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Private Universe

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Kids. Kids were everywhere. All of them so small and, well, everywhere. They seemed so lost and honestly Frank felt bad for them; they were like him (perhaps taller) in his first year of high school.


On his first day, he remembered it pretty clearly, it was such a rush, no one seemed to care about the tiny kid in a baby blue shirt and black jeans who ran into nearly every person in his hurry to get to class.


So he really felt for these kids who seemed so lost in the giant shit school.


Frank stood at his locker sorting his bag long after the bell had went when he heard a light thud and a small "oof" escape the lips of someone behind him


A small girl had fallen on her stomach, perhaps in a hurry to get to class and tumbled. Her oversized bag weighing her down most certainly wasn't helping.


Frank quickly zipped up his bag and rushed to the pocket-sized girl in order to pick her up.


She looked up as he heaved her up, she wasn't heavy at all but Frank wasn't strong in the slightest, he kept himself skinny and sleek so his arms were more feminine & petite.


She had a nervous look on her innocent features and had tears running down her cheeks as Frank picked her up. As he did, she looked him up and down.


Frank had forgotten he was wearing an oversized hoody (totally not with a leotard beneath) and ripped black jeans, he probably looked like a school shooter.


Frank quickly swept the fringe from his eyes and flashed her a warming smile, she returned it, probably a lot more relaxed, but still sniffling.


"Are you okay," he asked, withdrawing a small packet of tissues and using one to dry her eyes, quickly wiping her nose too, he wasn't fond of that sort of thing but this kid was having a bad day.


She shrugged, her sniffles stopped her from being able to speak properly, "it- I'll be fine," she stuttered out.


"What class have you got? I'll show you where it is," Frank suggested, giving her a little shake and gesturing at the timetable in her hands.


"Uhm," she looked down, "c-chemistry with Mr Montgomery," 


"Come on then, I'll show you where it is kid, you'll get used to it quick," Frank said, he knew she needed to get used to it quick or it'd break her down.


"Thanks, uh, guy?" she mumbled.


"No problem," he laughed, "and it's Frank, now chem is just round here see," he pointed to a door, "Sir won't care that you're late cause you're new. Good luck kid," 


"Thanks Frank," she shouted down the corridor as he walked away, Frank nodded back and she pushed the door open and walked in.


Frank smiled gently, that kid wasn't too bad, he wasn't in the worst of moods considering he'd probably get yelled at for being late. Again.


He suddenly whipped around, thinking he'd seen a figure behind him but quickly brushed it off as a trick of the eye.


Frank wandered down the empty halls, occasionally spinning on the balls of his feet just for practise.


No one was watching, Frank liked that about being late. He didn't like having to walk slouched and hidden but he had to to avoid being taunted, doing that messed up his posture and he couldn't have that.


Frank tiptoed his way to class, contemplating skipping the home economics class but deciding otherwise as he quite liked the teacher. She was a softy and if he explained he was helping a kid she'd perhaps forgive him.


He knocked softly on the door, opening it slowly to reveal the kindly thirty odd year old woman sitting primly at her desk.


There weren't many others who had kept on the subject, five other girls sat, enough room for each member of the class to have a large counter/ desk each.


Frank walked up to the woman, "sorry I'm late ms, there was a new kid who got lost," he explained quietly.


The teacher nodded, "okay, that's fine, it's better than the kid freaking out on there first day, sit down please,"


Frank smiled warmly before sitting down in his seat.


The girl beside him leaned over and stuck out a hand, "I'm Chantal but my friends call me Chantie," she introduced, Frank shook her hand, "I'm Frank or Frankie or whatever," he responded.


"Cute!" She said, smiling warmly, before the teacher began some lecture about respect and how it was going to be a great year.


Frank hoped it was.




Gerard trudged to school with Mikey by his side, babbling about something or another. He wished he cared enough to listen but he somehow found more interest in his boot clad feet than his annoying little brother.


"So thats why he's perfect," mikey concluded what was probably a well written and deeply thought out speech he had written specificly to tell his brother and probably all their friends.


Gerard looked up when he noticed a penetrating stare burning holes into his head.
"What?" He questioned, moving his eyes away from his feet for the first time.


Mikey sighed, growing impatient of his older brothers constant habbit of getting lost in his own head.


"Did you listen to anything I just said?" Mikey asked, giving his brother an unimpressed look.


"Something about the 'dreamy pete wentz'" Gerard mocked, knowing full well Mikey had some odd obsession with the annoying ball of eyeliner.


Mikeys face flushed proving that Gerard was in fact correct.
"Whatever," he heard Mikey mutter under his breath before they were finally at the school gates.


Gerard looked up at the building, longing to just insinerate under the sun like a vampire. But of course he couldn't because vampires, sadly, did not exist.


Mikey soon left his side and instead attached himself to the one and only raccoon known as pete wentz. Gerard just scoffed and joined Bert who was stood smoking under a no smoking sighn.


"Good holiday?" Bert asked as Gerard got out his own ciggerette and began lighting it.


"It was alright, you?" He replied, lips still clinging to the fag in his mouth.


Bert shrugged. "I heard Jimmy hooked up with some girl called chantal. That was honestly the highlight of my holiday," he replied laughing. Gerard sniggered and shook his head.


They fell silent, smoking their respected cigerettes until they heard the tardy bell ring.
"Okay I made a resolution to not be late this year round," Bert said triumphantly.


Gerard laughed "You're mums gonna punish ya you mean?"
"Shes a scary lady Gerard," was the last thing Bert said before he walked off to lesson, hood up like he was gonna sell drugs to kids.


Gerard soon followed, stamping his ciggerette out on the floor and making his way into the building.


The hallways were pretty much clear except a few lost year 7s.


He turned the corner and saw a year 7 on the floor and a teenager helping them up.


He felt like he recognised that mop of curly hair and perculiar dress sense.


Was that Frank? Why was he being all, gentle?


He could hear them talking and Frank wiped the girls eyes with a tissue. Not that it was wierd, it was just unlike Frank. Gerard had never seen him act like this to anyone. He was always this tough punk kid that screamed in a band. Gerard hated the warm feeling in his cheeks whilst he watched Frank. But he couldnt seem to stop it.


They suddenly began walking in his direction and Gerard for some reason felt the need to hide. He ran a bit down the corridor and hid round a corner where he'd be able to watch them pass.


It was about then that Gerard began to feel a bit like a wierdo spying on his friend like this. He was about to retreat when he saw Frank walking back making him scramble back to his hiding place. He saw Frank turn his head in his direction and held his breathe.


Gerard was in luck for it seemed Frank didnt see him as he continued walking. He sighed in relief before stepping out of his hiding place and just going to lesson.


He had art, which meant he probably wouldnt get a late mark since the teacher was kinda laid back.


He walked in, slinging his bag on the floor and collecting his folder from the drawers. As he predicted, the teacher glanced up from his drawing, marked him here and continued his painting.


"Hey," Ryan said as Gerard took his seat beside him. He seemed more interested in his drawing than anything else happening at that moment.


Gerard grunted in response, taking out the painting he'd been working on. The painting was of a skeleton posing in a bed of rose thorns that he'd been working on for a while now.


He delicatly applied the paint like painting on a rose petal, taking his mind off his strange small friend.