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2019-09-07 03:30:43 -0400

The new creator invitation system and related preference are the main changes in this release, but because they required a significant overhaul of the creator code, we also fixed a number of related bugs in the process!


  • Coders: james_, Nerine Luna Cyran, Sarken, ticking instant
  • Code reviewers: redsummernight, Sarken, ticking instant
  • Testers: Ania, Ariana, bingeling, doughtier, james_, memorizingthedigitsofpi, Matty, mumble, Nary, redsummernight, Sammie Louise, Sarken, Stephanie Godden, ticking instant


Adding creators and co-creators

  • [AO3-5658] - We overhauled the way co-creating functions by adding an invitation system and requiring users to opt-in before they can be invited. For more details, please check out our post, "Important changes to adding work, chapter, and series co-creators."
  • [AO3-4998] - If two or more users had the pseud Mary Sue, it wasn't possible to add either of them as a chapter co-creator unless you just happened to write their name in a very specific format. We've made it so it'll work without knowing that format. Specifically, if you enter a pseud that belongs to multiple users, you will get an error asking you to choose the proper user from a dropdown menu.
  • [AO3-5606] - We fixed the same issue with series, too!
  • [AO3-5662] - If you were trying to add both a co-creator and a series to a work at the same time, but there was an error adding the co-creator due to that whole "two Mary Sues" scenario we described above, the series would vanish and not get added to the work once you clarified the co-creator situation. We did a little work to make sure the series gets added now, too.
  • [AO3-5061] - If you pressed "Preview" when making changes to your work's or chapter's creators, the proper creators weren't listed on the preview page. Now they are! (This does not apply to creators who are only invited -- they won't show up on the preview.)
  • [AO3-5620] - It used to be that adding a co-creator to a chapter wouldn't add that co-creator to any series the work was in. Now it does!
  • [AO3-5663] - Previously, if you had a series and added a co-created work to that series, the other user(s) on the work would not get listed as co-creators of the series. Now they will.
  • [AO3-5261] - When someone added you as a co-creator, the email used to only say, "You've been added as a co-creator." Now we tell you exactly who added (or invited) you, which can be helpful if there's more than one other person on the work or series.
  • [AO3-3915] - Using the form for editing multiple works to add a co-creator to multi-chapter works didn't add the person to all of the works' chapters. Now it does!

Removing creators

  • [AO3-5334] - The option to remove yourself as a work or series co-creator previous said "Remove Me As Author," which makes certain assumptions about what you're editing. We've changed it to say "Co-Creator" instead. (We also tweaked the resultant error or success message to refer to creators rather than authors.)
  • [AO3-5083] - While using the newly renamed "Remove Me As Co-Creator" button on a series correctly removed you as one of the series' creators, preventing you from making future edits, it incorrectly left your name on the series. Now your name will vanish along with your editing privileges.
  • [AO3-5692] - On the form for editing multiple works, there was an option for removing co-creators. This option didn't work and wasn't actually something we wanted to provide, so we removed it.


  • [AO3-5475] - The mass edit form used to give a rather unhelpful 500 error if one of your changes was invalid (e.g. you were trying to add a tag containing a banned character like * or ^). Now it will take you back to the form with an error message that tells you what the problem is and provides you with an opportunity to fix said problem.
  • [AO3-5625] - Thanks to a bug we believe was generally caused by changing a work's creators using the mass edit form, it was occasionally impossible to edit a work you'd created. (Basically, while transferring the work, the bit in the database responsible for saying, "This user owns this chapter of this work," would go missing.) We've made it so the bug shouldn't happen anymore and so any works already affected by the bug should be editable now.
  • [AO3-5659] - Once upon a time, we planned to make a /browse page for every user, and we had some code relating to it in place. This was so long ago that we'd kind of forgotten why we'd ever wanted that page, though, so we deleted the code.
  • [AO3-5751] - Admins were previously only able to see draft works if they were one chapter and if they were given a direct link, which made it difficult to provide support for draft-related issues. Now admins can see drafts with multiple chapters and draft chapters on posted works. They can also access a user's Drafts page in case the user doesn't provide a direct link.
  • [AO3-5753] - The character limit for comments was previously set to 4,300 characters -- a nod to the limit on LiveJournal, where many AO3 coders and users came from in the early days. But that was a long time ago, and some people like to leave much longer comments, so we've increased the limit to 10,000 characters.


  • [AO3-5729] - We upgraded to a more recent version of the nokogiri gem.