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Remembering Her Comes In Flashbacks and Echoes

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Chapter Two


           Jesse was sitting with Beca in a cafe taking in everything she had just told him. "You knew Chloe Beale as a kid? That is awesome!"

           Beca rolled her eyes at how Jesse had so obviously missed the point. "She was my best friend and after a month away from camp, she just disappeared from my life. I can't work with her."

           Jesse laughed, thinking Beca was being ridiculous. "That's how those summer camps work. You make a friend and once camp is over you go your separate ways. Nothing comes of it."

           Beca shook her head, upset that Jesse wasn't taking her seriously about this. "Just forget I brought it up." Beca sipped her drink, wondering if maybe she was overreacting.

           Jesse could tell that Beca was irritated with him and instantly felt bad. "I'm sorry. We can talk about it."

           "No, I don't want to anymore. I just thought you'd understand. I don't need you making fun of me." Beca stood up from the table. "I need to get home and clear my head."

           Jesse sighed and gestured to Beca's vacant seat. "Come on, sit back down. We can talk. I want to hear about this."

           "So you can be an ass?" Beca asked. "I'll pass."

           "I'm sorry," Jesse said, sincerely. "I'm a jerk. Please sit back down. Tell me about Chloe and summer camp. I want to hear everything."

           "We can talk more about it at my place." Beca wanted to be in the comfort of her home when she talked about Chloe. She hadn't spoken to anyone about the redhead before. She mentioned liking a song here and there when prompted but she had never brought the woman up on her own accord. Now that she was thinking about it, she'd probably need a drink. Having Chloe shoved into her life really wasn't something she was prepared to deal with.




           Beca sat down on her couch across from Jesse and sipped her beer. She was silent for a moment before speaking. "She really was my best friend... and I thought I was hers too."

           "Why didn't you ever bring up that you knew her before?" Jesse queried.

           Beca sighed. "It's not exactly something I like talking about. I just need to get it all out now before I see her."

           Jesse nodded. "I'm all ears. I have all day. Take your time."

           Beca smiled, thanking Jesse for listening. "Chloe showed me what it was to have someone care."




           Beca was sitting in what Chloe had deemed to be their "spot" as she listened to music and wrote in her small notebook. She had been lost in her own little world when she felt a warmth beside her causing her to pull her eyes away from what she was doing. She offered Chloe a smile once their eyes met but she could tell the brunette wasn't buying the facade.

           Chloe studied Beca's features, taking in the way the brunette's smile didn't quite reach her eyes and noticing the way her dark blue eyes held a hint of sadness. "What happened?"

           Beca's smile faltered. "Nothing. Why?"

           "You disappeared without a word. You usually tell me when you're coming here and I'm always with you. So what's wrong?"

           Beca tapped the pen she had been holding against her still open notebook. She didn't realize it but she hadn't closed the notebook upon Chloe's arrival. Maybe, subconsciously, she was ready to open up to the redhead in a way she hadn't with anyone before.

           Chloe could tell that Beca was trying to think of what to tell her but she wasn't having any of it. She placed her hand on top of Beca's, stilling the girl's hand. "The truth, please."

           The contact instantly put Beca at ease and she decided to reveal to Chloe what the issue was, hoping the redhead didn't blow things out of proportion.

           "Allison," Beca said, simply.

           Chloe knew by that simple utterance that whatever had happened was pretty bad. Allison was everything Chloe disliked in people. She put down others to make herself feel good. "What did she do?"

           Beca was thrown by the anger in Chloe's usually upbeat demeanor. "She got a hold of my notebook and read it to her friends. She tore some of the pages out and said she's keeping them until the end of camp. Until then I have to do all her camp chores."

           Chloe frowned at hearing this. She definitely needed to have a word with Allison. "You don't sound upset."

           "I am. I'm used to stuff like this." Beca wasn't good at making friends and she kept to herself most of the time. People didn't know what to make of her so they usually treated her poorly.

           Chloe shook her head. "You shouldn't be used to it. You're a good person, Beca. You don't deserve to be mistreated."

           "Don't worry about it, Chloe." The last thing she wanted was for Chloe to confront Allison and find out what the pieces of paper contained.

           Chloe sighed, letting it go for now. She gestured to the notebook that still rested open on Beca's lap. "Are you ever going to tell me what you write in there?"

           Beca picked up her notebook and hesitated for a moment before handing it to Chloe.

           Chloe was surprised by the action. "You don't have to show me."

           Beca placed the notebook in Chloe's hand. "It's okay. Go ahead."

           Chloe smiled and flipped to the beginning of the notebook. "Lyrics," she stated softly as her eyes moved over the compelling words that flowed so easily together. "Do you have music for these?"

           "In my head mostly," Beca answered as she fussed with the hem of her shirt out of nervousness. "If I like them enough, I add music to them with my guitar or piano."

           Chloe looked at Beca with intrigue. "Guitar and piano? Why didn't I know you play those?"

           Beca shrugged. "Never came up."

           Chloe looked back at the notebook and it only took seconds for her to get lost in the pages. Beca stayed silent, happily watching the expressions pass over the redhead's face as she read.

           Moments later, Chloe handed the notebook back. "You're really talented, Beca. You could be a songwriter."

           Beca shook her head. "My words are for me."

           Chloe felt even more honored that Beca had shared the contents of the notebook with her. "Then why'd you let me see them?"

           Beca looked into Chloe's questioning gaze to offer up an answer but she didn't have one. "I don't know."

           "Well thank you for sharing it with me." Chloe stood up and dusted off her jeans. "Come on. We better get back. Hopefully no one's noticed that we're gone." Chloe held out her hand for Beca.

           Beca allowed Chloe to help her up and was more than surprised when the redhead began to walk back towards camp without releasing her hand.




           Beca was sitting in the cafeteria eating the next day when Chloe sat down across from her, placing folded pieces of paper in front of her. Beca picked up the papers and quickly realized that they were from her notebook.

           "I didn't read them," Chloe said before eating a fry from Beca's tray.

           Beca believed her. Chloe wasn't a liar. If there was anything she was sure about when it came to the redhead, it was that. "How'd you get these back?"

           "I just asked Allison for them," Chloe said, stealing another fry.

           Beca noticed Allison heading their way and worried that she might be targeting Chloe instead of her this time around.

           "Beca," Allison said when she reached the table. "I'm sorry for taking your notebook. It was childish of me."

           Chloe raised her eyebrows at the girl as if to tell her she was forgetting something.

           "And don't worry about my chores. I can do them myself."

           Chloe tilted her head as she stared hard at Allison.

           "And your chores, too. I can do those."

           "I can do my own chores," Beca told her.

           "Bye, Allison." Chloe waved the girl off and looked at Beca. "Are you done eating? I want to go back to the bunk and listen to music."

           Beca sat in confusion over what had just happened. She looked at the redhead knowing she had something to do with it. "How'd you manage to get her to do that?"

           "I didn't get her to do anything," Chloe said, nonchalantly. "Come on. Music is calling our names."

           Beca stood, letting Chloe keep her secret about what she had done to get Allison to apologize. She shoved the folded pieces of paper into her pocket and left the cafeteria with Chloe.




           Beca looked at Jesse who had been listening intently. "I think that day I fell in love with her... but I didn't really know what that feeling was back then so all it really did was confuse me."

           "Did you ever tell her?" Jesse asked.

           Beca let out a humorless laugh. "Definitely not. My feelings freaked me out. I'm sure they would've done the same to her." Beca downed the rest of her beer. "Seeing her face to face for the first time in twelve years is going to be surreal."

           "Maybe she has a really good reason for why she lost contact with you," Jesse said.

           "I'd love to hear that reason." Beca got up to grab another beer, dreading her meeting with Chloe tomorrow.




           "This is so exciting." Aubrey Posen, Chloe's best friend, was sitting with Chloe in her bedroom.

           Chloe turned her head away from her closet to look at her best friend. "It really is. Working with Beca Mitchell is like a dream come true. She's seriously talented."

           "Are you nervous at all?" Aubrey asked. "You know she's never worked on an entire album before. You'll be her first."

           Chloe picked out a dress and laid it on her bed next to the other outfit she had chosen. "No, I'm not nervous. She's a genius," she said, referring to the up and coming music producer. "She produced Cynthia Rose's first single and it was number one for almost six weeks."

           "Didn't she work with Stacie on Action?" Aubrey asked about the pop singer's most recent single.

           "She did." Chloe nodded. "And let's not forget all those mixes she makes. I'm telling you, she's a musical genius." The redhead looked the two outfits on her bed over before glancing at her best friend. "Which one?"

           "The jeans. You're going to discuss your album not your chances of getting her into bed. God, you have such a toner for this chick," Aubrey said, amused.

           Chloe grinned at her best friend's words. "I can't deny that." Chloe grabbed the outfit that the blonde had approved of and hung it back in her closet to retrieve tomorrow. "Now you need to help me pick out my shoes." Chloe knew her crush on Beca Mitchell was ridiculous. She had never met her in person before and the thought of finally getting to meet her was making her giddy.