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Django&Sabata Oneshot Collection

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~ • Pretty-faced Demons


Django was pacing around the bedroom, going back and forth from a wall to the other.
«Could you please stop?» whined Sabata, putting the wet towel back over his eyes, lying on the side of the bed closer to the wall. «I'm getting seasick»
«Huh?» asked the blond, sprinting towards him. «Are you feeling worse?» continued, touching his forehead. The other immediately slapped it away.
«You are making me feel worse» retorted, weakly punching him in the gut. «Just sit down and wait for them»
«But they're late! What if something had happened and they're in trouble?»
«They're just girls» replied Otenko, floating between them. «They always have to come late. It's in their DNA»

Yes. Django was waiting for Lita and Zazie to come to their home and stay with Sabata while he was out running errands.
Why was Sabata sick?
Well. You know, after the purification of the Dark Matter in his body, he was finally able to enjoy a sunny day without the risk of being fried to death. So, he took advantage of that newfound freedom to spend some time having fun outside with his brother.
The drawback of that situation was that, unlike Django, he wasn't used to all that warmth and light, so the heavy heatstroke that hit him few hours later was pretty predictable. Furthermore, it was so strong that the boy got knocked out for the rest of the day and was now running a fever as a result.
«You could have asked them to buy the groceries for you» commented Otenko. Sabata snickered in response while Django looked at him in disbelief. «What?!»
«I can't believe what you've just said!» replied the blond, wide-eyed.
«Have you forgotten how fussy he is about food?» answered the other, lifting the towel just enough to look at him. «He has to personally choose every single piece» continued, putting more effort in emphasizing the last three words.
«Heh, I can't just put anything in my stomach» retorted, crossing his arms defensively. «I have to be sure of what I'm buying. I can't let anyone do it in my place»

Few minutes later, the girls arrived.
«Here we are!» exclaimed loudly Zazie, making Sabata wince because of the pounding migraine he already had.
«Shhhh... lower your voice» scolded Lita, noticing his reaction.
«Yeah, sorry...»
«Well. Now that you're here, we can go» announced Otenko, looking at Django. «Right, Django?»
«Mh... yeah» replied, not really convinced.
«Oh, don't make that face!» said the Sunflower Girl, slapping him hard on the back. «Go shoppin', he's in good hands»
«We'll take good care of him, Master Django» reassured Lita, smiling sweetly.
Django nodded and then neared his twin.
«Don't be mean to them, ok?» asked, kissing his cheek lightly. «I'll be back in few hours, do as they say, ok?»
«Yeah, yeah...» mumbled Sabata, getting redder for the embarassement. «Just go...»

«Bye, Lita. Bye, Zazie» said the boy, waving his goodbye. «Don't molest him too much, he's sick» and then he exited the door along with Otenko.
Once closed, on the girls' lips appeared an incredibly evil grin that was worth of the worst villain...


As promised, a couple of hours later Django and Otenko returned from the grocery shopping.
Just when the boy was opening the door, it flung open and the girls greeted him, then ran away quickly, giggling like mads.
«What the...?» questioned, entering. «I hope they haven't done anything to Sabata...» wondered, getting to the kitchen to reorganize the bags while Otenko went upstairs to see how the boy was.

Once finished, he reached the other two to the bedroom and was greeted by a chuckling sunflower.
«Why so happy, Otenko-sama?» asked curiously.
«Just look» replied the other, pointing at the bed with his nose, still snickering.

Looking that way, the only thing he found was the sleeping figure of a girl that looked exactly like his brother. No, wait. Scratch that. That girl was his brother.
He clamped his mouth with both hands to stop himself from bursting out laughing, looking at the blackmail material in front of him: Sabata was wearing a short-sleeved lilac dress similar to Lita's - it probably was hers - that barely reached his thighs, uncovering his pale, bare legs, and a pair of plain purple ballet flats. The Moonlight Scarf was repositioned around the waist, ending in a large bow on the back, while his hair was straightened, looking longer, the usual black hairband worn like a circlet. The make-up on his face was pretty evident: the scars on the left cheek and eyebrow were skillfully covered, a thin layer of lilac eyeshadow was on his eyelids while a pink lipstick tinted his lips. And... wait, was that nail-polish?

Yes, that was all Lita and Zazie's doing. Those pretty-faced evils took advantage of Sabata's weakened state to dress him up like a girl, knowing that he wouldn't have been able to fight them both, taking extra care to make him look as girly as possible.
«Oh my Sol! This is too much!» exclaimed Django, laughing out loud.
The sudden noise woke up Sabata with a startled yelp, then he tried to kick his brother.
«This is not funny, stop laughing...» complained, now trying to free his legs from Django grasp.
«It's the funniest thing I've ever seen!» replied still chuckling, trying not to get kicked in the face. «I see they had a lot of fun with you»
«They're monsters...» whined Sabata, giving up the fight while Django released him. «They treated me like their personal doll, I feel violated...» continued, getting up and attracting Django at himself for a hug.
«Well, in all honesty, you're incredibly beautiful like this»
«Shut up...» mumbled, hiding his face in the other's shoulder.
«You are a real Moon Beauty»
«It's embarassing» replied Sabata, blushing madly. «Don't leave me alone with them ever again»
«Well, the same goes for you» and he nuzzled his cheek. «If they did this to you, I don't want to think about what they can do to me...»
After those words, Otenko started to imagine the result...
«Let's not think about it» replied Sabata, slowly turning around. «Help me get out of this dress, it's tied on the back and I can't reach it»
«They really thought about everything» commented Django, unfastening the buttons, touching his skin in the process. «Hm... you're colder than before» considered, reaching forward to touch his forehead. «Yes, your fever has gotten better»
«Probably Zazie did something»
«Hey! These aren't girly!» exclaimed Otenko, looking under the skirt.
The nosed sunflower was later seen flying out of the Solar Twins' bedroom...