldn't wrap her mind around.

           Chloe smiled. "We've had this discussion. Is it so hard to believe that you're great company?"

           "That's the last thing I am."

           "You don't give yourself enough credit. I like your sarcasm. It doesn't push me away like it does others. I like how much you love music. It's cute how you can ramble on about it. I just... I like being around you. Is that okay?"

           "Um, yeah... I guess."

           Chloe laughed lightly. "Okay, good."

           The two continued to look at the stars and have idle conversation. Beca wouldn't admit it but she was enjoying herself. She had a feeling she could enjoy a trip to the dentist as long as Chloe was with her.



           Chloe frowned feeling like this was déjà vu. Shaking her head as if it would clear her thoughts, she let her mind focus on Beca's question. "I just want to get to know you better. Is that okay?" Chloe couldn't shake the feeling of familiarity in their conversation.

           Beca's mind was also racing. She remembered the night they stargazed together. She remembered everything and Chloe had so easily forgotten about her. Thinking about it just made Beca even more upset so no, it wasn't okay. "I'm not interested in being your friend. We focus on music and that's it, okay?" Beca had to admit her words came out harsher than she meant for them to but she couldn't bring herself to care right now. "Let's just call it a day. We got a lot done." Beca stood up, not making eye contact with Chloe.

           Chloe was confused by Beca's behavior and wasn't sure what to say because she didn't even know what she had done to upset the music producer. She watched Beca leave the studio, staying seated as she tried to figure out where things had gone wrong.

As she sat there, Luke entered the studio, frowning when he didn't see Beca. "Where's Beca?"

           Chloe broke from her reverie to look at Luke. "Um, I wasn't feeling well so we decided to pick things up tomorrow. I was just getting my stuff together." Chloe made a show of gathering her papers and shoving them into a folder.

           "How do you like working with her?" Luke asked.

           Chloe smiled. "She's nothing short of amazing. She understands me musically and I know this album will be my best."

           "I had a feeling you two would blend well together. I have to get back to work. Feel better. I'll see you tomorrow."

           Once Luke was gone, Chloe texted Aubrey so that they could meet up. She needed to talk about Beca and she knew her best friend would no doubt be able to tell her how to handle things with the brunette.