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2010-01-09 06:15:06 -0500

Welcome to Release or Revision 2101, up from 2050. This is a bug-fixing release and as such is mostly composed of minor changes.

Our next deploy will probably be late January.


Collections & Challenges!

  • You can now reveal works one item at a time
  • Navigation links added to fandoms from the collections home page and the index


  • We've done some maintenance on the filters so that if your works weren't being filtered properly before, they should be now. Please let us know if you encounter any problems.
  • If you have a work marked as No Fandom you may wish to update it

Known Issues

See Known Issues page

Release Details


  • Fixed autocomplete on bookmark external works
  • Fixed remix not showing on preview if added on edit
  • Fixed redirects for admin-only pages
  • Fixed problem editing bookmark of a deleted item
  • Fixed Collection home pages not displaying both fandom and work counts
  • Fixed Collection displaying tags for unapproved works
  • Fixed author in browser page title displaying on anonymous series
  • Fixed problem with overlapping Login block and tabs resulting from fixed-font browser preferences
  • Fixed problem with Help Links displaying illegibly in a browser that is using font and background preferences

New Things

  • Added ability to translate login dialogue into multiple languages
  • Added redirect to login page for when people try to create bookmarks when not logged in


  • Hid 'bookmark this user' link when you're logged in and looking at yourself
  • Improved the way anonymity/unrevealed state of items in a Collection is handled
  • Upgraded search plugin thinking sphinx to resolve problem with finding extraneous works
  • Changed redirect on deleting a chapter to point to work view
  • Changed error message: fandoms page for non-existent media should trigger 404 instead of 500
  • Changed Collections link in Site map to reflect it now existing :)
  • Refactored comment code to make it faster

Love, AD&T