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Oil Paintings and Late Night Jam Sessions

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“I think you’re the one that’s evil. Evil. EVIL

You laughed when the woman got slapped. You, Jirou, and Kaminari were all hanging out in your dorm, watching a classic scary movie. It was one you had seen as a little kid, but the three of your were really enjoying yourselves. There was nothing like a scary movie marathon to really bond. You and Jirou were sitting on your bed, and Kaminari was on the floor with his back against the bed. You had the main lights off, and just a little glowing cat toy as light. It casted a creepy red glow on everything, and made it easier to do things like get up and go to the bathroom. Not that either of you really wanted to get up right now, the movie was great. You had a passing thought to invite Bakugou over, but figured it would be better to wait. The idea of scaring Kaminari though was too hard to resist, and you knocked your ‘Do you want to come over’ knock. The sound made Kaminari jump out of his skin and turn to you. You had already placed your hands in your lap like you’d done nothing, but Jirou had seen and was snickering at Kaminari’s confused face. Bakugou knocked back in affirmative and it was Jirou’s turn to yelp. You couldn’t help but laugh at both of their expenses.

Bakugou took his time coming by, which was fine by you because it got both of your friends more relaxed again. You didn’t tell them what the knocking was about; Kaminari was convinced Bakugou had heard the movie and was just trying to scare you all, while Jirou figured you and Bakugou had just teamed up against Kaminari to try and make him shit his pants. When Bakugou knocked on the door, Kaminari about screamed. Jirou just paused the movie and laughed at the frightened blond while you went to open the door. You could almost not see him, laughing through your tears. His smirk was undeniable though, and as he walked in he gave Kaminari a predatory look. “Gonna have nightmares again, dumbass?”

Kaminari whined, and Jirou laughed harder. “What the fuck dude?? That wasn’t funny!” he said.

Bakugou just raised an eyebrow, “Says the one person not laughing.”

Jirou finally got over her giggle fit and looked at you, “When did you invite Bakugou?”

“Oh I asked McScreamy with the knock. We share a wall so we have established a language.”

Both of your other friends just stared at you, and then at Bakugou. Your neighbor seemed to get what the look meant and started to turn red. “You two send secret messages, that is cute as hell.~” Kaminari said smirking. He bounced his short eyebrows, obviously insinuating the flirtatious manner of the messages.

Bakugou’s face was an even brighter red, and he barked out a “Shut the fuck up shit for brains, what would you know?”

You just leaned over and whacked the smirking jerk on the top of the head, “It's not like that, shut up. It’s not cute, it’s efficient.”

You could tell Jirou and Kaminari were not buying your bullshit, but you weren’t going to have that argument. Jirou slid down to the floor so that Bakugou could sit on the bed with you, and you all finished the movie with commentary.


Bakugou looked down at his phone. Kirishima was still texting him. He’d had this weird ass look on his face when he’d put on a fresh shirt. “So where are you going?”

Bakugou raised his eyebrow at him, “What the fuck? Did you not hear the knocking? I’m going next door. I think (y/n) is watching a movie.”

Kirishima smiled wider, “Oh, so you have a date?”

Bakugou could feel his face heat up and just headed straight for the door. “Shut the fuck up Shitty Hair it’s not like that.”

Kirishima was pretty sure that was bullshit.

Now Bakugou was just just sitting on your bed, next to you, while your friends and you finished this dumb movie. Kirishima wouldn’t stop texting him still. Kept asking if it was a date. He had no self-preservation skills. He wanted to just beat the shit out of his roommate when he got back. Why was he so convinced this was a romantic thing? Hell, he wasn’t the only one here, he had to share you with Punk Chick and Dumbass Pikachu. It wasn’t like you two were watching movies alone or something. And even if it was just you two it still wouldn’t be a date. Why was Kirishima trying to say it was? Why did his head feel so warm?


As the credits rolled across the screen, Kaminari yawned and got up to stretch. “I think we need a bunch of popcorn,” he yawned, “I have a bunch in my dorm I can go grab. Sound good?”

He got a nod from all of you, and Jirou turned to very obviously look between you and Bakugou. “I’ll come with you to help carry it all back.”

Bakugou squinted his eyes at them both, because talk about obvious. You also gave them both a look. What were they both doing with those big ass grins on their faces? They probably thought that they would be leaving you two alone to flirt. Jokes on them, neither one of you were going to address that kind of interaction whatsoever.

After they walked out, you two looked at each other. You raised your remote. “Let's look for another movie. Kaminari seems like a wimp and I wanna make him piss himself.”

Bakugou laughed, you were definitely his type of girl. Wait, why was he thinking about this? He sat on the foot of the bed and pulled out his phone to pretend to be too busy to really look. You sat at the headboard. Your feet were more or less touching, and it was comfortable. Scrolling through the movies, you’d speak up every time you saw one that looked okay. Bakugou would look up every time you mentioned one, and through this you were able to sort through them more easily. This went on for about fifteen minutes. It only ended because Kaminari burst in the door. He acted like he was going to walk in on you two making out or something. You weren’t obviously. Which seemed to annoy both him and Jirou.

You looked up and perked up, “Good you’re both here, you need to vote. McScreamy wants to watch a psychological horror, but I want to watch paranormal. Vote!”

Bakugou looked up from his phone, “Psychological is better for long time nightmares since it’s more realistic so obviously it’s better.”

“No it isn’t, paranormal is scarier because you can’t do shit about it!”

Kaminari looked between the two of you, “I couldn’t be more disappointed.”

Jirou laughed and just set a huge bowl of popcorn in between Bakugou and you. “I vote paranormal cuz I bet dumbass is more scared of ghosts than his own mind.”

Kaminari whined, “Ghosts are cool, the other thing just sounds like it would go over my head.”

You looked at Bakugou and grinned wickedly, “Ju-on it is!”

Bakugou rolled his eyes as you cackled and put the movie on. To be honest it was one of the few horror movies that really scared you, You weren’t going to admit it though, wait until you panicked to say ‘oh yeah no I’m going to have nightmares.’ Who cared, scary movies were way worth it.

“What’s with that look, asswipe, you scared?”

“Why the fuck would I be scared of this shitty movie?”

Kaminari and Jirou returned to their original spot and looked back at you both. They both didn’t get how you two weren’t just flirting like normal people. It was obvious Bakugou was starting to pine over you, and they’d been hoping that you were more normal about the whole thing so that this idiot wouldn’t take forever to get his shit forever. Unfortunately, you flirted exactly how he did, so who knew how long it would take for you two to figure out the other’s feelings.

You picked up some of your popcorn, but instead of eating it, you leaned over, tugged down the front of Bakugou’s shirt collar, and shoved them down his shirt. He looked so offended. How dare you?

As revenge he grabbed a handful and tried to shove it all in your mouth.

Maybe you two would figure things out sooner than they thought.