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2012-02-14 22:48:41 UTC

Over the past seven days, we've been spreading the love on the Archive of Our Own with our seven days of love challenge! Thanks to everyone who joined in and left comments, kudos, recs, love for challenges and love-themed works of all kinds!

Now, on the eighth day, we'd like to send our own Valentine's message. The Archive of Our Own is special because of all the people who make it that way, and we'd like to send a little love out to them all today! (Warning: mush ahead!)

We love all the OTW volunteers who work hard to create the Archive and keep it running smoothly. We have a lot of fun amidst all the hard work, and we love the joy our teams bring to the project. In reverse alphabetical order (we love you all equally):

Thank you to the Systems Committee, who keep our servers running smoothly and work their mysterious magic behind the scenes. Especial love to Sidra, the recipient of many a middle-of-the night appeal for help, who has gone without sleep to put things right when they've gone awry.

Thank you to the Support Committee, who are fast, patient and responsive and help ensure our users have the information and support they need. They are always smiling and friendly, even at their busiest (and they're getting super-efficient!).

Thank you to the Testers, who devotedly work through each new feature and each code fix to make sure that it's working as it should. They always go the extra mile, and their hard work is invaluable.

Thank you to the Tag Wranglers and the Tag Wrangling Committee, who put a great deal of thought and hard work into curating our tags and making them searchable. With 253,062 tags (and counting) on the site, they do an amazing job of keeping them all in order!

Thank you to the Communications folk, who do their best to keep everyone up to date with the news on the AO3!

Thank you to the Coders, who devote their time to building the Archive, and to fixing things when they go wrong. We love seeing people learning new skills as they work on the code, and we love those who pass on their skills to others.

Thank you to the Accessibility, Design and Technology Committee, who oversee the development of the project, manage design, and keep lots of other parts ticking along.

Thank you to the Abuse Committee, who manage the (thankfully few) disputes and complaints that arise.

Thank you to all the other bits of the OTW who do work in the organisation as a whole and enable all the teams above to do their jobs! We love you all ♥.


All of this hard work would be for naught if not for the wonderful people who use and support the Archive. So, love goes out from all our volunteers to you:

Thank you to everyone who has donated to the OTW - your money helps pay for our servers and all the other things we need to keep running!

Thank you to everyone who has ever sent us feedback or thanks - your thoughts help us make a better site and your praise makes us all smile!

Thank you to everyone who creates art, fics, filks, fan-poetry, vids, and other wonderful fanworks and posts them on the Archive for everyone to enjoy! We love you all!

Thank you to everyone who reads, comments, bookmarks, leaves kudos, and generally shares in the fannish excitement on the AO3! Your love keeps the whole thing ticking along.

THANK YOU to everyone whose love makes the Archive of Our Own what it is! We love you all and we hope you feel special today!

AO3 kudos image: stylised AO3 made to look like a figure with arms raised in joy, with hearts floating overhead