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Two For Joy

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Dearest Erestor,

I request the great pleasure of your company tonight. Please do try to finish overworking yourself sometime before midnight in order to meet me on time.

Sincerely yours,



I'll be there. I scheduled in five minutes just for you.


"Oh my, and look who is on time!" Erestor made an irritated noise in the back of her throat, and it made Glorfindel smile. This in turn made Erestor shake her head at him. The idiot.

"As you asked. But you had best hurry, I only have five minutes." Glorfindel looked down at her. "I did tell you in my response." His face turned rather panicked, and Erestor smirked back at him. He looked giddy with relief as she patted his shoulder. "You believed me."

"I did. You are cruel."

"You are gullible."

"You are still cruel to take advantage of it."

"I know," Erestor replied in a sing-song voice and smiled airily at him in a manner reminiscent of Luna. "But you still bother me, so apparently I have either lost my touch completely or grown soft on you."

They were walking together, and Glorfindel kept looking askance at her. This would be followed by a deep breath, whereupon his mouth would open and then close before a single word formed. It was grating Erestor's nerves.

"For the love of- just ASK me! Idiot." Glorfindel froze. Erestor did NOT roll her eyes like a teenage human. They merely made a somewhat upward then downward motion.

"Gandalf may have forgotten to hide his letter from an overzealous Melpomaen who then delivered it to me, accidentally missing the instructions to wait before giving it to me."

"The wizard is dead."

"Oh stop. He did not mention anything extremely incriminating, but put together with the amount of time you have spent in the forges and Elrond's arch looks and your letter writing to Lothlorien and all the sneaking around you have been doing- Glorfindel dearest, you are not very subtle- well. What else could it be?" And Glorfindel laughed, picking her up and swinging her around while Erestor demanded him to put her down she was not a top!

"Then I will spare the life of the Istari. I suppose he cannot help it if you are too clever for your own good."

"I believe you mean YOUR own good."

"That also." He sighed happily.

"Erestor, please come with me."

And she did, feeling rather faint. Bravado was all well and good, but this was different and new and a little frightening. They walked only a little ways until there was a clearing, usually occupied during daylight hours but very quiet now.

"When the Elves first awoke, ages before the sun, they were greeted by the stars. Then," and he took her hand, still looking up, "then came the moon. But that was later. The stars were first, and enduring, and have watched many Children of Ilúvatar come and go. Great romances began under the stars, although perhaps they did not all end so well. Still, there above are the witnesses." And he knelt. And he looked so solemn in the starlight, so much like love and hope it almost hurt.

"Erestor, we are friends, allies, occasionally enemies, and confidants. You have pushed your way into my life rather forcefully, and completely, irreparably, changed it. I ask you for now, and forever more, until the end of everything, I ask you here before these witnesses, to marry me."

She said yes.

It was all a bit of a blur for a moment, they were kissing, and smiling, and someone (or both of them) was crying when it turned very cold and very wet.

"Oops." Elladan was dead.

"What did you do that for?!" Elrohir was dead.

"It was supposed to be like snow, romantic to help set the mood!" Still dead.

"He just proposed, orc-brain, it does not get much more romantic! And how does water translate from snow?!" Melpomaen was dead.

"…It melted. Besides, it was Gildor's idea anyway!" Gildor was dead.

"Oh, am I too late?" …Lindir was not dead, but severely maimed.

"Unfortunately. You could perhaps play something? I fear the children broke the mood." Ooh, Elrond was dead too.

"What about The Lay of-"



"No, Lindir."

"Fine. Actually, I made something for the wedding but as it is for a good cause I can play it now instead and make something else up for the wedding. Besides I have a new flutist, I am sure she would love to help me compose- she needs a LOT of practice, but do not tell her, it would crush her poor thing. Anyway, why is all the grass so wet? Glorfindel, did you take her swimming to propose? That is not very romantic, but then again the both of you are rather odd ducks…"

Whether or not certain denizens of Imladris survived the night is a tale for another time, dear reader. Only be sure that the wrath of Glorfindel and Erestor is a mighty thing, later commemorated in song as a warning to those who meddle in things they should not.

That said, this tale comes to a close. Perhaps we will meet these creatures another time, but for now, suffice it to say this:

Glorfindel and Erestor were wed. They fought quite often and were extremely happy driving their Lord Elrond up the wall. They had adventures, usually when Erestor was feeling very young and her tendency to be found by trouble caught up with her from her Hogwarts days. Glorfindel was always there, reminding her to eat lunch and occasionally stabbing people with knives. It was not safe, but they were content, and it was never boring, which is about as close to normal as Erestor ever got.

They also wrote many letters.

Dearest Glorfindel,

Please remind Haldir that when I say "Be Careful" I do not mean "Get stabbed by a Hobbit". How did he even manage that? One might as well say "I was shot by a flower". Let him know that I will use this information as blackmail for the rest of forever.

If you have time, I would appreciate it if you picked some samples of that new Rose hybrid the Halflings are cultivating on your return trip.

I would tell you to be careful as well, but considering how it turned out last time I will pass. Come back un-stabbed please, or I will be very upset.

With all my Love,