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  • Help OTW Advocate for Fan-Friendly Law In Hong Kong

    Published: Sun 23 Jan 2022 11:56AM EST Comments: 45

    Right now, Hong Kong is in the process of reviewing and proposing changes to its copyright law, and has put out a public call for consultation. OTW Legal will be submitting a comment in response to this request, recommending that Hong Kong's copyright law be made more flexible to allow more freedom for fans to create and share fanworks.


  • International Fanworks Day 2022 is Coming Soon

    Published: Sat 15 Jan 2022 12:08PM EST Comments: 39

    Get ready: International Fanworks Day is only one month away! International Fanworks Day, or IFD, was founded in 2014 by the OTW. It’s a celebration of all types of fanworks, and it’s held annually on February 15. This year we're celebrating the 8th annual IFD!


  • The OTW is Recruiting for Fanlore Policy & Admin Volunteers

    Published: Wed 12 Jan 2022 04:33PM EST Comments: 5

    Do you have an interest in preserving fannish history, wiki editing, or writing help documentation? The OTW is recruiting for Fanlore Policy & Admin volunteers!