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2018-08-28 14:15:58 -0400

We've improved the handling of mass imports for Open Doors, made life a little easier for the Support and Policy & Abuse teams, added some more performance tweaks for happy servers, and fixed a handful of assorted bugs!


  • Coders: Ariana, cosette, cyrilcee, digitalAlchemist, DreamSea, Elz, Hazel Seanor, MaaikeVR, Meepu, redsummernight, Russell Flaum, Sarken, Tal, ticking instant, tuff
  • Code reviewers: Ariana, james_, redsummernight, Sarken
  • Testers: Ariana, Lady Oscar, redsummernight, Runt, Sammie Louise, Sarken



  • [AO3-4896] - We previously removed the "Delete Work" button from works, as it was just a tad too easy to hit it by accident and then dismiss the pop-up warning, causing a lot of sadness. We have now also removed the "Delete Chapter" buttons for the same reason. You can still delete individual chapters from the Edit Chapter form.
  • [AO3-5140] - There was an error in our search-by-date code that meant it wasn't dismissing blank spaces after an "ago" (which would have been smart!), but was extra lenient about anyone typing in "5 days agosssss", which probably didn't happen a lot. It now does the smart thing.
  • [AO3-5369] - Paging through a work chapter by chapter will now take you past the big box of work information at the top, right to the chapter heading and summary. \o/
  • [AO3-5447] - Going to the works page for a username that does not exist would inexplicably show the general "Recent Works" listing instead; going to a non-existent pseud's works page would throw an Error 500. Both cases now produce neat 404 pages, as they should.
  • [AO3-5503] - Since we may be sending out many subscription notices for the same work at the same time, and those emails contain the same pseud/user/tag/series data, we've added caching blocks to our email-building code so it doesn't have to repeat all the database queries for each email.
  • [AO3-5445] - The "Refuse Gift" link would give an Error 500 if you weren't logged in as the recipient of the gift (an unlikely scenario to begin with). The refusal attempt now leads to the proper error message, asking you to log in.
  • [AO3-5019] - In downloads, the title of a parent work overlapped the words "This work was inspired by" in the inspired work. Oops. It looks much tidier now.
  • [AO3-5420] - In a certain browser that shall not be named, if the stats section of a work blurb spanned multiple lines and had links (for comments, collections, kudos, and bookmarks), the underline styling of said links would touch the line below it, like awkward little hats. We've added a bit more space between the lines to avoid this.
  • [AO3-5453] - Work deletion sometimes failed because of an email encoding error. That should now be fixed.
  • [AO3-4625] - We produced a new version of the mass import API used for official Open Doors imports in order to provide importers with better error messages.

Support and Policy & Abuse

  • [AO3-5323] - Sometimes we experience a problem so widespread or noticeable (e.g. glacial site slowness) that our Support team receives literally hundreds of messages in the span of minutes, creating quite a bit of work for them. However, we're usually already aware of the problem and composing a quick tweet over at @AO3_Status at that point. To give Support some reprieve during those times, we've made it possible to temporarily disable the Support form until the issue has been taken care of.
  • [AO3-5190] - Submitting an Abuse report or Support request and running into an error (e.g. due to missing information) would reset the selected language to English. Language selection is now preserved like all other form input.
  • [AO3-5495] - Sometimes, a database admin has to look up comments by IP address for the Policy & Abuse committee. Comments are now indexed on IP address, making this task a bit faster.


  • [AO3-4559] - The language lists to select news posts, works, or other items in a particular language had some wonky alphabetization issues. "Suomi" (fi) was sorted between "español" (es) and "Français" (fr), potentially leading to confusion. It should now be more intuitive to browse the list (with "Suomi" cozied up with the other S-languages).
  • [AO3-5185] - Blank tokens were being erroneously stored in our autocomplete system, which sometimes led to incorrect suggestions. That should no longer happen going forward.
  • [AO3-5510] - We've added a configuration option to how we update the tagging counts in the wrangling interface, to see how we can make the database servers happier about these updates.
  • [AO3-5335] - Our static error pages (such as our charming Error 502 notice) had some incorrect menu items in the navigation bar. They're all tidied up now!
  • [AO3-5448] - Trying to access a non-existent (e.g. misspelled) FAQ item would throw an Error 500 and now produces a neat 404 page.
  • [AO3-5509] - Sometimes our automated tests failed because Elasticsearch didn't start up quickly enough. We made it so the tests wouldn't run until Elasticsearch was fully started.
  • [AO3-5496] - We've updated our transaction gems. It seemed neater that way.


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2018-08-16 12:06:28 -0400

Five Things an OTW Volunteer Said

Every month or so the OTW will be doing a Q&A with one of its volunteers about their experiences in the organization. The posts express each volunteer's personal views and do not necessarily reflect the views of the OTW or constitute OTW policy. Today's post is with Stephanie Godden, who volunteers as a staffer in our Open Doors Committee.

How does what you do as a volunteer fit into what the OTW does?

The mission of the Open Doors project is to collaborate with the moderators of offline and at-risk archives and help import their works to the AO3, in keeping with the OTW’s goal of preserving and providing access to fanworks. So my duties as an Open Doors staffer range from directly interacting with archivists, creators, and fans; to actively participating in imports; to making improvements to our procedures and documentation. One nice thing about being on Open Doors is that it’s a very small committee, so there’s a lot of opportunity for anyone interested to learn every piece of the import process and to take initiative with additional tasks internal to the committee.

Open Doors’ work fits into the OTW by requiring quite a lot of cross-committee collaboration. For instance, we work with Translation and Communications to publish import announcements in multiple languages and spread the word on social media. Systems helps us to transfer hosting and domains of imported archives to the OTW as well as to set up redirects from original URLs to their imported copies on AO3. AO3 Documentation writes the FAQs on our website, and these require Open Doors approval throughout the drafting process. We collaborate with Accessibility, Design, & Technology, who manage AO3, via our fabulous liaison who also serves as Open Doors’ technical staffer. We also work closely with Tag Wrangling, who “map” the tags used on original archives to their counterparts on AO3 and whose Special Project Volunteers assist with searching the AO3 for existing copies of works before we do imports, so that we don’t end up with duplicates.

I currently serve on four OTW committees, so I have my hands on a lot of different moving parts! My role as a Tag Wrangler allows me to build relationships between tags so that AO3 users receive more complete, accurate results when they filter works. As a Media Outreach staffer with the Communications Committee, I interact with the OTW community by providing fans with content about what’s happening within fandom and within the OTW, and I help increase the OTW’s visibility and strengthen its connections to the media. On the other hand, in my staff position on Volunteers & Recruiting, I get to strengthen the OTW’s infrastructure by keeping our personnel records up-to-date, coordinating recruitment drives, and participating in projects that enable our volunteers to do their work more easily.

What is a typical week like for you as a volunteer?

Another nice thing about volunteering with Open Doors is that it’s very self-directed: you can take on as many or as few archives, tickets, and other tasks as you have time for. Depending on how far along the archives I’ve claimed are in the import process, during a typical week, I might be corresponding with archivists in order to draft import agreements, notifying other committees of upcoming imports and import announcements, or pushing buttons to import works en masse to the AO3, just to name a few possibilities.

Besides working with archivists, my volunteering also might include helping creators claim their works on their AO3 accounts or researching offline archives and reaching out to their moderators at the request of fans. Most of our work is centered on importing archives and helping creators access their imported works, but we also try to make time for keeping our internal documentation of our procedures up-to-date and for responding to other committees, like when AO3 Documentation wants us to look over FAQ drafts.

What made you decide to volunteer?

I started actively reading fanfiction on AO3 in early 2016, but I didn’t really know what the OTW was until I saw the Spotlight on Legal Advocacy post that was linked in a banner over the site during the October 2016 fundraising drive. Impressed, I spent an evening browsing the OTW's website and reading up on the OTW’s structure and goals. I’ve been moderating fan-run forums since the early 2000s, including a six-year stint acting in various mod roles on a fanfiction-based community until it closed down just a few months before that time, so when I learned that the OTW was a volunteer-run organization, I was immediately interested in joining it as a volunteer.

Three months later, the OTW announced that several committees, including Open Doors, were recruiting new volunteers. The Open Doors Committee’s work in particular resonated with me, as I had previously been a member of several archives that had closed down or were in danger of doing so (one of which, Unknowable Room, has since actually been imported to the AO3 through the Open Doors project!). I applied, and now four committees later, here we are!

What's the most fun thing to you about volunteering for the OTW?

The people I get to volunteer with! I’ve formed some great friendships with my fellow volunteers on Open Doors as well as elsewhere on other OTW committees. Moreover, even though I’ve been in the OTW for about a year and a half now, there’s always so much to learn and still so much that I don’t know about how all the different pieces of the organization fit together. I have great respect for the chairs of my committees and the experienced volunteers I’m privileged to work beside and learn from.

What fannish things do you like to do?

Besides modding and volunteering, fanfiction has always been the part of fandom that I’m most active with. I go in and out of binge-reading phases, and I’ve been on a slow-but-consistent writing kick ever since I joined the Supernatural fandom, although my one true fandom will always be Harry Potter.

I love getting my hands on every interesting piece of writing I can find about my chosen characters or ships, so that I can see the connections between which creators were influential over other creators and the ways that tropes and headcanons spread within a fandom over time. As a writer, I also love filling in the gaps before and between canonical events, finding canon-compliant ways to explain plot holes and canon inconsistencies, and exploring interesting alternatives that arise from canon divergence—all while adding as much character development and angst as possible.

Now that our volunteer’s said five things about what they do, it’s your turn to ask one more thing! Feel free to ask about their work in comments. Or if you'd like, you can check out earlier Five Things posts.

The Organization for Transformative Works is the non-profit parent organization of multiple projects including Archive of Our Own, Fanlore, Open Doors, Transformative Works and Cultures, and OTW Legal Advocacy. We are a fan run, entirely donor-supported organization staffed by volunteers. Find out more about us on our website.


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OTW Elections

The Elections Committee would like to thank all of our candidates for their hard work in this year's election. With that, we are pleased to present the results of the 2018 Election.

The following candidates (in alphabetical order) have been officially elected to the Board of Directors.

  • Lex de Leon
  • Natalia Gruber

The new members of the Board will formally begin their term overlap on October 1. We wish them well with their terms.

With that, the election season comes to a close. Thank you to everyone who got involved by spreading the word, asking the candidates questions, and, of course, voting! We look forward to seeing all of you again next year.


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The election has opened!

Every member who joined between July 1, 2017, and June 30, 2018, should have a ballot by now. If you didn't get one, please check your spam folder first, then contact us via our contact form.

The election will run through 11:59 UTC on August 13, 2018; check this time zone converter to find out what time that will be for you.

Once you’ve voted, you can head over to Twitter and use the hashtag #OTWE2018 to let us know!


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2018-08-09 14:29:06 -0400

We've fixed some issues with our new and (now even more) improved search features, addressed some unsatisfactory code that was slowing down the site and making the servers sad, fixed a handful of bugs, and generally tidied up around the place a bit.


  • Coders: Ariana, cosette, DreamSea, Elz, james_, redsummernight, Sarken, Scott, Tal Hayon, ticking instant
  • Code reviewers: Ariana, Elz, james_, redsummernight, Sarken, Scott, ticking instant
  • Testers: cosette, Danielle Strong, disjointed, hhertzof, james_, Lady Oscar, redsummernight, Runt, Sarken


Searching & Filtering

  • [AO3-5470] - When we were still running both versions of Elasticsearch, indexing would fail for the old version. We fixed that, but it's kind of irrelevant now. But still!
  • [AO3-5329] - The summary above a listing of search results (showing which input led to said results) was leaving out crossover status and completion information. Now they're properly included.
  • [AO3-5444] - Searches with over 100,000 results said "100000 Found" instead of displaying the actual number, which was an unintended consequence of limiting access to 5,000 pages of search results at a time. All searches will now show the correct number.
  • [AO3-5461] - If a tag has two meta tags and a creator uses both that tag and one of its meta tags (or one of its synonymous tags) on a work, it's now not considered a crossover anymore. That was a bit of an unexpected glitch there.
  • [AO3-5465] - We also made sure that incorrectly marked crossovers will be reindexed, so they don't show up in crossover searches anymore. If a work's fandoms share a common meta tag, it's not a crossover!
  • [AO3-5484] - Somewhat relatedly, some tags are missing their inherited meta tags, leading to wrong results in crossover searches. The way we check for crossovers now takes this charming bug into account.
  • [AO3-5462] - The Tag Search used to display 50 results per page, which was reduced to 20 after the search update. Oops. We've reverted it to its previous abundance.
  • [AO3-5463] - The "Works in Collections" page used to include a user's works in anonymous or unrevealed collections, until the search update broke that a bit. They're back now!
  • [AO3-5468] - The "Complete works only"/"Works in progress only" options were hidden under the "Status" heading, which was a bit opaque. We've renamed it to Completion Status.
  • [AO3-5472] - Tapping checkboxes and radio buttons would not always work correctly on iOS with VoiceOver. Now a double tap on a checkbox will select the option, as expected.
  • [AO3-5460] - There were a few tiny errors in the help text for the work filters, which we've corrected.
  • [AO3-5483] - As explained in our Hidden search operators cheatsheet, words entered into the main search inbox should be separated by an AND if you want to search across all work properties. We have amended our help text accordingly.

Backend & Performance

  • [AO3-5466] - Upgraded the nokogiri gem to 1.8.3
  • [AO3-5471] - Updated our deploy script to account for servers newly running Elasticsearch.
  • [AO3-5486] - To comply with the GDPR, we provide each user who contacts us (and can prove they own a certain account) with a list of data that account has submitted to or created on the Archive. This script simplifies that process.
  • [AO3-4470] - Added more caching for site settings so that we can make fewer database requests.
  • [AO3-5167] - Reworked some work/bookmark ownership checks for the same reason.
  • [AO3-5172] - Improved the performance of a method that cleans up tag data when works are deleted or tags are wrangled.
  • [AO3-5177] - Reduced trips to the database when reviewing/approving tag set nominations.
  • [AO3-5500] - Tweaked some code so work and bookmark indexes will render faster.
  • [AO3-5479] - We cache data regarding the number of times each tag is used, so that we can sort them by size/popularity. Recalculating that can put pressure on the database, so we spread out the timing of it to lighten the load.
  • [AO3-5287] - In another place where we cache the number of times tags are used, we made the calls asynchronous so that posting and deleting works should be a little faster.

Tests & Clean-up

  • [AO3-4818] - We extended the automatic tests for prompt memes.
  • [AO3-4928] - We also extended the tests for gifted works.
  • [AO3-5073] - There were intermittent failures in the tests for the history feature. It should be more reliable now.
  • [AO3-5455] - To reduce the runtime for our test suite, we split the tests into groups so each group can be run separately where convenient.
  • [AO3-5459] - Updated the Elasticsearch version on our CI services to match the version we use on the Archive.
  • [AO3-5491] - Sometimes our automated tests failed because Elasticsearch didn't start up quickly enough. We made it so the tests wouldn't run until Elasticsearch was fully started.
  • [AO3-5485] - The rake task we used for providing basic development data wasn't working because we had changed our database structure since the last time anyone ran the task. Now the files it uses are updated and we have automated tests to stop us from breaking things again.
  • [AO3-5456] - Removed old Elasticsearch tests we didn't need anymore. \o/
  • [AO3-5424] - Removed some unused tag-related code.
  • [AO3-5227] - Removed some unused search-related code.
  • [AO3-5228] - Removed some unused wrangling-related code.

Misc. & Assorted

  • [AO3-4842] - Line breaks were getting stripped out of Support and Abuse messages, making them hard to read. We now make sure that carriage returns are preserved on the way to our ticket tracker.
  • [AO3-5467] - Buttons, button-style links in headings, and button-style status indications (e.g. Unread) in the inbox had different fallback fonts than other elements. Now they all have the same!
  • [AO3-4579] - We've added some information to challenges, letting participants know that their email addresses will be visible to mods, and letting mods know that any kind of abuse will lead to account termination.
  • [AO3-4905] - Requesting a temporary password made it impossible to change your email until the password had been reset (which was confusing and annoying if you remembered your password and never went through with the reset). You can now change your email address regardless.
  • [AO3-5474] - We used to have an admin setting to disable work downloads for guests, which recently asserted itself a little more aggressively than it should. It's gone now.

Known Issues

See our Known Issues page for current issues.


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OTW Newsletter


On 20 July, The Archive of Our Own reached four million fanworks! AO3 continues to grow at an ever-increasing rate; previous fanworks milestones: 3 million fanworks on April 28, 2017, 2 million fanworks on December 20th, 2015, 1 million fanworks on February 15th, 2014.

Another milestone this month was the release of the major AO3 search engine upgrade! New features like tag exclusion and better search-by date will make searching those 4 million fanworks much easier. Also helpful: the updated hidden search operators cheatsheet.

Cheers to Accessibility, Design and Technology for reaching the end of this very long process!


The Election for the OTW Board of Directors will take place August 10-13.

The Development & Membership Committee has finished the task of compiling the voter rolls and, by now, all members should have received voting instructions by email. The Elections committee worked closely with Communications to hold and advertise two candidate chats on July 22 and July 28 and the publication of candidates’ Q & A responses. For all the Elections information, visit the OTW Elections site, follow @OTWElections on Twitter, and otwelections on Tumblr.


Good news from the European Union! In early July, the EU Parliament voted against automatic approval of a “Proposal for a Directive on Copyrights in the Digital Single Market”. The European Parliament will revisit the proposal with amendments in September. The OTW Legal Committee updated their June post with these new developments in these potentially fan-unfriendly changes to EU copyright law.

In Australia, Legal submitted a response to the Australian Government's call for stakeholder input into its copyright modernization process. The OTW comment argued that Australia should adopt a flexible fair use standard that leaves room for fan creativity, in place of its current fair dealing law. Thanks to all the Australian users and members who submitted their stories!

Also in July, OTW Legal joined with allies at the Suffolk Law Clinic to oppose registration of the term "Rapunzel" as a trademark for dolls and toys. They argued that Rapunzel is a folklore and popular-media character used in many fanworks including fanfiction, fanart, and fan dolls and toys, so the word cannot act as a brand for any particular maker of dolls or toys.


Open Doors announced the import of FictionAlley, a Harry Potter fanfiction, fanart and essay archive, on July 19th. Open Doors is also pleased to announce the completed imports of Artifact Storage Room 3, a Sentinel fanfiction and fanart archive, and the National Library portion of the West Wing Fanfiction Central. Open Doors would like to thank their special project volunteers, who completed the AO3 search of TER/MA, an X-Files slash fanfiction archive, marking substantial progress in the duplicate search queue.

Head's up: have you been using the Stylish browser extension to style websites? AO3 Documentation wants to alert users that the extension is malware, stealing internet history data. Stylish has been removed from the Chrome, Firefox, and Mozilla extension stores. AO3 Docs has removed it from their Unofficial Browser Tools FAQ; look for replacement options soon.

Finally, Support received approximately 1,500 tickets in July, up from 1,100 in June; however, a higher percentage of those than usual have been ~praise~! Users are very excited about the new search features :) Policy & Abuse received 982 tickets this month, and Tag Wrangling handled ~171,000 tags in June.


As of 25 July the OTW has 656 volunteers. \o/ Recent personnel movements are listed below.

New Committee Staff: Cyn (Support), Ellen (Support), Jeniouis (Support), JR (Support), Sable (Support) and 8 other Support Staffers, 1 new Open Doors Staffer.
New Fanlore Volunteers: 1 volunteer
New Tag Wrangler Volunteers: Rachel Marie, Zorya
New Translator Volunteers: LapsedPacifist, Beyza G., Marina81, Keeni, wermea, Ula, and 7 other volunteers
New TWC Volunteers: 1 volunteer

Departing Committee Staff: 1 Elections staff, 1 Policy and Abuse staff
Departing Tag Wrangler Volunteers: NirCele and Ron Geromy and 2 other Tag Wrangler Volunteers
Departing Translation Volunteers: alive, Diya Basu

For more information about the purview of our committees, please access the committee listing on our website.

The Organization for Transformative Works is the non-profit parent organization of multiple projects including Archive of Our Own, Fanlore, Open Doors, Transformative Works and Cultures, and OTW Legal Advocacy. We are a fan run, entirely donor-supported organization staffed by volunteers. Find out more about us on our website.


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2018-08-01 11:26:43 -0400

OTW Recruitment

Are you interested in the rescue and preservation of fanworks? Do you have a background in finance and accounting? The Organization for Transformative Works is recruiting!

We're excited to announce the opening of applications for:

  • Finance Committee Staff: Financial Analyst - closing 08 August 2018 at 23:59 UTC
  • Finance Committee Staff: Investment Specialist - closing 08 August 2018 at 23:59 UTC
  • Open Doors Committee Staff- closing 08 August 2018 at 23:59 UTC

We have included more information on each role below. Open roles and applications will always be available at the volunteering page. If you don't see a role that fits with your skills and interests now, keep an eye on the listings. We plan to put up new applications every few weeks, and we will also publicize new roles as they become available.

All applications generate a confirmation page and an auto-reply to your e-mail address. We encourage you to read the confirmation page and to whitelist our email address in your e-mail client. If you do not receive the auto-reply within 24 hours, please check your spam filters and then contact us.

If you have questions regarding volunteering for the OTW, check out our Volunteering FAQ.

Finance Committee Staff: Financial Analyst

Have you checked out the OTW’s budget for 2018? Did you by any chance look at it and go, hey, I could help them with that? If you have a background in finance and accounting, and if you’re up for contributing some time and knowledge, we’d love to hear from you!

The OTW Finance committee is responsible for ensuring that the organization's financial reporting and records are accurate and timely. The Financial Analyst position handles monthly bookkeeping and bank reconciliations, assists in the creation of the annual budget, helps coordinate annual audits, and contributes to annual financial statements. Financial Analysts will also take the lead on other projects, such as insurance renewal and internal documentation, as requested by the Finance Committee Chair.

More information about the Finance Committee can be found at the Finance Committee Page.

Applications are due 08 August 2018 at 23:59 UTC

Finance Committee Staff: Investment Specialist

Have you checked out the OTW’s budget for 2018? Did you look at it and go, hey, I could help them with that? If you have a background in finance and investment, and if you’re up for contributing some time and knowledge, we’d love to hear from you!

The OTW Finance committee is responsible for ensuring that the organization's financial reporting and records are accurate and timely. The Investment Specialist position manages the OTW's investment portfolio and advises the Finance Committee on investing opportunities. They monitor account activity, analyze statements and reports, and provide suggestions on how to structure the investment portfolios to get the maximum return within specified parameters.

More information about the Finance Committee can be found at the Finance Committee Page.

Applications are due 08 August 2018 at 23:59 UTC

Open Doors Staff

Are you interested in the rescue and preservation of fanworks? Enjoy coordinating projects and liaising with people? Still guiltily--or not so guiltily--love the first fanwork that opened your eyes to fandom?

Open Doors is a committee dedicated to preserving fanworks in their many native formats, and is looking for staffers to support this goal. The work we do preserves fan history, love, and dedication to fandom: we keep online archives from going down, divert fanzines from the trash, and more.

If you're interested, click on through for a fuller description of what we're looking for and the time commitment.

Applications are due 08 August 2018 at 23:59 UTC

Apply at the volunteering page!


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OTW Elections

At this time, all eligible OTW members should have received an email linking to the voting instructions for 2018. The subject line was "Voting Instructions for Organization for Transformative Works (OTW) Board Election". Please note that anyone who didn’t receive this email is not on the voter rolls this year and will not receive a ballot.

If you are a member and didn’t receive this email, please do the following:

  1. Check your spam folder.
    • If you use Gmail, check your Social tab.
    • If the email is marked as spam, unmark it. Otherwise, you will not receive your ballot, as it will end up in spam as well.
  2. If no email is present, open your donation receipt and check the date.
    • To vote in this election, your receipt must be dated between July 1, 2017, and June 30, 2018, inclusive of both dates.
    • If you paid by check, your membership is measured by the arrival date of the check.
  3. If your donation was made during the eligible time period, make sure you checked the box to become a member. Membership is voluntary for those who donate at least $10; only members can vote.
  4. If you did become a member, make sure you neither marked any email from the OTW as spam nor opted out of OTW emails or last year’s ballot. If you did so and would like to vote this year, you’ll need to follow step 5 below.
  5. If you donated at least $10 during the eligible period and you checked the box to become a member, please fill out the Elections Contact Form and select the topic “Is my membership current/Am I eligible to vote?” Make sure to include the email you used when donating.
    • Membership has no connection to being a user of AO3 or Fanlore. Please don’t give us your AO3 or Fanlore username – we have no way of knowing who that name belongs to, and we don’t want to know.

Most importantly, if the voting instructions email bounces, gets marked as spam, or you opt out, you will not receive a ballot for this year’s election, and you may not receive a ballot next year. Similarly, if any of those things happened to last year’s election emails, you will not receive a ballot this year. Therefore, if you previously opted out of OTW emails or marked them as spam and would like to vote, fill out the Elections Contact Form and select the topic “Is my membership current/Am I eligible to vote?”


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