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Marshmallows and Moonlight

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“Looks like we won’t be able to take on Dinah’s challenge of having loud kinky sex after all,” Logan teased as he pulled the speedboat up next to the wave-runner that was still tied up at the houseboat.

Veronica wasn’t disappointed; she just wanted to be with him. “Oh well, someone seemed set on a nap anyway,” Veronica countered with faux annoyance. “I’m beginning to question your priorities.”

“Hey, I was going to make sure you were fed lunch before I took a nap,” Logan responded, trying to sound defensive but the grin on his face didn’t quite match his tone.

“I suppose that wins you back a few popularity points,” Veronica replied with a demure smile, unable to hide her approval at the mention of food. They’d taken a few snacks with them while they were fishing, but she’d gone through those pretty quickly and was more than ready to eat again.

Logan chuckled as he started to tie the speedboat up to the side of the houseboat. Once the boat was secure, he hopped onto the deck and then reached his hand out for Veronica, effortlessly yanking her up and out of the speedboat. “Come on, Bobcat, let’s go get you some lunch.” He tipped his head down once she was standing next to him and pressed a kiss to her lips. “And you should know by now that you’re always my number one priority. In fact, I plan on spending the rest of the summer showing you just how big of a priority you are,” he added with a lopsided grin after the kiss ended.

“Well, I’m sure you won’t hear me complaining about that,” Veronica admitted with a playful smile, but then she looked at him more seriously. “I know we keep saying we’re leaving the past behind, but I do want you to know that I never doubted that I was a priority in your life. Looking back at things after you were gone, I realized just how many times you did put me first, while I can’t honestly say that I did the same for you. But I don’t want it to be like that this time around.”

“Well,” Logan replied with a tender smile as he pulled her against his chest and ran his fingers soothingly along her head, looking lovingly down at her. “I appreciate the acknowledgement and the promise of a new and improved outlook. One thing we can at least say about the past is, if nothing else, it taught us both how not to do things, which makes me feel even more confident that this time things are going to be even better.” He leaned in so he could place a soft kiss on her forehead. “Now, let’s go see if there’s still some leftover pizza for you to devour so I can finally take that nap I’ve been dying to have.”

Veronica huffed out a laugh and shook her head slightly before they turned and walked to the main cabin. It was easy to tell that Casey and Shelly were in the main room before they even passed through the already open door as the unmistakeable sound of flirty laughter drifted out to the deck.

“I told you I heard a boat,” Shelly told Casey with an admonishing tone as she slapped him lightly on the chest.  Casey looked over at Logan and Veronica, pulling away from Shelly’s neck where he’d been kissing her. He looked a little guilty as he straightened up and slid to Shelly’s side.

“Good job with the rushed redressing, but your tank-top’s on inside-out, Shel,” Logan teased, causing a soft blush to spread across Shelly's cheeks.

“At least she got it back on,” Casey replied with a smug grin, earning him another smack from Shelly. “What?” he protested as he rubbed the spot she'd just hit. “It's not like these walls aren't paper thin and they haven't heard us as much as we've heard them.”

“Oooo’kay…” Logan interjected, sounding a little less confident than when he’d been teasing Shelly. “Maybe we should just keep pretending that's not the case so our last day isn't any more awkward than necessary.”

“Agreed,” both Veronica and Shelly said in unison, causing them both to laugh softly. Casey shrugged, apparently indifferent as to whether there was any awkwardness or not.

“So, we were just grabbing some lunch before we head out again,” Shelly commented as she moved away from Casey and opened the fridge. “There's still a ton of leftover pizza if you guys want some too.”

Logan raised an eyebrow in question as he glanced at Veronica.

“Sounds good to me,” Veronica replied, feeling her stomach rumble at the anticipation of food.

While eating lunch, the foursome initially started off talking about their fishing endeavors that morning, but eventually Casey and Shelly asked about the waterfall and how to find it. The day was quickly heating up and the pair thought a dip at the falls sounded refreshing. When they were finished eating, Casey and Shelly headed off to find the waterfall after getting thorough directions from Logan on how to find it. As Logan stood up to carry his empty plate to the sink, he let out a loud, genuine yawn.

“Wow, someone really does need a nap, don’t they?” Veronica asked in amusement. “Maybe I’d better pace you a bit more since I didn’t realize how out of shape you are. Hopefully with some hard work and dedication I can get you back to peak performance,” she added with a sly grin.

Logan chuckled softly as he rinsed his plate off and then reached out for hers. “All great athletes do need to have a strict training regimen,” he countered.

“Hm… sort of along the lines of practice makes perfect?”

“Exactly,” Logan agreed with a smirk. He dried off his hands and then pulled her firmly against his body. “I’m definitely looking forward to you whipping me into shape.”

“Well I suppose getting enough rest is important for athletes too. Can’t expect top performance if you’re exhausted.”

“Such a wise and benevolent trainer,” Logan teased as he leaned down and placed a quick kiss on the tip of her nose.

“Come on,” she instructed as she took his hand, and pulled him out of the kitchen.

Once they were in the bedroom, she spun back between him and the door, closing it behind him. Then she pushed him until he flopped down on the bed. She hadn’t intended to land on top of him, but he’d grabbed ahold of her at the last minute as he was falling backwards and tugged her down as well. Even if he had been tired before, the look on his face was anything but sleepy as her body pressed into his.

“Maybe we should take on Dinah’s challenge after all,” he commented as he stared hungrily up at her.

“I thought someone was tired?” she asked coyly.

“Maybe that was just my ruse to get you back here so I could take advantage of you,” he teased before moving his head so he could place kisses along her neck.

“Is it taking advantage if I’m a willing participant?” Veronica purred as she tilted her head to give him better access and started running her fingers through his hair.

He unexpectedly stopped ravishing her neck and moved so he could stare up at her again. “I still keep wondering if this is all a dream. Being with you again… I’m half afraid I’m going to wake up and none of it will be real.”

“Well, running into me on a houseboat in the middle of Lake Shasta is a bit hard to believe, but I assure you, I’m very real and I don’t plan on vanishing the next time you wake up.”

“Promise?” he asked, with just a hint of what might have been actual seriousness coming though his otherwise playful tone.

“I promise,” she replied before leaning down to kiss him. “From now until I have to go back to school, you’re stuck with me,” she added after their lips parted.

“Well, I’d better make sure to take full advantage of that,” Logan commented, a suggestive grin forming on his lips.

“Hm… like making sure I have plenty of vivid memories to keep you in my thoughts when we’re hundreds of miles apart? Give me something to help me through all those long, lonely nights?”

“Exactly,” he agreed with a nod as he moved his hands from resting innocently on her hips to a more sinful hold on her ass. He placed kisses up her neck, stopping right below her ear. “You have no idea how hot it is to imagine you thinking about me when you’re all alone in your room at night,” he whispered huskily against her skin, nipping gently at her earlobe when he was done.

Something about his tone and the way his lips barely grazed the shell of her ear made her pulse race and she sucked in a shaky breath. “What else turns you on?” she asked breathlessly.

“Mm…” Logan murmured as he trailed kisses along her jawline. “Imagining you straddling me, your long golden curls falling over your naked shoulders while you have your way with me.”

“Like the night in Santa Barbara,” Veronica replied faintly, closing her eyes as she thought back to that night, causing her to shiver as she inhaled deeply.

“You have no idea how many times I’ve thought of that night, Veronica,” Logan confessed softly as he kissed below her ear again, his voice sounding as affected as she felt. “It was so perfect… you were so amazing.”

“We were amazing together ,” Veronica countered lovingly. “We’ve always been amazing together. No one else has ever made me feel the way you do.”

He pulled his head back slightly so he could stare intently into her eyes. “Words can’t even express how you make me feel, Veronica.”

“Then show me,” she replied, smiling at him demurely.


After thoroughly ravaging each other, Logan was finally able to get that nap he’d been not-so-subtly hinting at. Veronica ended up dozing off as well, listening to the soothing sound of his heartbeat, her head pressed against his chest. She wasn’t sure how long she’d been asleep, but she woke up to the feeling of warm fingertips gently caressing across her naked lower back.

“I think we need to include a daily nap in our coast touring agenda,” she announced with a sleepy yawn, finding it a little harder to wake up than she expected. She could feel Logan chuckle softly, his chest shaking slightly under her head.

“Like I'd ever complain about getting you into bed,” he replied before placing a kiss on the top of her head.

“Well, now that we're properly rested … and still naked,” she said suggestively, shifting so she could swing one leg over his body and rest her torso on top of his chest.

He bobbed his eyebrows at her as the corner of his lip quirked up in a wolfish snarl. “What did you have in—,” his words cut off with a sharp knock on the door.

“Hey! I need the master chef in the kitchen,” Jack yelled from the other side of the door. “Wrap it up and get your ass out here.”

Wrap it up ?” Veronica repeated incredulously. “What the hell, Jack?” she yelled back at the door, not appreciating the interruption at all.

“You heard me,” he yelled back. “Or feel free to continue while I stand here and add my own commentary,” he taunted back.

“You’re an ass!” Veronica yelled back as Logan started to laugh from underneath her.

“Maybe when I come up to visit you at Stanford, I should get us our own hotel suite,” he suggested with an amused grin.

Brilliant !” she replied gleefully.

Logan leaned up and pecked her on the cheek. “Come on, Bobcat. For some reason I’d prefer not to listen to whatever commentary Dallas may be planning on sharing.”

Veronica laughed as she rolled off his side. “Why don’t you go and see what he wants help with while I  take a quick shower. I’ll join you soon.”

Logan gave her a sad pout.

“Fine, I suppose we can’t hear his commentary from the shower, now can we,” she relented with a coy smile.

“I’ll be out after a quick shower,” Logan yelled toward the door as he started to follow Veronica toward the bathroom.

“Don’t forget about the limited water supply!” Jack yelled back, the end of his comment partially drowned out by the sound of the shower starting.


Veronica and Logan kept their fooling around in the shower to a minimum so they wouldn’t run out of hot water. Veronica was the first to comment on looking forward to the privacy that would soon be theirs, and Logan quickly and wholeheartedly agreed. After they were dressed, they headed out to the kitchen holding hands to see why Jack had bothered them.

“It’s about damn time,” Jack commented, trying to look annoyed, but Veronica didn’t really buy it.

“Where are the others?” Veronica asked as she took a seat on one of the bar stools, inspecting the four fish that were laid out on the counter. “Is that one mine?” she asked, pointing to one of the four.

“They’re back at camp. Well I don’t know where GQ and Shelly went, but the other three are. I said I’d come back over and get Worm to help me filet and prep the fish to take back to grill at the campsite.”

Veronica narrowed her eyes suspiciously at Jack. Something seemed a little off with him.

“Fine, I lost a freaking bet and I had to do the fish all by myself. But they didn’t say I couldn’t get Worm to help,” Jack admitted with a huff. He never did hold up very well to even silent interrogation. She’d quickly learned from being around Jack and Bianca, how to make him confess when he’d done something wrong.

“That sounds more like it,” Veronica replied with a satisfied grin as Logan let out a small amused chuckle.

Veronica watched with amazement as Logan took over filleting the fish when Jack couldn’t do it quite the way he wanted him to. As Logan continued working on the rest of the fish, he instructed Jack on what seasoning and other ingredients to add to them. With Logan’s exceptional filleting skills and crisp directions to Jack, it didn’t take very long for them to have everything prepped and ready to head back to camp.

“So I was thinking—” Jack began while grabbing more beer out of the fridge to also take back with them.

“Oh no! That never ends well,” Veronica interrupted with a smirk.

Jack narrowed his eyes in what was probably supposed to look intimidating, but Veronica just laughed at him.

“I was thinking,” he continued again, “that you know Twiz almost as well as I do, and she’s probably going to continue to think of reasons for you to stay. Tomorrow it will only be two more nights, and if she can get you to stay for one, then she’ll have an even bigger argument for you to just stay until Sunday.”

Veronica let out a sigh, realizing that he was definitely right. Although she was a little surprised he’d given it any thought at all.

“Since she’ll be staying at the camp tonight, if you wanted to, after the bonfire, you could just take one of the speedboats and head to the marina. Get a room there again and leave the keys with the front desk. Two of us can go over and get it back tomorrow. That way you can escape before she plots some other way to make you stay.”

Veronica glanced at Logan who shrugged slightly but also nodded his agreement. Veronica narrowed her eyes slightly at Jack, trying to figure out why he’d be so willing to help them leave. Regardless of his motive, she was sure he was right. Bianca would definitely try to come up with reasons to keep them there longer. If she’d had this vacation all planned out in her head, having it not go according to plan would drive her nuts. Veronica had already wondered how much it bugged her that they did the fishing derby and bonfire ahead of schedule and on the same day.

“Are you still mad about the fishing incident and trying to get back at her?” Veronica asked, wondering if that was his angle on all of this.

“No,” he quickly replied, then let out a soft huff. “Well, maybe a little. But if she’s plotting against you, I’ll certainly be impacted by it.”

“And if I tell her it was all your idea when we all get home again?” Veronica asked, testing to see just how committed Jack was to this plan and which one of them Bianca would be the most angry with.

“Well I guess that would be the truth, but by then, we’ll be back from Washington and hopefully she won’t even ask.”

Veronica looked at Logan again. “What do you think? Feel like springing for another night at the hotel?” she asked, trying not to look too excited by the prospect.

“As long as I won’t be the one you two throw in Bianca’s crosshairs, I think it’s a marvelous idea.”

“You wouldn’t take a figurative bullet for me?” Veronica asked with a faux pout.

“Bianca is sort of scary, snookums,” Logan replied as he bopped her under the chin.

Veronica and Jack both laughed at the same time. “Yeah, okay,” Veronica relented. “I want her to like you if you’re going to be coming to see me a lot during the school year. We probably won’t be able to hide out in some luxurious hotel room every time.”

“We could certainly try,” Logan responded with a wink.

“Hey, come on. You two aren’t already planning on ditching us?” Jack asked, acting offended by the insinuation.

“Oh, come on ,” Veronica parroted back. “Like you wouldn’t love having the apartment all to yourselves!”

She could tell that Jack was trying to feign indifference, but he obviously loved the idea. “I’m sure Twiz will insist we do some couple things together, but I guess having the place to ourselves wouldn’t be so bad.”

“Exactly,” Veronica replied back with a conspiratorial grin.


The sun was starting to set over the mountains as they all finished up eating their dinner. The fish was probably the best Veronica had ever eaten, and she marvelled once again over Logan’s impressive cooking skills. She was certainly looking forward to many more home cooked meals throughout the rest of the summer and wondered if that might be a good angle for Logan to score some points with her dad. Santa Barbara was only a couple of hours away from Neptune, so maybe after they’d had some time to enjoy the cottage themselves she could see if her dad and Harmony would want to drive up for a day or two. She figured she could recommend a nice hotel for them to stay at near the cottage—close, but not too close. She really did want things to be different with her dad and Logan this time around and was determined to do whatever she could to make her dad see just how much Logan had changed in the past two years.

The campfire had started out relatively small, but once all of the dinner dishes and leftovers had been cleaned up, Jack and Bennett started adding more wood to it. It didn’t take too long for them to have quite a large blaze going. Even though it had been relatively hot earlier that day, the evening seemed to be cooling off quickly and the fire provided just the right amount of warmth to offset that. While there were probably enough chairs for everyone to have their own, Veronica still ended up sitting across Logan’s lap, curled against his side while she watched the flames dance up toward the darkening sky. One of Logan’s hands was resting on her leg, her fingers intertwined with his, while his other hand had slipped under her shirt, tracing indistinguishable patterns across her skin.

Growing up they’d had bonfires on the beach numerous times, but that was back when Logan was dating Lilly. She realized that this was actually their first one together as a couple and found the experience even more enjoyable than she’d expected. There was something so romantic and wistful, curled up together, listening to the crackle of the flames and seeing little sparks dance up into the darkness before they burned out and disappeared. Of course some of that feeling was definitely aided by the fact that they were not seated on the side opposite the breeze.

“Damn it,” Dinah grumbled as she stood up from her seat, moving it for at least the third time in the last ten minutes. “I swear the wind changes everytime I move my chair.”

Veronica tried not to laugh at her, but it was hard not to. Although as Dinah headed toward her and Logan, she quickly stopped laughing.  “Oh no! You're not sitting next to us. We're very comfortable here and we don't want to be inundated with smoke.”

“It's been fine over here after you moved the last time,” Bennett offered. He must have decided to stick it out after he'd followed Dinah the first time she moved and had stayed in the same spot since then.

“Fine,” Dinah huffed, shooting a disgruntled glance at Veronica.

“Is it just me, or does she act a little like Lilly used to?” Logan whispered into Veronica’s ear.

“You have no idea!” Veronica agreed as she turned and looked at him with a smirk. “Total diva most days. Even more than she’s been so far on this trip.”

Logan raised his eyebrows apparently questioning if she was serious, to which Veronica gave him a sincere look and nodded. He mouthed a silent ‘wow’, causing Veronica to giggle slightly before she tilted her head to place a quick kiss on his lips.

“Time for s’mores?” Bianca asked loudly as she stood up from her chair next to Jack and headed toward the supplies by the tent. Most of the group answered in the affirmative, with no one actually objecting.

“Mm…. marshmallows,” Logan commented quietly before nuzzling his nose against Veronica’s neck and sucking lightly right below her ear.

She laughed again and gently shoved him playfully before standing up to help Bianca with the s’mores ingredients. In addition to setting up wood for the fire, Jack had also rounded up several long sticks that were perfect for roasting marshmallows on.   

Since Veronica still wanted to sit on Logan’s lap, she offered to make a s’more for him first before she made one for herself. He seemed a little surprised, but didn’t object either. After he took a big bite of the one she’d made for him, he held it out in offering to her; she of course didn’t object and happily finished it for him.

After making several more for both of them, Veronica ended up curled up on Logan’s lap again, watching the flames dance off the burning wood.

“It’s amazing how many cultures have customs that involve bonfires,” Logan commented quietly, sounding a bit reflective as he also watched the fire.

She let out a soft chuckle and turned to face him, raising an eyebrow questioningly.

He shrugged and looked a little embarrassed that he’d said it outloud. “Sociology class—again—we had to write a paper on similar customs that are found around the world.”

“Of course you did,” she replied with a smug grin. “So what was something interesting you learned from that,” she asked, turning to look at the bonfire again.

Logan tightened his arms around her a bit more and rested his head on her shoulder, allowing him to more easily talk quietly into her ear. “Well, most of the customs centered around seasonal changes, like the spring, summer or winter solstices. Not surprisingly, several had ties to witches and Halloween. I think the most unusual thing I read about was piano burning.”

Veronica pulled away slightly so she could look at him, a puzzled expression on her face. “Piano burning?” she asked skeptically.

Logan smiled, nodded and then repositioned his head as she turned toward the fire again. “Yep. There are several theories about how and why it started exactly, but it seems to have originated with the Royal Air Force between the first and second world wars. One legend was that there had been a piano-playing pilot in the Royal Air Force that played to his fellow airmen each time one of them had been killed. When he himself was killed in action, his comrades decided that if he couldn't play the piano any more, nobody would, so they dragged it outside and set it on fire. Another frequently told theory was that before the Second World War, the Royal Air Force had to select its pilots from the common population, instead of their usual preference for upper-class families because so many men had died in the First World War. They had attempted to educate the pilots on refined manners, including playing the piano, which they thought would not only improve their level of culture but also their dexterity. As you might guess, those lessons weren’t very popular among the pilots. According to the story, there was an accidental fire at one of the bases and their only piano was destroyed and the lessons had to be cancelled. Word spread, and soon pilots at more and more Royal Air Force bases began to burn the pianos to avoid lessons.”

Veronica couldn’t help but laugh. “I’m certainly glad Lilly didn’t know about that! Do you remember how much she protested taking piano lessons when we were in middle school? She finally convinced Celeste to let her quit, but if she’d known about burning pianos I bet she would have tried that.”

Logan chuckled as well and nodded against her shoulder. “I could totally imagine her pushing it out to the patio and lighting it on fire.”

Since the fire was starting to die down a little bit, Jack stood up from his chair and reached for another log to add to it.

“I think we’re ready to head back to the houseboat,” Casey announced as Shelly climbed off his lap so he could stand up too. While Jack, Bianca, Dinah and Bennett seemed to all opt for individual chairs, Casey and Shelly had followed Logan and Veronica's lead and curled up together on one as well.

“I’m ready to head back too,” Dinah announced, looking questioningly at Bennett. She’d complained a few more times as they were making s’mores about the smoke following her around and how she was dying to go take a shower to get rid of the smell. Bennett nodded in agreement and stood up from his chair as well.

Veronica saw a pout starting to form on Bianca’s face and knew she was about to protest everyone leaving so early. Veronica herself was certainly torn, knowing that once they headed back to the houseboat, they’d get to leave for the hotel again. A second later, the anticipated protest from Bianca started.

“You’ll stay a while longer, won’t you V?” Bianca asked, giving Veronica puppy dog eyes. “ If you’re leaving tomorrow, it will probably be a few weeks before I get to see you again.”

It didn’t escape Veronica’s notice that Bianca put a little extra emphasis on the word ‘if’, confirming that she was probably already trying to think of more excuses to get them to stay longer as Jack had mentioned earlier.

“Since GQ and Shelly brought the wave-runner over, you two could take the other boat back later and I’ll retrieve it in the morning,” Jack suggested, likely trying to earn some goodwill with Bianca, knowing she’d probably be angry when she found out in the morning that Veronica and Logan had snuck off without telling her.

Veronica decided that earning a bit more goodwill herself probably wouldn’t be a bad idea. “Sure, we could stay a while longer, right Logan?”

Logan let out a very faint laugh but nodded in agreement.

“You know you two could come up and spend some time with us on the island,” Bianca suggested shortly after they’d said goodnight to the rest of the group. “After you’re done with your little coastal tour. I guess depending on how long that even takes, we may not be gone yet. We could all road-trip up there together. That could be a lot of fun.”

While Veronica appreciated the offer, that certainly wasn’t what she hoped to be doing after their drive down the coast. Spending several weeks at the cottage in Santa Barbara was definitely her top priority.

Actually ,” Veronica started, her voice taking on a dramatic flare. “Logan’s friends offered him use of their cottage in Santa Barbara for the summer, so we’ll likely end up there for quite a while.”

“Santa Barbara, hm?” Bianca replied, a mischievous grin forming on her face. “Maybe we should come and visit you there instead.”

“Come on, Twiz. Give them a break. They'll still be in honeymoon mode at that point,” Jack interrupted.

“Wait, what— honeymoon ?” Veronica blurted out, surprised at first that Jack had told Bianca to back off, but then used that as his justification. “We just reunited this week and you're already throwing that out there!”

Bianca and Jack both laughed at Veronica’s reaction.  “I didn't mean it literally ,” Jack explained with a smirk. “Although you two do seem pretty unpredictable, so who knows what could happen on your epic trip down the Cali coast.”

“Mmm… epic ,” Logan whispered quietly into Veronica's ear.

Veronica turned and gave him a questioning glance, realizing he must have remembered at least parts of his grand speech at alterna-prom. He smiled coyly at her and pressed a quick kiss to her temple.

“Well, you'd better not get married without us,” Bianca chimed in. “If we get back from Washington and find out you eloped or something, there will be consequences,” she added with a stern expression.

“I'm positive we can promise no unplanned nuptials, right, Logan?”

“Well, Dallas has a point—we are pretty unpredictable. And I certainly never would have predicted we’d end up here, like this at Shasta, so I don’t think that I want to rule anything out,” Logan responded, a bit of capriciousness in his tone.

Veronica turned to look at him again, her eyes wide and an incredulous look on her face. She opened her mouth but no words came out. Logan chuckled and leaned in to kiss her cheek.

“I’m just kidding. Of course we won’t get married on our trip,” he clarified with an amused grin. “I do love leaving you speechless, though.”

“That’s definitely an impossible feat,” Jack declared with a laugh.

“Hey!” Veronica protested, more in defense of them all picking on her rather than it being completely untrue.

“You know we all love you, V,” Bianca reassured her with a broad grin. “But it is pretty hard to leave you speechless.”

“Well I guess if anyone’s ever had that effect on me, it’s been Logan,” Veronica admitted with a tender smile directed at him.

He looked slightly surprised by her statement but then leaned in and kissed her soundly.

“I think Birdie’s appeased your neediness enough tonight, hasn’t she?” Jack asked Bianca with a sly grin. “We should probably let the two of them head back to the houseboat before it gets any later, don’cha think?”

Bianca let out a disgruntled sigh, but nodded reluctantly. “Fine.”

“Thanks for talking us into staying for the bonfire. It really was a lot of fun,” Veronica told Bianca as she stood up and gave her a hug.

“Mm-hm. Told ya,” Bianca said with a smug grin as Veronica stepped back toward Logan. “You two enjoy the rest of your night,” Bianca added suggestively.

“Oh, I’m sure we will,” Veronica confirmed with a wink before she grabbed Logan’s hand and started to drag him back to the boat.


Veronica stared wistfully out the large windows at the tranquil lake as she swallowed the last bite of her cinnamon hazelnut pancakes. The night before had been absolutely perfect and they’d made good use of the king size bed in their hotel room. They’d woken up fairly early, having decided the night before to grab breakfast at the restaurant before they started their drive to the coast. Since it was still early, there weren’t many boats cruising around the lake yet and it seemed so perfectly peaceful.

Logan reached over and squeezed her hand that was resting on top of the table. “If you’re not ready to leave yet, we could stick to the original plan of staying another two nights and leaving with everyone else on Sunday.” He gave her a little wink as she turned to look at him before he added, “I’m pretty sure Dallas hasn’t already rented our room out to another couple.”

Veronica shook her head and gave him a loving smile. “Nope. I’m sure we’ll be back again. This is an annual tradition , ya know?”

“Well, I’ll always remember it as one of the best weeks of my life. The week I was lucky enough to be given another chance with you,” he admitted to her as he lifted her hand up and then placed a tender kiss on the back of her hand. “I’d gladly celebrate that every year for the rest of our lives.”

“Me too,” she replied, beaming at him. “And to think, this is just the beginning of an entirely new chapter in our epic love story ,” she added lovingly.

Logan took a deep breath and nodded before he leaned in and kissed her firmly. “Shall we get started on the next chapter of our happily ever after then?” he asked as he rested his forehead against hers.

Veronica bit on her lip to keep from smiling too broadly as she nodded in reply. This time she was definitely willing to fight to make sure that they both got their happy ending— together .