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My Perfect Warrior

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15 minutes prior arrival to Ratu Gadhi

Up in a tall tree, a Macaque lazed around on a branch enjoying the spring season weather. The tranquility was broken when the sound of air being beat in submission startled the monkey. It crawled deep into the tree's foliage, peeking its tiny head out to see the retreating form of a helicopter. The copter flew fast, faster than any eagle in the area. The forest gave way to a huge lake, and residing in the middle was the Jalendu Temple. The copter dipped down, flying closer to the lake's surface, the force of its blades disturbing the water. 

The door of the helicopter slid open, and Hurk looked outside in wonder. "Aw man, this place is a-mazing! Hey, why are we flying so close to the laaaaAAAAAAKE!" He fell from the copter, landing with a splash. Seconds later he emerged, spewing out water. "Thanks for the lift!" He yelled, waving goodbye to his travel buddy whom had actually pushed him out. The helicopter rose back into the air, continuing its destination after dropping off the unwanted cargo. 

Ratu Gadhi came into view and the helicopter slowed down, landing outside the fortress walls. The door slid open, and Yalung stepped out of the flying vehicle. She strode toward the entrance with purpose, passing by Royal Army soldiers stationed there who stared at her. It was rare to see the demon of Kyrat, and most do not know what she even looked like. They only identified her by the mask she wore; the mask of Yalung. 

Entering the fortress, Yalung headed to the main building, passing by another helicopter. Guards posted by the doors opened it for her when they saw her approach. They are familiar with the demon's presence. Yalung has come on occasions to report to her master, be it here or at Durgesh Prison. It seems today Yuma is not alone. Talking outside her office stood Yuma Lao, Warden of Durgesh, and Pagan Min, King of Kyrat. Yalung made her presence known by walking up to the two.

"Ah! Well if it isn't the son I never had." Pagan Min announced, slinging an arm over Yalung's shoulder. "My boy it's been too long since the last time I've seen you. Tell me, how are tea productions coming along? I do like the Nappa Blossom, but I think the Ginger Caraco is a bit strong for my taste. Too bitter."

Yalung, aside from being Yuma's personal one-man army, was the CEO of the K.T.C; the Kyrati Tea Corporation. Because of the limited space in Kyrat's region, and being less popular than the opium manufacturing, Yalung received a portion of land in the Kyratese Uttar Region specifically for tea productions. Along with owning the land, Yalung can house the tea workers, keeping them in a small village separated from the outside world. Many conscripted workers sign to transfer over to work under Yalung. Anything was better than working in the mines, but unfortunately, all spaces in the Tea Corp are taken and don't seem to be opening anytime soon.

"The Ginger Caraco is a medicinal tea, sir." Yalung informed the King of Kyrat. 

Pagan pursed his lips, "Mh, that makes a lot of sense now. I gotta tell Gary to start reading the back before buying whatever. And what did I tell you about calling me sir. We are past all that formality nonsense." His tone of voice sounded like he was chiding a little kid. "Anyways, it is absolutely perfect timing you are here. I was on my way to see the 'Masked Man'. They say it's going to be the last time he's fighting in the arena. It will be like taking your son out to the ball game. Only I need the player arrested. I don't understand why they break the rules. I specifically told that promoting Golden Path propaganda is illegal, yet they still do it. And they wonder why they get arrested, ha!"

Pagan glanced at Yuma, "But I suppose you're busy with my sister." He waved his hand dismissively, "Oh well. They won't start the show without me anyways. I am, after all, their guest of honor. But don't take too long. It's rude to make a King wait."

The flamboyant king left to wait outside, and Yalung followed Yuma into her office. "Report." Yuma ordered, sitting behind the desk. 

"Hoyt Volker is dead. The CIA has finally terminated him, and his business. The Rook Island is now under 24 surveillance by the U.S government. There is nothing left to salvage."

"Nothing at all?" Yuma asked, unperturbed by the news. "Then that means all Indochina is available for trade. The Golden Triangle will profit from this, and Kyrat gets free shipping. What happened to the rest of the team?"

"Killed by natives of the island." Yalung answered. 

Yuma cocked her head, "Anything else?"

"No, sir."

"Good. Ms. Nadira has asked for you to tutor a student of hers, so after your time with Pagan get some rest and tomorrow you will head to U.M.E.C."

"Yes, sir." 

"Dismissed." Yuma said, picking up a clip of papers she needed to read through. Yalung just reached the door before Yuma called for her again.


Lakshmana halted and turned to face Yuma.

"Your father might be in a murderous mood. If he asks you to perform a public execution of the Masked Man, I want you to try and keep the man alive and tell Pagan I personally order for the Masked Man to be transferred to Durgesh and serve a term of five months. It won't look good to the public if their King starts murdering their entertainment. It is better to keep the masses happy than bored. Boredom leads to complaints and then revolts. We don't want to give the Golden Path more recruits."

"Yes, sir." Lakshmana nodded, and left the office, just as an elderly man in a white suit with a walking cane entered. 

"Oh, Yalung, any luck finding the four Thangkas?" Sir Nigel asked, and lowered his voice so the person in the office won't hear their discussion. "I'm afraid Yuma is starting to get agitated. You know how she gets when things take too long. I pity the poor men in the mine, she's having them work non-stop."

"I haven't yet." Yalung answered. She was lying. Of course she found the Thangkas already, she knows Kyrat like the back of her hand. The only reason why Yalung didn't bring it to Yuma was because the Shangri-La Thangkas belonged to the Ghale family. She will keep them safe for Mohan, she owed the dead man that much. 

Sir Nigel hummed disappointingly, "Kyrat's a big place and full of secrets. I'm sure it is out there somewhere. I think Yuma is waiting for me. It's good seeing you." The old man patted her shoulder and entered the office. "Yuma dear..." The door shut closed, cutting off whatever Sir Nigel was going to say. Yalung was tempted to stay and eavesdrop for a short while, but the King was waiting for her. 

Exiting the building, she headed towards the helicopter she passed earlier. As he said, Pagan was waiting for her, and smiled when he saw her coming. 

Yalung stared hard at the King, the man who is her father. Pagan and Yuma have the disease, the disease of violence, and they are infecting the people of Kyrat with it. Sabal and Amita are no exception either; they too are sick. 

The Jackal made the perfect cure for this disease. Isolate the infected, and let them destroy each other. No matter the cost... even if that cost meant sacrificing his life. 

Lakshmana will do the same. She will purify the land, and save the innocents. 

For him; for the Jackal.

No matter what.