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12 Days of Swan Queen Christmas: A Soulmate for Christmas

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Emma stared at Regina as she slumbered deeply. An unnatural earthquake had rocked Storybrooke causing the well deep in the woods to crack. A small army of weird humanoids had emerged from deep within, their existence confirming the Hollow Earth theory.

However, they too contained magic. And before they could be taken down, an arrow tipped with their version of a sleeping curse, had pierced Regina. That had happened in the beginning of the month. It was now December 24th and Emma still didn’t have a solution.

Everyone had spent hours interrogating the few that had been captured but no one had an answer. Even her dad had roughed them up, in his anger, to try to get something.  

Henry was beside himself with worry and disappointment. He had even kissed his mom, hoping it might break the curse. And without school to occupy his mind, he was constantly youtubing videos about Hollow Earth.

Suddenly Emma jumped up. “I’ve had enough. I’m supposed to be the savior. Time for me to just stop sitting here.” And with determination, she stormed out of the Mifflin house.

She gathered some supplies she would need and sent a group text saying she had an idea and would see all of them soon. Or at least she hoped. She knew Regina would probably be yelling at her and calling her names for doing something foolish.

Reaching the well, she set out to secure the rope. Once done, she put on the headlamp and strapped a gun and some clips to the cargo pants she was now wearing.

Ready, Emma magically made an opening and slipped through, careful to seal the well right back up again. “Regina, hang in there. I know you don’t know but I care about you.”

Emma rappelled down into the dark unknown. She knew eventually the rope would end and she would have to rely on her magic, but at the moment the physical exertion was helpful.

When she reached the end, she gathered herself up and let go. She was fearful her magic would fail, but for Regina, she would do anything. She briefly wondered why she always had that feeling, that urgency to do whatever it took to make Regina happy.

Emma shook away the thoughts and focused. She floated down. And floated. And floated some more. Eventually she started to feel a slight breeze and slowed down. To her left there was some sort of shimmering wall. She willed herself closer and used her hand to push. It went right through.

She crossed her fingers and fully passed through it. She was now on a paved floor tunnel. Now that she was there, she didn’t really know what to do. Like the top surface, she was sure this place probably had “streets” and “cities”. And without knowing what she was looking for, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

“Come on, Emma. You’re good at finding people.” She muttered. WWRD was her favorite saying, not that she would ever admit that to anyone. Thinking hard, she thought maybe Regina would try and see if she could sense some magic, then maybe she would try and find its source.

Now with a plan, Emma concentrated until she ‘felt’ something. She let her senses guide her. After walking for what seemed like hours and wondering how the fuck would she find her way back, she reached a door at a dead end tunnel, darker and far more recessed than the many others she had passed.

Emma took out her gun and kicked the door open, visually sweeping the room, looking for danger. Instead she found a hunched over figure with sightless eyes peering off to the side as arthritic hands worked on a piece of fabric or tarp.

“Listen up, you hollow person or whatever you’re called. I know you have magic. And your people did something to my friend and now she won’t wake up. So you’re gonna give me an answer right now or you’ll be sorry. I don’t care that you’re old or whatever so don’t test me.”

Once Emma realized the creature was blind she added, “I’ve got a gun pointed at your head, so don’t try anything.”

After a minute of silence, the humanoid’s hands stopped. “The answer you seek is behind that door.”

Emma turned her head and slowing crept to it. She turned back and the creature was just sitting there, unmoving.

As soon as Emma opened the door, she was pushed from behind past it, the sound of it closing boomed in her head.  She was right back in Regina’s bedroom!

“Fuck!” She ran her hand through her hair in frustration. All that for nothing!

But in the slowly brightening room, where she figured it must now be Christmas morning, a single tiny red light hovering high above Regina, caught her eye. When she walked closer, she realized it was attached to a floating piece of mistletoe.

‘The answer you seek…’

With nothing to lose, she sat on the bed and leaned down, softly kissing the brunette. True Love’s kiss wave of magic exploded and Regina woke up.


Emma just hugged the woman. “I love you, Regina.” She whispered. Clarity suddenly filling up her heart.