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12 Days of Swan Queen Christmas: A Soulmate for Christmas

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Another Christmas eve working at the office instead of being home giddy with anticipation with a lover. Regina didn’t understand how she was alone. She was beautiful, smart, and successful. Yet for some reason she was single, lonely.

She knew her standards were high, but was it wrong to want a soulmate instead of just casual sex? She closed her eyes. “Santa, can you please send me my soulmate for Christmas? Will you guide her to me?” Regina laughed out loud. If only things were that simple.

Regina stood up from her desk and walked to the window, looking out into the city, dusk settling in. She spotted a dash of yellow and red and smiled. It was her favorite messenger. Emma.

She’s never directly spoken to Emma but she could always hear the conversations she had with her secretary. It sounded foolish, but the woman ticked off all the things she desired in a relationship, in a person.

She wandered why Emma was still working and not home. There was no way someone that wonderful didn’t have someone waiting for her at home.

Regina shook her head as she briefly entertained the idea of running out after the messenger. Most likely, she’d look like some crazy stalker. Chuckling, she sat back down to finish the rest of her work.

However, her concentration was broken ten minutes later by a knock on her door. Knowing everyone had gone home, including the cleaning crew, she was cautious.

“Emma!” Standing in front of her was her secret crush.

“Wow, you know my name?”

Regina giggled, feeling embarrassed. “How can I not know the name of my most reliable messenger? My savior actually, since you always come through for me.

Emma blushed adorably. “Thank you, Miss Mills. Might be because this is my favorite stop.” She winked.

Trying to recover from the butterflies the wink caused, she cleared her throat. “So what brings you here tonight? I don’t think I’m expecting anything?”

“Well, ‘tis the season, right? I have a little gift for you.” Emma handed over the small wrapped present.

“You got something for me?” Regina gasped out in surprise. With slightly trembling hands, she unwrapped the box. It was a delicate expensive looking personalized tree ornament.

Without thought, Regina reached out and hugged the blonde. She felt like she was in heaven when strong arms returned the affection.

Regina stepped back and smiled softly at Emma. “How many more deliveries do you have? I bet someone at home is anxiously waiting for you.”

“Save the best for last, I say. Besides, I don’t have anything planned for this evening. I’ll be picking up a pizza, a pumpkin pie, and firing up the new tv I gave myself for Christmas.”

“Hmm. That’s sounds like a lovely idea. You don’t mind if I steal that from you, do you? I’ve been debating all day what to do after work.”

Emma used a finger to tap her chin as if thinking. “You know, I think I would mind you stealing from me.” She laughed at Regina’s shocked face.

“Instead, how about you come over and I share. That way there’s no stealing involved.”

Regina playfully slapped Emma on the shoulder. “You’re a troublemaker, aren’t  you?”

“Whaat?” Emma replied, eyes wide open.

Regina shook her head. “Let me gather my stuff before you get all “sheriff-y” and arrest me for stealing. An evening sharing with you sounds delightful.”




It was a few minutes before midnight, and both women were looking out the window hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa.

Regina took a sip of her eggnog and faced Emma. “Did you ask Santa for a special gift?”

The blonde blushed and nodded. “You’ll probably think it’s silly.”

“I assure you, it can’t be any sillier than mine.”

Regina watched as the beautiful messenger faced the night again.

“I wished I wouldn’t be alone. That I could spend Christmas with someone incredible and gorgeous. With a friend that maybe would eventually become more.” The woman shrugged. “Silly, right?”

Regina kept looking, heart now thudding hard and loud. “Do you want to know what I wished for, Emma?” She watched as the blonde slowly turned her body to face her, looking very intrigued.

“What?” She whispered, as if she knew how profound the moment had become.

“I asked him to send me my soulmate.” Regina answered, watching green eyes looking back at her, widen slightly.

Emma cupped her face, and as lips softly landed on hers, Regina sent a silent ‘thank you’ to the jolly ‘ole man.