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2009-10-17 17:53:29 -0400

Welcome to Revision 1585, up from 1398. Yes that's right, 187 changes! This represents a huge amount of work by the entire AD&T team; we've designed, coded, tested, deployed and been very, very organised at each other to get here and I'm so proud of us.

Our next deploy will probably be in three weeks, this will be the necessary code to launch Open Beta.

I'll be making my weekly updates posts to the AO3 itself in the future, but will continue to post links on my Dreamwidth.


  • Admin posting - we can now post Release Notes direct to the Archive of Our Own plus we have a FAQ , and a Known Issues page!
  • Bookmarks have been rebuilt - they now show work information (author's summary, tags, icons), they aggregate (don't show duplicates) and they show a lot of information! We plan to develop cut down views - Full/Medium/Light? but we want to know what you want to see in these views before we do this.
  • Import from URL has been rebuilt - you can now import ten works at a time or up to 200 chapters of a single work.*coughs* There are some bugs with this!
  • Notes - these can now be at the beginning and at the end of a work
  • Post work - choosing a Category is now optional, that means you don't have to specify Gen, F/F, M/F, M/M, Other etc.
  • Site Map - we have one!

Known Issues

See separate post :)

Next Projects

  • Open Beta
  • Ongoing work on Collections & Challenges (Yuletide pilot)
  • Ongoing work on optimising for IE7
  • Performance - fast page loading, fast searching etc.

Release Details


  • Fixed problem with Bookmarking external works for URLs ending in forward slashes
  • Fixed User emails should be unique regardless of case
  • Fixed User logins should be unique regardless of case
  • Fixed User should always have a default pseud
  • Fixed User shouldn't be able to create more than one pseud with same name
  • Fixed Weird character on people page
  • Fixed Series links should be shown at end of work as well as start
  • Fixed Series show page should show total word count for series
  • Fixed Edit link on series blurb
  • Fixed Series page should load even if it only contains a draft
  • Fixed Delete series if all works in it are deleted
  • Fixed Authors should be restored to series where they were previously missing; creating a new series by editing a posted work should no longer result in an authorless series
  • Fixed Show warnings should work for series, bookmarks on works and series, and still work on works (both blurb and show pages)
  • Fixed Sanitize should no longer strip links

New Things

  • Added work info to bookmarks (author's summary, tags, icons)
  • Added ability to view all bookmarks on single work, with work blurb at top and stripped down user bookmarks below
  • Added bookmark aggregation on main bookmarks page and tag bookmarks page (ie should show only most recent visible bookmark for single work/series/external work). User and pseud bookmark pages should show all bookmarks on a single work.
  • Added ability to click a tag on bookmarks page to take you to all bookmarks with that tag, plus all bookmarks on works with that tag
  • Added 'Save' link on bookmark blurb, should work for bookmarks on works, series and external works
  • Added ability to mark a bookmark as a rec, and filter bookmarks to view recs only
  • Added ability to bookmark a Series
  • Added ability to create/edit multiple bookmarks on a single work
  • Added option to transfer bookmarks to default pseud or delete them when deleting a pseud
  • Added Javascript option to show most recent bookmarks
  • Added character counters on external work bookmark form
  • Added limit and validation for author name to the external work model, and counter to the form.
  • Added ability to edit multiple works when importing
  • Added ability to import works with multiple chapters and multiple works at once
  • Added character counters on chapter form
  • Added link to top (works and chapters)
  • Added alternate instructions for chapter re-ordering with Javascript off
  • Added Notes at end of works and chapters
  • Added Admin 'manage user' page to handle unvalidated accounts, warn, temporarily suspend and permanently suspend user (we could do most of this, it's prettier now)
  • Added Admin ability to post FAQ, Known Issues, updates
  • Added explanatory note on signup form re case of usernames
  • Added additional links to works, bookmarks and series on dashboard
  • Added minimal html allowed for pseud description
  • Added Comments should be transferred to default pseud if pseud is deleted, anonymised if user is deleted
  • Added Explanatory text on comments form
  • Added text to Series, should say 'author' or 'authors' depending on number
  • Added should be able to set preference to hide freeform tags, applies to works index and show pages
  • Added link to preferences on Reading History page
  • Added explanatory text if search would return over 1000 results
  • Added integration with 16bugs for Support and Report Abuse forms
  • Added Site map
  • Added new homepage


  • Changed main bookmarks page to only show bookmarks created in the past month
  • Changed 'Recs' in main navigation to 'bookmarks', including on 404 and 500 error pages
  • Changed Importer - Story parser should download chaptered stories from; download stories from lj from behind the adult-concepts warning; preserve original story posting dates; prevent work from being uploaded multiple times
  • Changed backdating: if a chapter is deleted, the work's 'revised at' date should show the most recent date among the remaining chapters.
  • Changed label on story field on work and chapter forms
  • Changed default rating, warnings and order on work form
  • Changed work notes and summary so they only appear at top of work when viewing chapter by chapter
  • Changed Category field to optional (Gen, F/F, F/M etc.)
  • Changed 'Warnings' label (on work blurb, among other places) to have a link to relevant section of ToS faq
  • Changed References to 'letters' to 'characters' on work and chapter forms
  • Changed Admin ability to hide and delete bookmarks (links on bookmarks index page) and external works (also bookmarks index page)
  • Changed Admin 'find user' page to increase usability
  • Changed Default pseud should be loaded by default for a comment
  • Changed footer links
  • Changed display of ambiguous warnings text (for example author has selected 'None of these warnings apply', this should be displayed as 'No Primary Warnings Apply'
  • Changed how appear unwrangled fandoms on media page
  • Changed Reading history formatting
  • Changed Edit pseud and show pseud styling