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Journey to the Broom closet

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Hermione couldn't believe this was happening to her. She, Hermione Granger was on a detention with Professor McGonagall. She was a prefect and being on a detention was shocking. But what was more shocking that she's on a detention with Professor McGonagall. And the most shocking thing was that she's on a detention on the day of her and Harry's first date.

Harry's there too. He was sitting right beside her. Eyes heavy with sleep. Hand aching from writing nonstop for the last three hours. Professor McGonagall had given them the task of writing, correcting and organizing her files. Her back was also hurting from sitting on these uncomfortable chairs.

It's said that 'morning shows the day'. Well, the saying was wrong. Absolutely wrong. The day started fine and was promising to be the best day of her life. But even before afternoon finished it became the worst day of her life.


Let's start form the start. Hermione got up very early in the morning. In fact she'd got very little sleep due to excitement. She brushed her teeth and showered for a long time. She'd selected the dress two days ago. So, no time was wasted there.

As she was exiting the bathroom she met Parvati. Who gave her a very nasty look. Hermione could understand her pain. She herself couldn't tolerate Ron half the time even if he was one of her best friends. Then how hard it'd be for Parvati she didn't even want to think.

Hermione didn't want to sit on her room to face Parvati for a second time. Once was quite enough. So she decided to go to 'The Great Hall' as it's still very early and Ron wouldn't be there to annoy her.

As she entered the hall she noticed Harry sitting on the Gryffindor table. 'Maybe he's also very excited that he can't sleep.' Hermione thought. He hadn't seen her yet as he was sitting facing Neville, his back to the door. They were idly talking about something.

Hermione went to him and put her hand on his shoulder. He was jerked alert and his hand immediately went for his wand. But as soon as he saw her he relaxed. "Hey, you! You're early." He happily exclaimed. "And also good morning."

Hermione sat down beside him and gave his hand a gentle squeeze under the table. "Good morning to you too. I couldn't sleep." Harry gave her a knowing nod and said, "Me neither." Then he asked, "Nervous?"

Hermione asked herself if she was nervous. It'd completely alright to be nervous considering this was their first date. But the answer was a big no. Everything was normal and natural with Harry and there was no place for nervousness.

She smiled at him and shook her head. "No, I'm just way too excited to sleep." Harry just gave her a huge smile that made her smile too. And she thought, 'He looks so handsome smiling like this. He should smile more often.'

They finished their breakfast in comfortable silence. Soon the mail arrived and Hermione busied herself with her copy of 'The Daily Prophet' while Harry was talking with Neville about Herbology.

Ron came down very late and started shoveling food into his mouth even before sitting. Hermione felt disgusted. She could understand Parvati's pain more clearly then.

"Harry, mate. I'm sorry I can't hang out with you today." Ron loudly exclaimed after finishing his third plate. "Parvati has asked me on a date today. So I'd be with her. I've told you before she has the hots for me." He finished wiggling his eyebrows obscenely.

Harry was trying very hard to control his laughter. Yes, Parvati had to ask Ron herself and this was also the reason why she's extra pissed.

Hermione rolled her eyes and shared a look with Harry. Harry then turned towards Ron and said, "Good for you, Ron. You enjoy yourself. We might be bored out of our minds without you." He said the last part winking at her.

Ron didn't see him winking as he was already busy with his fourth plate of breakfast. But he somehow managed to mumble, "You better find something to do cause I won't be able to help you two today."

Harry looked straight into her eyes and said, "You don't have to worry about us Ron. I'm sure we'll find something interesting to do all by ourselves."

Hermione felt herself blush under his heated gaze. She couldn't wait to get alone with him so that she could do these interesting things.

Soon breakfast hour was over. Everybody except for the first and second year students went to the entrance hall. After showing their permission slip to Filch he let them pass. As usual he spent a long time checking Harry's slip. But eventually he had to let him go. Then they went looking for a carriage.

Lucky for them they got a carriage all to themselves because the students were still pretty much scared of Harry. As she was getting into the carriage she caught Parvati's eyes.

Parvati and Ron was sharing a carriage with her sister Padma and her Ravenclaw friends. The look she gave Hermione sent shivers down her spine. Hermione really hoped that she wouldn't be murdered in her sleep tonight.



Hermione always thought that her first date would be pretty ordinary. She thought that either she would be a blushing bumbling idiot. Or she'd be way too nervous and tongue tied to even make a small conversation. But whatever she thought she didn't think this.

It was almost three o'clock. They're walking down the deserted path near 'The Shrieking Shack' hand on hand and having the time of their lives. Harry was murmuring something on her ear and the next second he got her pinned to a tree kissing her senseless.

The whole day had been pretty much like this. They'd walked on the streets of Hogsmade. They'd hold their hands when they were in a less crowded place where nobody knew them otherwise they'd just walked side by side.

They'd talked about anything and everything. From Umbridge to 'Hogwarts a History'. From Quidditch to SPEW. There's no awkward or uncomfortable silence. Because it's just them, Harry and Hermione and being with each other was as simple as breathing to them.

They'd gone to the usual places they used to go. The Jonko, the bookshop. Hermione also bought some DADA books which she thought were gonna help Harry teach them.

And they also didn't forget the meeting. They had met with everyone in a dingy pub named 'The Hogs Head'. Aside from the initial disagreement between Harry and some students the meeting had been a huge success. All of them had signed up for the lessons.

There were two things that she didn't like on the meeting. No, it wasn't the way that git Zacharias Smith was babbling. It's the look Cho Chang was giving Harry. Of course Harry's eyes were nowhere in her direction but it still bothered Hermione.

And the other thing was the way Ron and Parvati was bickering. Harry even had to tell them to stop once. But in response the look Parvati gave him made him flinch. The rate they're bickering Hermione was sure one of them would be dead by the end of the date.

After finishing the meeting they decided to head towards 'The Shrieking Shack' as the place would be quite quiet. And there they're talking and laughing. Soon Harry pressed her to a tree and started kissing her.

They'd kissed a lot today. In the desserted streets, in the darkest corner of the bookshop, in the allyes between the shops. They'd started kissing as soon as they're away from all those prying eyes.

As Harry came up for air she dragged him down again. She wasn't about to waste any moment now. Soon they'd have to go back to school to the harsh reality. She just wanted to stay like this with him for the time being.

"WHAT'RE YOU TWO DOING?" A voice bellowed and roughly pushed Harry away from her.

Hermione blinked trying to focus. And the scene greeted her made her wince. Harry was sitting on the ground on his back and Ron Weasley was standing above him shooting daggers from his eyes.

Harry got up and started talking, "Calm down, Ron. It's not what you think."

Hermione mentally face palmed herself. This gotta be the lamest thing to say.

Unfortunately Ron also thought so. "Not what I think? You were not sucking face with Hermione?" Ron angrily said. Face so red that would it make any Gryffindor proud.

Harry winced. "Ron I'm sorry. We should've told you." Harry tried to explain in a calm way. Hermione decided to keep herself out of this argument knowing that she wouldn't be able to control herself.

"Tell me what?" Ron yelled. "That now you occasionally suck Hermione's face."

His tone was very rude. Hermione wondered how Harry was still keeping his cool. "No need to be rude, Ron." Harry gently chided. "Yes, we kept the information from you that we are dating and we're sorry for it.''

"Your sorry doesn't mean anything." Ron shouted. Shoving Harry on the chest while he continued yelling, "Just have to have everything to you, huh, Potter? Can't let Ron have one single thing. You know I wanted her."

Hermione had strong determination to stay away from this fight. But hearing herself being referred as a thing she snapped. "How dare you! How can you ever say that I'm a thing and expect to have a relationship with me."

Ron barely glanced at her and said, "Shut up, Hermione! Who asked you?"

For the first time Hermione saw Harry getting angry when Ron said these things to her. He angrily said, "Don't talk to her like that, Ron. How am I supposed to know you like her? You never told me and you're always fighting with her.''

Ron didn't look a least bit bothered by his accusations. "How I treat her is my problem. Why'd you date her? Why?" He angrily demanded.

"I like her, Ron. You like it or not she likes me too. She only has friendly feelings for you.'' Harry solemnly said.

Harry's calmness only made matters worse. It made Ron more angry. He grabbed Harry by his collar and started yelling, "The Great Harry Potter has to have everything. He has money. He has fame. Now he has to have the girl that poor Ron wants."

Seeing that this also got no reaction from Harry he got even madder. He released Harry's collar only to punch him on the nose.

Hermione saw Ron's fist connect with Harry's nose and heard the sickening crunch of breaking it. But she still couldn't believe it. Ron'd hit his best friend. As Ron was about to make another move Hermione's mind unfroze.

To protect Harry she let loose a bout of accidental magic which slammed into Ron throwing him off of Harry.

Seeing Hermione like this Ron became scared and for the first time he shut up. He tried to go for his wand but was unsuccessful.

Hermione was beyond angry. She was furious. First Ron had to ruin her perfect date and now he had hurt her Harry.

'Her Harry', she liked the sound of it she thought to herself. Clearing her head of these tender thoughts she channeled her anger.

"You never learn, do you Ron? Last year your jealousy nearly broke your friendship with Harry. Still you are acting like a jealous moron." Hermione ranted to a scared Ron. "As he said he likes me and I like him. I wouldn't go out with you even if he didn't ask me. Because you are such a selfish git."

Hearing this words Ron became angry again. He finally got his wand and as he was about to hex her, Hermione's another bout of accidental magic hit him squarely on the chest and knocked him unconscious.

Harry finally got back on his feet. And he had a faraway look on his eyes. Hermione got worried thinking maybe he'd got a concussion.

She hurried to him. Holding him she started inspecting his wound. "Are you alright Harry?" She worriedly asked.

Harry mumbled something that she couldn't catch. "What is it Harry? Say it again I didn't hear you."

Harry grinned mischievously and whispered in her ear, "That was way too hot. You should definitely do it more often."

Hermione blushed head to toe and let go of him. She decided their next stop should be the hospital wing to fix Harry's nose. As she turned to look at Ron she noticed for the first time that they were not so alone anymore.

Quite a crowd had gathered there. They were whispering among themselves. She looked into Harry's eyes and he just shrugged his shoulders. She had a very bad feeling that this was not going to end well.

A commotion could be heard. Someone was coming. As the the crowd moved away to make space they finally saw who was it and their heart froze.

It was Professor McGonagall.


To say that her day became a nightmare after this incident would be an understatement. Professor McGonagall was very strict with them. She levitated Ron towards the castle and commanded them to follow her.

She had fixed Harry's nose there but she couldn't wake up Ron. Hermione was a little bit proud at that. Ron had to stay at the hospital wing that night. So he was saved from professor's wrath for a night.

She gave them both detention. She didn't want to listen to any excuses. She thought they both deserved punishment for fighting like common goons.

At a time Umbridge tried to interfare and the fight between Professor McGonagall and Umbridge was epic. But in the end Professor McGonagall won and Umbridge had to go. Maybe she'd try to pass another decree soon.

They had to go to detention right before dinner. Before they went Parvati came and apologized profusely. She and Ron was having problems right from the start. Ron was bad-mouthing everyone known and unknown and whining about everything.

But the last straw came when he started blaming Padma for ruining his Yule Ball. Parvati couldn't take it anymore so she told him that the date was over and there wouldn't be another one in the future.

Both Harry and Hermione sighed with relief. Parvati was no longer giving them the death glare. Harry assured her that they weren't angry with her he also apologized to her for ruining her day. 'Now I can go to sleep without worrying about being murdered.' Hermione thought relieved.


As Deputy Headmistress Professor McGonagall had to do a lot of paperworks. They had to organise them, correct them. In some cases they had to even write them.

After three hours Hermione was feeling like all her life had been drained out of her and if she saw another report she'd die on this table.

Just as she was thinking this thoughts Professor McGonagall came. "Mr. Potter, Miss Granger your detention is quite finished. You can go now. Please, don't give me another reason to drag you two back here. From now on behave yourselves." She tightly said.

"Yes, Professor McGonagall." They replied on autopilot.

"Now dinner time is over. You two stay here. Your dinner will be given here. Please, return directly to your dorm after finishing. Good night." Giving them a slight nod she left the room.

Hermione slumped on her chair and closed her eyes. 'What a day!' She thought. When she opened her eyes she saw a plate full of sandwiches and a pitcher full of pumpkin juice.

Hermione started eating immediately but she stopped when she realized Harry wasn't eating. He was fronwing and staring at the candle.

Hermione touched his arm and asked, "Harry are you alright? Why aren't you eating? Aren't you hungry?"

Harry didn't answer. He didn't even move. Hermione started to worry. She thought maybe his scar was hurting him. "Is it your scar Harry? Is it hurting?" She asked frantically.

"I'm sorry." He finally said. Hermione was confused why he was saying sorry. Then it dawned on her maybe he was breaking up with her. The date was such a disaster that he didn't want to be with her anymore. Fear gripped her heart.

Still she asked, "Why? Why're you sorry?"

"I let you down, Hermione." Harry said sadly. "I thought the date would be perfect for you. Instead here we are having dinner at Professor McGonagall's office." He finished bitterly.

Hermione loudly exhaled the breath she was holding. Grabbing Harry's face by both of her hands she turned him towards her. "Harry, I had a great time today. The date was perfect until Ron ruined it." She said softly tracing his cheekbones with her thumbs. "It was hundred times better than I ever imagined."

"So, you're saying that you enjoyed yourself." Harry timidly asked. Hermione nodded. "It's so perfect that I didn't want to get back here." Hermione said looking into his eyes.

Harry looked relieved and finally smiled. He covered both her hands with his own and rested them on his lap.

"I was trying so hard not to lose my temper and cause trouble. And it was way too hard. When Ron was talking down to you I came pretty close to knocking him out myself." Harry said happily. Now reaching for a sandwich.

Hermione also grabbed a sandwich. "I'm glad Ron did this." She said swallowing a bite.

Harry gave her an incredulous look. Mouth otherwise occupied to say anything.

"Now we can continue dating without all this drama. Our relationship is out in the open." Hermione explained.

Harry nodded. "Well, every cloud has a silver lining."

Hermione smirked and said, "There's another silver lining." Harry rose an eyebrow. "Well, it gave us a chance to have a candle light dinner." Hermione said grinning.

Harry got a very serious look on his face. "There goes my idea for the third date." He said starting to lean down. "Now what should we do for our third date."

"Don't worry. You'll think of something." She said before pulling him all the way down.


There she was sitting on a rickety uncomfortable chair in Professor McGonagall's office on a detention. Their lives were in danger because of Voldemort's return. School life was getting harder everyday because of Umbridge. And from now on Ron will be a pain in the arse along with their other schoolmates. Life was not perfect. Actually it was far away from perfect.

But when they were together like this they were okay. She knew as long as they were together they could survive against anything. Them against the whole world. Harry and Hermione together. Just how it's supposed to be.

The End