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2012-02-13 23:09:35 UTC

It's our seventh day of love! In the seven days running up to Valentine's Day, we've been spreading the love across the AO3 with kudos, comments on old favourites and new-to-you authors, recs old and new and challenges and collections. We hope that our prompts have helped to give the wonderful artists, challenge mods, vidders and writers on the AO3 the love they deserve! (Please do go back and join in the days so far to keep the joy alive!)

Fannish love is centred around amazing creativity, so for our final day we'd like to encourage you all to celebrate love of all kinds by posting a love-themed fanwork to the Archive! Don't limit yourself to romantic love - we want to celebrate platonic love, love between family members, love for places and things, and all the other varieties of love you can think of! Tag your work 'Seven days of love' so we know you're joining in the fun.

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